Angel Number 8 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Even ancient civilizations know that the world beyond the material sphere needs to be connected with us on some level.

One of the ways of communication is by numbers, often refer to as angel numbers. They are all around us, and if you just look little closer, many of your everyday questions and doubts will be answered and resolved.

When you enter the vast world of angel numbers, you will be more aware that the cosmos has an order and that there are patterns that put an order in everyday chaos.

Angel number 8 – What does it mean?

Eight is a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power. It is often related to material wealth, money, and success in business.

Also, number 8 is representing pleasures, and the dark side of this figure is just that – excessive usage of vices. It can also describe a person without control, with power that can easily grow into greed and envy.

Eight is the number of universal equilibrium; it is said that angel number eight consists two circles or rings and therefore it is incredibly powerful because everything that integer 8 touches is doubling in sizes.  It has a unique relation to all other numbers.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The symbol planet of the number eight is Mars, it matches pastel colors, and its jewels and minerals are calcite, chrysolite, and sardonyx. Flowers that corresponds well with the angel eights is jasmine. Black, gray, purple and blue are happy colors for people with number 8. They should wear dark colors because light colors make them clumsy. Amethyst, black diamond and pearl are their lucky stones.

Underlined meaning in this angel number is that it represents order and balance, perfectionism and constant desire to master all important matters in life. The eighth is recognizable by its incredible durability and inner strength, it sees the world in only black-and-white, immensely, but can also represent the sacrifice for the right causes.

People who are angel eights are not cruel they just struggle to prove that their path is correct, and people who are number 8 are always ready to criticize the actions of other individuals who think differently. In those cases, often comes to clashes and confrontation.

People who are numerological eights are always urging themselves to do better and stronger, and in that process, they disturb the environment. They have great and masculine energy; they are workaholics with their system of virtue. That is why they are excellent workers, directors, controllers in any company, organizers, and politicians. They can be very manipulative as well. They are calculators, analysts, perfect in tactical planning and any strategy.

This number has great potential in itself, but this power can turn in the wrong way, and turn against its purpose. If that happens, people with this number can be very negative, critical and jealous. Often eights have anger outbursts, even physical attacks on others.

Main advice to people who are number 8 is that their life has to be in the balance and order and they have to accept the consequences of their actions. They can suffer from anxiety and may have problems with the nerves.

They also can have problems with their teeth, ears, and veins. They are often depressed, so they are recommended to have frequent breaks, so they can relax and get away from all the problems. They are advised to eat a lot of spinach, carrots, broccoli, and celery.

Eights are great at motivating people. They have the great talent for managing in all areas of life, especially in business. They understand the material world better than anyone and are attracted by financial success. These are the people who give courage, inspiration and try to direct others to the right path.

Number 8 and Love

Everything that evolves around angel number 8 has to be well balanced, with a lot of love. People who are eights don’t like love affairs, the seek for peace and tranquility, but sometimes they fail in their love relationships because they focus more on work.  Eights best combines with people who are angel numbers 2, 4, 8 and 6, and these are usually ideal partners. With numbers 1, 5, 3, 7 and 9, eights would not agree in love, but they could make good friends.

The one thing that is incredibly attractive to opposite sex, when we talk about people who are angel number eights, is that they are an inspiration to other people, they are influential, ambitious, creative and tolerant. They are balanced, powerful, successful and real down to earth, not daydreamers.

They do not like hypocrisy and do not tolerate people who do not know how to behave and partners who have a wondering eye. If they are fortunate enough to meet loyal partner they will be faithful their entire life. But usually, they are in long term friendships, not love affairs. Although angel eights have a hard time to trust others, they can create lasting and deep friendships.

When provoked or when in a jealous rage, they can be cruel, insensitive, violent and stubborn, impatient and arrogant. During life, they are so focused on achieving material success, and because of that, they are ready to overlook other values in life such as love and friendship.

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Interesting Facts about number 8

The number 8 is considered to be an incredibly lucky number for the Chinese people. Therefore, it is not surprising that Beijing Olympic Games started 8.8.2008. In China, it is widespread for people to purposely choose number 8 for their cell phone number or license plates – for good luck.

Number 8, is considered to be one of the most impressive numbers and through human history, it appears many times on extraordinary dates. It was the time of the opening of the Olympic Games three times, and also Olympic symbols are eights.

Eight is the number of roses on the Winds of Athens; that is the number of the angels in the heavenly throne. This figure is always appearing in the Bible – According to Saint Augustine, after the seventh day comes the eighth day, which marks the life of the righteous and the penalty for the condemned. By that source, number 8 brings resurrection not only for Christ’s, but also for the man, and announces the future eternal age.

Famous eights

Even famous people have their angel number. These are the famous people who are among the lucky angel number 8. They are Matt Damon (actor), 50 Cent (rap artist), Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (actresses and sisters twins), Aretha Franklin (famous singer), Pablo Picasso (painter) and many other celebrities.

What to do when you see number 8?

Jump from joy! It represents enormous luck and fortune. Some numerologists say that number 8 is the luckiest angel number and that depicts strength that is sometimes needed in life to achieve significant goals.

The old saying “across the thorns to the stars” goes in this case. It often appears for people who were on the verge to give up, but they somehow, with the help of energy behind number 8 the succeeded.

If you see one number 8, that is good news. Angels are sending you the things you luck, like cautiousness, responsibility, stability, fidelity, discretion, systematicness, patience, concentration, self-discipline, sense of organization, analytical mind, self-restraint, renunciation, perseverance, ambition. Everything that you lack in your life and that you wish you have.

If you see more than one 8 in a row, it is considered to be a significant and lucky sign. It is not so common as other rows, but a row of eights represents the fascinating event.

Number 8 represents infinity and everything in the universe, which is infinite; Infinite love, infinite energy, infinite time, in other words, 8 represents complete and endless abundance without any disadvantages. If you see many eights, it is the answer from the angle that your prayers are answered. Angels are responding in numbers, so look that infinity symbol of 8 everywhere.

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