Angel Number 83 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numerology can help all of us to find out something more about our personalities and abilities; our strengths and weaknesses, but also, numerology readings can help us to find answers if we are in doubt or we have to make a hard decision.

It is known for angel numbers that can help people, especially with sensitive and fragile characters with a weaker energy field, to regain their strength. If the power of a person which is “damaged” by a stressful lifestyle, and the area of energy is weakened, as a consequence person is prone to diseases, or frequent mood swings. A low energy in humans can also be the initiator of many illnesses, both mentally, psychologically, and physically.

It scientifically proved that stress is one of the main triggers of cancer. The weak energy field also indicates the gradual departure of the benefits from life, the tendency towards bad feelings, depression, solitude.

From all these reasons, the conclusion is that for a person to have a healthy and active body and mind, he needs to strengthen his energy levels in time to keep the organism functional and vital.

Angel number 83 – what does it mean?

These are the people who have artistic and imaginative nature, who are loving,  have brilliant spirit and sense of humor, but also they have the inherent need for independence.

Above all, they love freedom – in a sense, they hate being dominated and suppressed. Virtues that they appreciate in others are security, honesty, and hard work. They also love mystery and paranormal, and they are considered to be good mediums.

These are sensible persons, intuitive and prone to mysticism; they are intellectual, curious, but it is not hard to influence them. They can have many fears – from small everyday fears to fear from death. They strive to be at the service of others, they are excellent people, but they always change the mood, which ‘s hard for the environment.

Angel number 83 can find a great career in arts but is not uncommon to find their true calling in any profession with the primary goal to help people. They work as doctors, humanitarians, religious priest, etc., they can be found in different jobs.

It wouldn’t hurt for the angel number 83 to work on his control through meditation, it will calm his nerves.

Relations with family are also significant for the Angel number 83. They are usually very close to their siblings.

In them there is always is a possibility of exaggerating in everything, especially in food, angel number 83 can be overweight.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 83 consists of numbers 8 and 3 – in most part numbers with the right abilities, especially number 3.

They bring to the number 83 luck, confidence, imagination, persistence, and opportunity in life to fulfill their full potential in every aspect. But the thing that is hidden here is the influence of the planet Pluto; it is a connection that entangles them with the mystery,  paranormal and secretive. It also brings them courage, but sometimes they risk a lot for a wrong reason.

Planet Pluto also “creates” strong personal magnetism, the leaders in events, full of initiative, a will for life, it’s hard to convince them that they are wrong, persistent, going to the end regardless of whether they will hurt someone.

In business, this far away planet gives them strength to go against all, but somehow they come out as victors from every conflict while eliminating every opponent. Sometimes this process can be complicated, looking form the outside, but it is nature of the number 83 – if they believe the cause is right, they will act in this manner.

They are good in all activities that require courage, and determination. They never give up on the goal, persistent and often angry if someone opposes them.

Having said all this, it is evident that angel number 83 have complex nature, with many layers of a personality. What is the good thing is that good and positive traits will always prevail in the life of 83.

Number 83 and Love

Angel number 83 is wide-eyed and passionate in love, and they are afraid of only one thing: sentimental monotony that would suppress their enthusiasm. Love for number 83 should be an emotional game. They are the type of partners who need to have freedom, they do not like to be suppressed, and they also love admiration from significant other.

They have personal charisma; they unconsciously use personal charm in every occasion. In love number 83 can be demanding, unsteady, enthralling in love adventures, they can make a scene in the act of jealousy, divorce or commit adultery.

There are also a few surprising aspects in the case of number 83 and love. As in everything they do, one little dark cloud follows them – number 83 can experience disappointments in love, betrail, etc. In most extreme cases, they lose the love of their lives and never remarry again.

Interesting Facts about number 83

Highway number 83 is considered to be a road with most tragic accidents, deaths, etc. The statistic shows that highways with number – 83, exist in many continents around the world (from Korea, New Zeland to Europa) and they all have one similarity – much more accidents happen on these roads than on any other.

This correlation is especially interesting, knowing that number 83 has in itself part of the energy that attracts unfortunate events and accidents.

What to do when you see number 83?

Regarding angel message that is connected to number 83, we should divide its interpretation into three parts.

First, more rare message or appearance of the number is actually when is number 83 seen in a row or with numbers 11, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74. This series of angel number means warning. Angels are sending you information that on the road ahead of you lies different hazards, troubles, worries, efforts and obstacles, stress, anxiety, depression, and that you need to prepare yourself for that tournament.

After that, you will come out stronger and more powerful than ever before. Don’t be afraid of this potential negativity after experiencing it, you will be a better human, with more respect for life.

Second, if number 83 is seen alone, Angels are sending you a message that you need to have a deeper connection with nature and your environment.

Third, Angels are suggesting that is a perfect time to start new activities, especially in the field of writing if you work in the media or if you plan to start a self-employed business with strangers.You have a way to solve some of your dilemmas – try traveling abroad, angels are suggesting.

Most importantly, there is a great opportunity for enrichment, travel, love and some new adventures you didn’t even dream.

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