Angel Number 79 – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we get to know the basis of an angel numerology, we can recognize our flaws and strengths, what drives us, but also what blocks us, and what is our biggest fear and how to overcome it.

In our angel number, we can find out what are our needs and habits. Through angel number, we receive vibrations from the world around us, but it is also explained how the world is experiencing us.

Angel number 79 is also one of those numbers from which we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world.

Angel number 79 – what does it mean?

Angel number 79 has prominently male energy – a person born with the vibrations of the 79 represents a man who teaches others on his experiences, about his ups and downs, and this is especially prominent in the later years.

Here we encounter a person who is very good in sharing life experiences with others, the individual who is open and very communicative. He is straightforward, a person who doesn’t shy away from the changes. He finds great comfort in religion, and he is a big believer in the “one significant force ” which rule all of us.  They are charming and have great manners; they love art and culture in general.

However, they are not harmless – while you listen to them and agree, they are the best friends, but if you confront them, they will transform into Scorpio waiting for the right moment to sting you with some harsh comment.

Number 79 wants to get along with everybody; their weakness is their family. Unfortunately, they do not know how to make a border and are often victims of the family, they do not know how to say no, and can sacrifice even their intimate life for the care of their family members.

Secret meaning and symbolism

As we previously said, number 79 has primarily male energy – and that masculine energy gives them individuality; they are not fans of the form, on the contrary, they always strive for expansion and higher goals, creativity, talent, and love for adventures. They have their direction in life, they make mistakes on that road, but their intentions are honest.

Another meaning, more hidden in this number is feminine energy, much more flexible, they like their life to run smoothly, and they are not fans of unexpected events. Therefore it’s  understandable that female 79 tend to stress a little more than male 79.

Another secret meaning in this number is its connection with the planets, and numerologist says this is important in understanding angel numbers,  because, in the end, everything is subject to the laws of heaven and cosmos.

Venus, besides other planets, is one of the rulers of the number 79, and it gives the number carrier an overwhelming charm; no one can remain immune to them. When Venus is in the story, then it is not difficult to assume that love and all those beautiful feelings are crucial for the life of the bearer of this number.

Number 79 and Love

As we mentioned in the previous part, Venus as the ruler of the number 79 and they are great lovers, charming and giving. Everybody falls in love with their words and gestures; people are delighted in their company.

Male representatives of this number can become to be notorious cheaters, but that is not the rule. They are very close to the family, and that love comes to the first place in their lives – in is not unusual for the males to have to close relationship with their mothers, who are usually dominant personalities. Their mother often approves their choice of girlfriends.

For ladies that are number 79, the situation is different- they are stable, there is no of that overly pronounced connection with the family. Females that are angel number 79 want stable relationships with their partners, and they often succeed in the long term and prosperous marriage.

Interesting Facts about number 79

In some interpretations, number 79 represents the symbol of the thieves. This connection was never seen on confirmed records, but there is a story that in ancient times existed notorious gang of thieves called “79.”

They were brutal, they did all kinds of evil deeds, and stealing was just one of their actions. The “79” especially loved to steal gold, and oddly enough 79 in the periodic system of elements represents gold.

Another interesting feature that we can contribute to this number is that in mathematics he is called fortunate or happy number.

What to when you see number 79?

Angelic numbers are unique forms of numbers that were sent by our guardian angels. If it seems to you that you saw number 79, consciously or unconsciously, angels are sending you a message. Breathe in deeply, calm down and empty your mind, focus so that you can follow and understand the words of your angels. They are saying through the number 79 – you need to find the ability to overcome fears and anxieties.

Angels are encouraged you to free yourself from fears and prejudices, to continue to realize your true passions and purposes in life. The number 79 suggest to you to remain active and to use your talents and abilities, for the benefit of self and others.

Also, angels are reminding you that you need to take more time to listen, in that way you are closest to your spiritual being. By listening, learning about yourself and others, you can win the ultimate game in life – to find divine virtue and then share it with others.

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