Angel Number 13 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Every number in angel symbolism has an open and hidden meaning. All numbers have inside themselves energy and a potential for a change. All angel numbers bring a wave of transformation. Are we going to look carefully and listen, is up to us.

Once again, remember that in angel numerology, you look with your heart, not your eyes.

Number 13, often considered to be a most unfortunate number, may hide inside many blessings. If your angel number is 13, don’t be disappointed yet – there are a lot of layers in this notorious number, and they are not bad at all, contrary. Many virtues are attributed to Angel number 13.

Angel number 13 – what does it mean?

When we take a good look at angel number 13, we can see that it consists of two prime numbers 1 and 3. We already know that number 1 one brings change, new beginnings, and moving forward in every sense.

One is contemplated to be the father of all other numbers.  It represents people who are very distinctively individuals with accentuated value system.

The combination of lucky number 3 and energetic number 1 in angel number 13 can lead to expansion and growth in every possible way. While angel number 13 stands for hard work, traditional values, it also shows great intuition.Thirteens are traditionalists, hard workers, and organizers.

You should observe this number as a blessing and opportunity for growth. During the path of reaching spiritual growth, thirteens go through temptations and challenges.  They are considered to be some types of genius with the ability to transform their flaws into virtues. They just need to make decisions with their head instead of their heart.

Thirteens often come to the growth through the pain, and it is common for them to experience stressful situations from an early age. Luckily, somehow they overcome all obstacles and become even stronger.

They are great builders, mechanical engineers, construction workers, artists, and inventors. They enjoy to work manually and to create with their hands. Thirteens are very crafty.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Number 13 has always attracted the attention of people, but of course, most in the negative context. On that day, according to many people’s beliefs, only bad things can happen to you, and it’s best not to leave the house. From ancient times, such superstition has remained to this day. But still, some people claim that this number is incredibly lucky for them.

Number 13 is composed of numbers 1 and 3, and an individual who has this number on the day of birth can feel tremendous energy during entire life and sometimes they can encounter a problem with the guidance of this enormous power. It needs to be managed skillfully.

Persons with angel number 13 can feel the two different friction inside themselves. They can be disoriented as a result of two influential personalities fighting inside of their mind. Thirteens can sometimes, during certain circumstances in life, hurt someone vigorously because they lost control of their life.

Secret symbolism can be found in connection to astrology because number 13 is in relation with Uranus, a planet of surprise and unconventionality. This planet is, as some astrologist like to say – very unlucky because it brings massive changes. People are afraid of change, and that is one of the reasons why people fear of number 13.

In Asian symbology, number 13 carries aggravations; the number is karmic, when it is reduced, it carries the symbolism of Saturn (1 + 3 = 4, number 4 is Saturn’s number).

Number 13 and Love

The Angel Number 13 represents high power, and only certain people can stay in a relationship with thirteens. Angel number 13 can be selfish, self –destructive at some times – in a love relationship that attitude and behavior can be lethal.

Thirteens are people who bring significant changes, and they need someone who can go along spontaneously and with love. In that way, they will decrease any potential possibility for the negativity that may occur. Thirteens are very vulnerable and can be easily offended, that is why they need stable relationships. In love fight that can be very vocal and spiteful and later to regret behaving in that way. It is said by numerologist that thirteens find success and happiness in love after the age of 30.

They also make terrific friends; during life, they try to find a handful of friends with who they can be themselves because sometimes angel number 13 has a lack of self-confidence.

This number works favorably with people who have numbers 1 and 7 in their data, while they have negative connections with numbers 6, 8 and 9.

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Interesting Facts about number 13

Fear of the unlucky number 13 is so widespread through the world; it represents a symbol of superstition. It is said that if 13 people are sitting at the table, surely all 13 will die within a year. Many hotels do not have the 13th floor; some streets don’t have number 13 as house number.

The fear of the wicked influence of number 13 goes even deeper into the past, in the pre-Christian era. In that time it has believed, that number 13 follows number 12 which is considered perfect because it can be divided into 2, 3, 4 or 6 of equal parts, while number 13 always remains one residue, with the conclusion that number 13 is a symbol of imperfection.

There is an actual phobia from this number. Many celebrities have suffered or are suffering from fear from number 13.

In the ‘Hammurabi Code,’ the most well-known and best preserved ancient Mesopotamian Code written about 1772 before the new era, No. 13 was omitted from the law list.

For pagans, number 13 was a lucky number. It represented the Grand Santa (Gaia), which they considered the be Mother Earth.

Many high-rise buildings in the world (as much as 80%) do not have a thirteenth floor. Some hospitals do not have a thirteen room, and some air terminals leave out the gate 13.

Formula 1 does not have a 13-wheel drive. This number was removed after two drivers were killed, and both were carrying 13-bolts.

Many studies have shown that on Friday 13th there is more accident than any other day.

In Scotland, number 13 is called Devils dozens (1 more than an actual dozen – 12).

What to do when you see number 13?

Don’t be scared and don’t show your fear. Free your mind from any superstition and previous knowledge. Embrace the number 13. It is the message sent from angels to help you, even through the pain, so you can come to the resolution and find the answers on your path.

The change will happen, and you should bare your soul so you can receive all gifts. Saying „when universe wants from us to grow, he makes us uncomfortable ” goes in this case. Don’t be afraid of discomfort, embrace it.

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