Angel Number 12 – Meaning and Symbolism

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With a simple calculation, you can quickly discover your angel number, and it is connected to your date of birth.

Everything that happened at the moment you were born is making sense later in life when you find the meaning of your angel number. It can help you connect to the secret world of unspoken things that affect your everyday existence. It can give you as many answers in stressful situations that you can need.

Ever since man invented numbers and learn how to count, he believes that individual numbers have some inexplicable influence on him and his life. A

mong them, the most prominent place takes number 12. It has been great angel number throughout human history. Either is considered to be very lucky and a carrier of good news, it is also known for its notoriously bad characteristics. Never mind what the truth is, one fact is undeniable – number 12 is a number that depicts opposites.

Angel number 12 – what does it mean?

Angel number 12 is by some numerologist words – number that depicts everything opposite in one human. The persons who have this number are in many cases very difficult, often depressive and anxious. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any virtues.

This number is a combination of the Sun and the Moon, light and dark, a pair of opposites. Number one and the two are not the ideal couples, they conflict. The one in this angel number can be fortunate, but in this combination, it just cannot prevail. The Twelves can often come into conflict with their close family and friends, who can find them to be disappointing. That kind of behavior can cause a lot of pain for angel number 12.

The problem with the Twelves is that they are in constant battle, between two opposites, good and bad, right and wrong. They are broken by two extremes – a stable and distinct nature of the one and a constant battle within the two.

Twelves are famous for bringing decisions in a matter of seconds, even if that is not safe for them; they just don’t care. In an instant, they change their minds and do something completely different than what they previously planned. This behavior is especially problematic in job-related obligations because they are prone to canceling or being late.

They can achieve successes later in life, but still leaving behind tons of unfinished business plans that they have previously begun with great enthusiasm. They change their plans unexpectedly, so their friends and relatives are never sure what to do.

Personal life of twelves can be happy, healthy and prosperous. They care about themselves; they like to cook, make fun, and to have long philosophical and religious discussions.

The positive side of the Twelves is that they have the strength of the number one and the tenderness of the number two. They believe in unusual, and they are ready to adapt to all circumstances, which is very practical for life.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Symbolism in angel number 12 is always hidden in its dualistic nature and desire to reach the greater purpose. The only way to achieve that is through comprehensive change. That transformation can start from dirty home, unloving partner, some bad habit and it can lead to the most profound change of all – the metamorphosis of yourself.

Some angel numerologist even says that this number is a call from above to transform your life positively because it always appears to those who are on a dangerous path – on the way to self-destruction.

Number 12 and love

It is known that 12 is a very famous for lovers because it is believed to bring good luck(some pair tie the knot on that day.)

But people who are angel number 12 often find love to be complicated, because of the opposite nature of the number itself. They can be gentle and caring partners, but also possessive and jealous. Their partners usually say that their ever changing character can be extremely irritating at that they tend to forget important dates or that they forget important dates etc. Short one night stands are also very familiar with an angel number 12. It is best combined in love with numbers 1, 3 and 4.

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Interesting Facts about number 12

The twelve is an outstanding number among angel numbers. It is present in everything, from mythology, through religion and astrology, to everyday life. In the Bible, James, for example, had 12 sons, who later became prisoners of the legendary 12 Israeli tribes; The Old Orthodox god Odin also had 12 sons, and the ancient Greeks had 12 gods from Olimp. King Arthur had 12 knights and defeated Saxon attackers 12 times; In the ancient religions there were 12 warriors of light; Buddhists believe that life is made up of twelve stages that shifts as the circle of life.

The list goes on – In Revelation, a woman wears a 12-star crown, while Jerusalem is described as a city that is based on 12 foundations and has 12 doors with 12 angels-the three doors are in the east, three in the west, three in the north, and three in the south.

The Revelation also speaks of the Tree of Life that gives 12 different fruits; In Islam, after Muhammad, there were 12 legal imams; Jesus had 12 apostles; The name of Mary Magdalene in the New Testament appears exactly 12 times.

Also in everyday life, there are many many appearances of number 12.  The year have 12 months, and the day is divided on 12 hours light and 12 hours dark; There are 12 musical notes; Zodiac has 12 signs. Within 12 weeks a baby is created from embryo to a fetus.

Magical number 12 also can be connected to chemistry – Humans and all life on planet Earth are based on carbon and its molecular chains. Carbon is an element with a regular number of 12 in the periodic table. The most precious gemstone, the diamond, consists of carbon. This chemical element has an atomic number of 12 and contains 12 protons and 12 electrons.

What to do when you see number 12?

Well, the opinion about this issue is divided. This number is all around us, it surrounds us, and everything is divided by twelves. It is said by some experienced numerologist, that this number always indicate that something big and significant is about to happen into your life. It is a warning that the big changes are about to come into your life.

Some say, that in some european countries, number 12 is a very winning number and that it brings good luck, especially for family and business matters.

By contrast, in some Asian countries, this number is so close to number 13, which is a synonym for bad luck, that even 12 is considered to be very unfortunate, even devils number, some would say.

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