Angel Number 15 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number fifteen in Angel numerology marks the manifestation of a harmonious life, a synthesis of matter and spirit.

Angel number 15 refers to the material and spiritual, steady flow of energy, the source of power and cooperation.

This number is relevant for those who want to learn and make a  significant change in their lives.

Angel number 15 – what does it mean?

Spirituality in the persons that are angel number 15 has a leading position, while on the other hand, they have the possibility of expressing individual creativity. Fifteens signifies the complete spiritual manifestation of life and wisdom. Even as children, fifteens are mentally very wise. Persons with number 15 possess inner wisdom, harmony, and vitality. They always seem younger than they are – number 15 is young from the outside, but they have an old and enlightened soul.

Their kind nature is so difficult to upset,  but when that happens, and the fifteens do get angry, their sadness, tears and rage are sincere. Then, they shoot to kill. Angel number 15 does not require to be expressed in any rational category. They are the people that are very hard to understand, justify or explain some of their actions, so they don’t bother to like everyone.

The essence of this number lies in extreme persistence, in combination with integrity and harmony. Angel fifteens have their issues – they are sometimes limited because of their unexplainable nature.

But, that is just a part of their layered character. Fifteens are found to m fatal for the opposite sex; they enjoy life, love flowers and fragrances, they are interested in jewellery and have a taste for beautiful and expensive clothes. They are friendly people, with manners. Angel number 15 love water, roses and animals.

Fifteen is the number of deep esoteric significance, magic and mystery, but as some numerologist say, luckily it is not connected to the dark side of occultism. Fifteens can bring great happiness to others – it is one of the best qualities in angel numbers. People who are angel number 15 are often associated with music and art. They can be musicians, dancers, singers, writers, painters – they became successful in any type or form of art they start to do.

It is not uncommon for fifteens to make a great career from hobbies. They are incredibly creative and practical. Fifteens are artistic soul, innovative, open and always ready to try the something new. They can find creativity in everything that does because they are blessed with many talents. Fifteens can be even found in the world of medicine – they can treat people by conventional or some alternative methods. Fifteens are proud with their ability to cure human souls.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 15 is a combination of the Sun and the new beginnings which are represented in number 1 and Mercury and power which depict in number 5.  Both planets illustrate intelligence, wit, material success and popularity. Some numerologists accentuate that fifteens love luxury and material wealth. The love of luxury, free, unhappy life and the tendency of sensual enjoyment dominate the views of fifteens.

Number 15 is a blend of the vibrations of the number 1 and number 5. Number 1 is related to a new beginnings, activity and assertiveness, achievement and success.  Number 5 resonates with the attributes of making life choices and important changes, adaptability and versatility, resourcefulness, motivation and idealism.

Number 5 also relates to doing things your way, no matter what others say. Number 15 tells a tale of independence, sensitivity, creativity, teaching others, and the energy of love.

Angel numerologist say that three planets rule with the number 15 – The sun that brings fifteens popularity, Merkury who encourages them to move and travel regularly and Venus who brings them to comfortable, expensive and luxurious places. Fifteens are gentle, sensitive, attractive and look younger than their age.

Sometimes, Angel number 15 can be seduced by black magic and witchcraft with the desire to enjoy and explore emotional nature. In that sense, they can wander off to “bad” territories; they can be filled with negativity and can stray off their course.

Advice for the fifteens is to develop their healing abilities to the maximum and to try to overcome their sensitivity, especially one caused by someone’s criticism.

Number 15 and Love

Angel number 15 honestly believes in love, can be very loyal and can provide considerable support for their partner.

If number 15 is in a love relationship with Angel numbers 3 or 7, it becomes an even more powerful number; then it can achieve its full potential. But if the fifteen is related to numbers like 4 or 8, then the person will not hesitate to be very jealous and hurtful. Everything bad and negative will come out in that love affair.

Also, Angel number 15, because of its high sensitivity and sensibility, can be the target of exploitative and manipulative partners.

Interesting Facts about number 15

As far as number 15 goes, most interesting is one story that is based on the research that was conducted during the 60s. One psychoanalysis surveyed to find out which number is most significant when it comes to controlling desires to achieve higher goals.

After a couple of months of research, he concluded that for a human being is enough just 15 minutes to restrain from any habit, desire, thought etc. Desires are like waves, they grow, reach their peak and then fall. If concentrated, a human can focus its thought to some positive goal.

That is the power of this number – ask for answers and be patient to wait for them. By freeing yourself from “old” matter, you can be open to receive something new.

What to do when you see number 15?

When you see number 15, or string of number 15, be sure that you are in need for a significant change. You have ideas, but 15 will give you much-needed courage and guidance to make positive life choices. Changes that come to you this way will show that your change can be beneficial for others too.

That number 15 will serve as a reminder that you only need 15 minutes to restrain yourself from dangerous desires and old habits. You will open the door to something new and constructive.

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