Angel Number 55 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Looking at the „rules“ and “regulations” of the angel numerology we could say that there are many meanings to angel numbers, that can be interpreted differently. They all carry energy and depending on other elements, their effect can be positive or negative depending on a person who is a carrier of this number. The impact that angel number have it is just a direction to one life path.

The fact that only the two-digit numbers hide the main numbers, it’s not true when we discuss Angel numbers with same two digits -all two identical digit numbers belong to the category of leading numbers. They are equally if not stronger than other numbers, the power of angel number is enhanced to the maximum. They are like regular angel number but doubled in size and strength.

Numbers 11, 22 and 33 are in this category because they are the first three numbers in general and also because they are, as numerologist like to say, those who create the most dynamic combinations.

Numbers such as 44, 55, and 66 are sometimes referred to as “carriers of energy,” but they can be compared with numbers 45, 56, or 67, according to how many of them are leaders in angel numerology, so they are not the primary numbers. So we should observe them through their main numbers – in this case, it is the number five, which is a synonym for a noble and gentle character and developed thought.

By nature, they are scientists are constantly trying to learn, their active brains are always preoccupied with thinking. Sometimes their energy is so consuming, that spending time around them can be overwhelming.

They are often involved in mysticism and religion, but they are certainly people who are often followed by others.

Angel number 55 – what does it mean?

The two fives symbolize the intellectual, temperamental, energetic and curious nature. People who carry double fives – evolve around the knowledge and education, but they also tend to accept risk in unusual situations and are prone to adventures.

People with number 55 are very good at risky situations and are lucky in games of chance. These people are constantly on the move; their lives are full of new events.

They have a wide circle of friends, they are witty, intelligent, and can be found in many professions, but they are somehow attracted to jobs that require the use of the mind and intellect.

The double power of five gives these people mobility, dynamics, popularity in society, and opens the door for material wealth.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerology is the science that deals with numbers and hidden meanings, and it is based on the belief that numbers can reflect individual skills and personality tendencies as an integral part of the wider plan in the universe.

These “mirror” numbers can accurately depict someone’s personality, purpose in life, motivation and possible talents. Numerology specialists use these double angel numbers to determine what can be the best time in life for particular activities,  like when to marry, or change a job, when is the time to travel, to move or to reevaluate your life and its purpose. Here, we come to an essential characteristic of an angel number 55 – these people are often followed by changes, and they regularly analyze their actions and their consequences.

Finding new things about themselves is their daily routine and angel numerology, and its reading can help these fascinating number to learn about their strength in the right way, as well as to tolerate weaknesses better.

Angel number 55 is blessed with the many opportunities that come in his way, because of it, they can sometimes be very indecisive. In some day, they can are changing their minds on the clock. They see every new day as a possibility for new experiences; they grow because of that. The flaw, which comes as a result of vertigo of possibilities in which they are often found, make them over thinking some issues and changing their decisions.

Fifty-Five as an angel number gives people a volatile temperament. They are full of brilliant ideas and creative ideas both in business and in the private area. The ability to logically conclude and intuitively follow thoughts is reflected in a success in life, gaining money and status in society.

Number 55 and Love

This number is ruled by Merkur, which represents mental activity, and also, he gives merchandising and communication skills to the person. They can be inspiring lovers, but their relationships crack because of their need for excitement.

Being very communicative, it opens up many paths and helps them succeed in business. They tend to travel, and often leave the place where they were born, and it is not unusual to marry someone that they met on their trip.

Fifty-Fifths are a representation of the young spirit, easily and quickly remember things and are easy to understand and easily adapt to anything. The disadvantages are their excessive demands,  the unsteadiness, and the extreme need for constant excitement. These characteristics are a factor that affects their relationships – these are overwhelming people who fall in love, and connections often are only physical, without emotionally binding. Because of this nature, their marriage fails, unless they find the person who fully suits them.

Persons who are angel number 55  best agree with individuals of 1, 6, 7 and 9, and do not agree too well with people of number 3 and 8.

Interesting Facts about number  55

This number is best represented through its connection with the science (we have already mentioned that number 55 is all about knowledge and science). The interesting fact about the number is that in chemistry, number 55 represents highly reactive metal Caesium. It is a number of the protons in the nucleus of a Caesium atom. This number 55 is his place in the periodic table of chemical elements.

Many alchemists use this element in their creations, and in those circles, this number is highly appreciated and valuable.

They considered this number with his double fives to have the power of the two sides – one gentle and soft, and other robust and destructive (those are also characteristic of an element Caesium).

What to do when you see number 55?

This angel number, or double fives, or as some numerology experts like to call them, the mirror numbers, carry the vibration of positive change. The more often you see this string, the message is more pronounced. The sight of the number 5, means that you are going through a major and significant change in your life.

Angels are suggesting you be open for an Armageddon of changes that will soon enter your door, be prepared for it. If you are open and ready, then you can receive that change in a best possible way, as intended. Your life that was at that point passive and undeveloped now has a chance to flourish and touch other peoples life.

This angel message can also be a signal that the change is still being made, so it comes into your life as a preview what is yet to come, a change that you are not ready for yet.

Angel number 55 can also represent the answer if you are wondering if a particular direction of change is good for you (that can be wondering about a job change, but also some more serious questions like where am I headed in life, where to turn).

Furthermore, this numerical sequence suggests that change in your life comes as a divine guidance, so you have the confidence to take care of everything you need on this journey. Matters of a soul should not be neglect – when you see two fives together – the angel advice to you is to take care of garden of your being, that you previously let evil thoughts overgrown in.

Try to get rid of unnecessary fears about whether you will be provided with the necessary strength and endurance to fight hard times. Angles are also telling you that even financial matter will fall in its place if that is what is needed to make this change to happen.

More specifically, the advice is to get a new hobby, meet new people, improve your work, try some new business venture, travel to the places that you have never visited (it is highly recommended to visit holy sites in your native country, sacred places, etc. If possible once in lifetime try to visit worlds most spiritual and uplifting places, it can be beneficial to your soul).

To conclude, when you see the number 55, concisely or subconsciously, believe that big changes are coming. Angels are also suggesting that there is no wrong change, all changes that are going your way are good. Leave behind your old burden and open to a divine energy.

Angels are warning: if you resist the changes that are happening to you, you are facing problems, challenges, and struggles. Don’t neglect the messages, don’t ignore, or otherwise, there can be consequences. This set of numbers telling you to become more confident, accept the virtue and changes in your life. Only then your time on planet Earth can have its real purpose.

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