77 Biblical Meaning and Symbolism

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Many of the numbers listed in the Bible have a deeper prophetic or spiritual meaning.

Numbers, in both the Old and New Testaments, reveal hidden concepts and meanings that are usually missed by the modern reader.

It is understandable because the Bible has so many hidden meanings and so many symbolical layers that every time you read the Holy Book, you will find out some other meaning of a number.

In addition to the basic ones, the Bible emphasizes several more substantial numbers that we find as separate in other cultural and natural contexts, often within the framework of structural-numerical patterns of universal character.

This means that, for example, number 7 has a similar/same meaning in different religions or religious books.

All religions have their sacred numbers of negative and positive meaning; some of them always appear in the Bible when bad things are about to occur, while others represent happiness, Holy Father, Holy trinity, etc.

In the Holy Book, you can find so many examples of divination and healing with numbers that were practiced in the eastern part of Christian civilization in the past.

What is most interesting to look at when we are talking about the Biblical Numbers is the fact that they come in repetitions.

One of those numbers is number 77 in the Bible.

77 Biblical Meaning and Symbolism

From the ancient Babylonians, through the Hindus, Japanese, and Persians, to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, there is practically no culture in which the number seven does not play a cosmically important role, nor is there a religion in which the number seven is not a positive, sacred number.

Of course, the most prominent effect of the number 7 is seen in the Bible, but the impact of the number 7 in any religious book is very obvious.

In the Bible, number 77 appears, and it is truly surprising to know about it – precisely 77 times. All “meaningful” numbers in the Bible always appear numerous times, connecting the symbolical tissue and meaning.

It appears in the Old Testament, connected to the many verses in them.

Its meaning is linked to Revelation, as it is writing that the numeral 77 is the key to Revelation.

Biblically, it symbolizes the basis of the word of God – it is said that the number 7 is God’s numeral (just as the number 6 is connected to Satan), and in that sense, number 77 is associated with perfection.

The fact is that the perfection that only God has is enhanced because seven appears in its double form here-.

Also, in the Bible, numeral 7, in any of its forms, like 777 or 77, even 7777 is associated with the Lord’s design of the earth and the beyond.

Also, it is a known story that God created the world in 6 days, and He rested on the seventh day, so one of the symbolical meanings of this number could be rest, a conclusion, etc.

It is worth saying for a better understanding of the number 77 in the Bible, is that number 7 (as the simplified form of number 77) appears when years of abundance, famine (both described by the number 7)

Also, Jesus announced seven sentences when He was on the cross.

There are seven virtues: Obedience, Mercy, Innocence, Philanthropy, Moderation, Gentleness, and Diligence, the seven deadly sins: Lust, Pride, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, and Laziness. There are seven seals in the “Book of the Prophets,” seven Greek sages: Thales and Solomon and Kilo and Pittacus and Bias and Cleobulus and Periander, there are seven shores of Rome: the Palatine, the Aventine and the Capitol and Caleian and Viminal and Quirinal, Esquiline. It is seven days a week, seven colors in the spectrum (the seven colors of the rainbow), and the Moon noticeably changes every seven days.

It seems that our world revolves around number 7, in many of its forms.

77 Biblical Number as Message to you

7 is the number of perfection, but in a highly spiritual way; for example, in Hebrew, the word ‘7’ means to be satisfied or to have enough of everything. In this sense, for a better understanding of the Biblical meaning of 77, Peter and his strive for perfection must be mentioned.

For him, forgiveness came to the height of his spirituality up to 7 times. God has impressed him at the center of the mountain top: “Peter, you are perfect, just as your Father from Heaven is.”

In Peters’ case, being able to forgive suggests achieving perfection (the one that succeeds itself). God gave him the response – “I will not tell you 7, the bell until seventy times seven”

In a personal sense, and according to the Bible, 77 shows the right time to develop inner peace and spirituality, and when you do, it is perfect to look at all that you have done and rest.

It is said that those human beings who find that number 77 attract them, and they believe in the Holy Book, have such a rich spiritual world and innate peace.

77 is associated with courage, confidence, and independence, and when it is your number, and then it shows the power of being free.

Facts about 77 Biblical Numbers

It is mentioned as many as 800 times in the Bible. It is believed to signify the triumph of the spirit over matter.

This number is characteristic of the cult of Apollo so that the ceremonies of that God were celebrated on the seventh day of the month. In China, too, folk festivals were usually held on the seventh day of the month.

The number seven also appears in countless Greek myths, from the seven strings on Apollo’s lyre to the seven Hesperides.

So, number 7, even in this form as number 77, is the depiction of perfection, God himself.

Also, it is the number of rest (Lord took a rest on the seventh day after He had finished the creation of the world, calling all other human beings to rest and worship Lord Himself).

Also, in the New Testament, Paul uses letters and writes seven idioms to describe Jesus, Apostle, Forerunner, High Priest, Captain of Our Salvation, Author of Salvation, Author and Finisher of our faith, Heir of All Things, and The Gospel of Luke.

The New Testament chronicles 77 generations that go from Adam to Jesus.

Also, numeral seven appears more than seven hundred times in the Holy Book (there are some reports that it appears 737 times precisely); out of that, 54 in the Book of Revelation.

Now the most interesting part comes – it spoke about 7 Angels, seven stars and 7 seals, 7 churches and 7 trumpets.

The fact is that after circling around Jericho, The Israelites conquered it.  Solomon constructed the temple in 7 years (after which he had rested for seven days); a great flood followed 7 days following Noah ascended on his ark.

There were 7 days of the feast of the Lord, as the perfect type of Christ as happiness, joy, and peace.

Also, it is believed the Universe is made out of 7 heavens – a similar analogy is seen in other religious books.

Noah’s father, according to the Holy book, had lived for 777 years. This number is also an expression “in the firmament of heaven.” This is in the Book of Moses, and it appears at the beginning of the Book.


None of us is immune to the symbolism of numbers, both positive and negative. While we communicate on a daily basis with strings of written numbers, we see nothing in them but a means of communication.

But we all have some, just our own, lucky numbers and combinations, and if this combination of number 7 (77) is meant for you in some way, and you believe that the Bible hides universal symbolical meanings, this is the message for you.

The main thing is to properly adjust and remove all the little things and obstacles from your life plan. 77 a powerful energy field: people with problems and weak character run like him, like moths to the light.

If 77 frequently appears in your life, it is a sign of a completed cycle and the beginning of a new round. This Destiny gives you a sign and directs you in the right direction, the spiritual direction; toward “perfection.”

It does not matter will you ever achieve it (you will not, only God is perfect), but the process of discovery and finding out who you are and who you can be, is what matters.

Do not be afraid of upcoming changes and possible inconveniences: all the effort will be rewarded a hundredfold.

Listen to your voice: from a dozen possible options, you can choose the right path.

In general, number 77 symbolizes universal power that includes views Picture possessing the personal choice to support any impulse and activity that is interesting to you.

77 in the Bible, shows fullness and completion, all things that are good or/either perfect.


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