Angel Number 11 – Meaning and Symbolism

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One of the most talked about numbers in numerology, and the most mysterious is number 11. There are a large number of people who are obsessed with the number 11, and especially the date 11.11, and time 11 hours and 11 minutes.

They considered that angel number 11 is one of the most profound messages that were sent from angels realm to our world.

Eleven is the number of faith and is widely related to psychic and prophetic abilities. If you have this master number on your numerological chart, use it to create personal strength and spiritual advancement. Do not deny your instincts, let the inner voice push you towards growth and stability. In that way, you can help yourself and others too.

Angel number 11 – what does it mean?

This angel digit refers to associative relationships, and the spiritual meaning of number 11 is considered to be the gateway to enlightenment. It represents changes in methapshiscal strength and a new vision. The truth is that sometimes is very hard to understand dreams and visions, but by knowing angel numbers, you can get closer to the understanding of angel dimension.

The 11 is the number that represents our intuition – but to see, to see, not just with our eyes, but with our soul and senses, we must be open and receptive to all hidden meanings.

In tarot, number 11 is linked to the Justice card, which symbolizes balance, decision making, and fairness. Number 11 brings visionary leadership and necessary changes in demanding situations. This number includes durable sensitivity characteristics and search for solutions through visions and purposes. This number is related to spiritual awareness.

Angel number 11 also represents a ‘transformation’ through intuition, truth, balance, and mental abilities. This digit may also indicate certain transgressions, hazards, and sins. Given that the angel number 11 has a distinct vibration of duality, it should not be reduced to a single number. People with this number in the birth date are unusual, charismatic, idealistic, visionaries that are drawn by something unknown and unresolved. Eleven is very powerful and capable of big things, but it can also be self-sabotaging and self-destructive. Eleven is a kind of person that has to be focused on a very concrete goal because otherwise, it feels anxiety and fear.

The elevens are deep thinkers interested in many life mysteries and other interesting and spiritual aspects of life. Their inventive mind and broad-minded views will enable them to succeed in life in any number of ventures. They can best serve the community, with honest compassion. They can become humanitarians or charity workers.

Number 11 represents an instinctive person and is the most intuitive of all angel numbers. It signifies a connection with the subconscious, sixth sense and knowledge without rationality. Eleven has all the qualities of the two (since 1 + 1 = 2), which balance her negative sides such as anxiety and shyness with qualities such as charisma and inspiration.

The secret meaning and symbolism

It is believed that month of April is in numerology universally connected to the angel number 11. During the solar eclipse that occurs on April 29, the wave of creativity launched new events. When solar eclipses happen, they indicate vigorous energy. In that period, elevens use their strength and abilities to change their environment. Dynamic energies will create a spark of creativity for the ones who are numeric elevens.

Number 11 is considered to be one of the „ two faced“ numbers in numerology – the person born under favorable circumstances can be incredibly lucky in life, have guaranteed success in life, love, and business. But, 11 can sometimes show its dark sides, and no matter how hard person tries, destiny and bad karma comes to her way and ruins everything. These individuals have frequent mood swings and are often confused and pushed away by their environment.

Otherwise, these are very gentle and patient people, sensual and faithful, able to adapt to any situation. They are hyper sensitive, and when someone hurts them, they need time to get over it and forget about it.

They are very imaginative, and they stay daydreamers whole life. They enjoy being parents, gardening, doing art like poetry and music.  Their flaws are sensitivity, quick mood swings and a possibility to become introvert and incredibly reclusive.

A large number of priest, occultists, and those who deal with black magic were born on the 11th of the month. They know that 11 has in itself secret codes that are more important than they are. The ideal occupation for people with angel number 11 is also to be numerologist, economists, financial traders, or something that is related to beauty industry – hairdresser, make up artist, stylists, etc.

As far as health issues goes, they can experience problems with vision, heart and respiratory diseases. But more importantly, they can have problems psychosomatic nature -depressive neurosis and psychosis. In female elevens, it can lead to hormonal and reproductive problems. The angel elevens have to protect themselves from cuttings because even the smallest cut from paper, in their case, can easily be complicated.

Number 11 and Love

Elevens best agree with people under number 7 and do not agree very well with people of numbers 8 and 9. When in a relationship with the numbers 2, 7, or 9, they can be very are jealous and possessive. They are one of the most open angel numbers, and they like to test their sexuality.

Divorce is also familiar to elevens, and the main reason behind it is a frequent and intense outburst of jealousy and possessiveness. So it is suggested that elevens for that reason learn emotion control(anger management), which can stop them from expressing overly affectionate reactions, not only in emotional relationships but also family and friends relationships.

They seek for love, but the primary focus of their life journey is enlightenment. So that is why they have a lot to offer in general, not only in relationships. As one of the two master numbers, 11 has an understanding and knowledge outside the reach of others.

They may have wide-spread moods, between depression and ecstasy. It is also likely to have problems with decision making. There is a tendency to feel discomfort and dissatisfaction with achievements and personal progress in life. Their grandiose path usually makes sense, but can be very impractical and toxic for their love relationships.

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Interesting Facts about number 11

A lot of mystery surrounds angel number 11. It is referred to 9.11 attacks on Twin Towers in New York, and in this case, meaning of the number is negative. But that just one example.

1- New York City has 11 letters

2- Afghanistan has 11 letters

3- Ramsin Yuseb (a terrorist who threatened to crash Twin Towers ) has 11 letters

4- George W. Bush has 11 letters

There is more evidence that 11 is a truly magic number:

1 – New York was the eleventh federal state of the United States

2- The first plane that hit the Gemini building was flight number 11

3- Flight number 11 had 92 passengers: 9 + 2 = 11

The flight 77, which also hit the Twin towers, had 65 passengers: 6 + 5 = 11

5- The tragedy happened on September 11

6- The date of the tragedy (9/11) coincides with the American Emergency Number (911). Again, 9 + 1 + 1 = 11

7- The total number of dead passengers aboard was 254; 2 + 5 + 4 = 11

Some numerologist says that this cannot be just a coincidence, but a real power is behind this number.

According to the angel table of the magic significance, number 11 contains two units that depict intelligent, rational, innovative, energetic, ambitious, persisting persons. Their sum gives the number 2, whose nature is opposed to the essence of the unit. What will prevail in the entity, depends on the other elements – like on the psychological and mental aspect of the personality of eleven.

If the unit or one is dominant in angel number, things are in the balance. If the passive energy of number two has a stronger effect, things are much more different. Then eleven can feel limited, blocked, fearful, etc.  Then the person becomes dissatisfied and depressed, and that, in the long run, leads to severe frustration.  he behavior of such a person is most often aggressive and despotic oriented.

Therefore, the advice of numerologists is better to hold on the energy of the one (or unit), then the passive power of the number 2. That is a much better solution for people with angel number 11. An exceptional method that can help elevens is autosuggestion, through various forms of techniques, such as Reiki or Meditation.

Famous people that are angel elevens are Michelle Obama, David Beckham, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Prince William

What to do when you see number 11?

If you often see a series of numbers 11, 111, or 1111, there is a reason for that, and you should be fortunate to experience that sight. The most common way to angels to communicate with us is through the universal language of numbers and music.

When you see this angel numerical strings, it means that you are going through the cycle of expressions of your hidden thoughts, ideas, and desires that are manifested instantaneously. This series can mean a new beginning for you and will give a  positive focus on what you want to achieve.

Also, indicate that change will be manifested very soon. Numerologist believes that in a string of elevens you see is the positive information from the angels. You just need to focus on your desires instead of fears; Therefore, there will be possibilities instead of the obstacles. You just need to accept them as gifts.

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