Biblical Meaning of Number 13

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It was way back in ancient times the people discovered the true meaning and symbolism of numbers.

They recognized the importance of numbers and patterns appearing in their everyday life and soon realized that numbers are also closely connected to spirituality.

From that time until today, people are contemplating the meaning of numbers through numerology.

Number 13 always interested people as one of the most intriguing numbers.

Although it is often considered that number 13 is a bad sign, and people from the past believed the same, some cultures think it is not true.

In some cultures, number 13 is a carrier of spiritual messages from the divine realm. So number 13 is not a bad sign in most religions.

What Does Number 13 Mean?

This number has a significant biblical meaning, and if it appears in your life a lot, what then you should try to decode its meaning and see why this number 13 is often coming to you.

This number 13 consists of numbers 1 and 3, so it would be prudent of you to understand the meaning of these two digits and also their importance in the Bible.

Number 1 is considered as a very positive number focused on new beginnings and fresh starts. Its attributes are positivity and optimism, so the appearance of number 1 in your life means that you should get rid of the negative factors in your life and turn yourself to positivity and spirituality.

Angel number 3 is considered the one to be related to creativity. Its intention is to connect you closer to your divine Angels and to your faith. God is the creator of divine things, so number 3 is related to his achievement.

That is one of the reasons why these two numbers hold significant biblical meaning, and why is number 13 also has an important role in the Bible.

As we earlier mentioned, number 13 is often considered as a bad omen and that it brings bad luck. Many people believe in this.

This belief comes from the ancient past, and it still has a considerable effect today. Many people today consider this number to be unlucky, and they think the number brings bad things into their lives, so they ignore it as much as they can.

When they see this number, they try to avoid it or pretend they haven’t seen it.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

In the Bible, number 13 is often mentioned through the appearance of Judah, who was the thirteenth apostle, one of his disciples, and a symbol of treason.

Judah was the one who betrayed Jesus, and it happened one day after Last Supper.

This is one of the reasons why number 13 is related to something negative – in this case, the suffering of Jesus, which was caused by Juda’s betrayal.

Judah became the symbol of sin and treason and also a symbol of rebellion. He is one of the reasons why number 13 became a symbol of negativity.

Some of the other biblical facts connected to number 13 are 13 sins on Jesus’ list, 13 Israeli tribes, and 13 famines described in the Bible.

There is also a measure of 13 governments that rebelled against God. It is considered that this government was inspired by Satan, and that also brought number 13 to a bad reputation.

Another bad sign is the appearance of the dragon, who symbolizes Satan, and its appearance was in the Book of Revelation: The dragon appears there 13 times, so there is number 13 again.

Abraham’s son was called Ishmael, and he was circumcised at the age of 13, so there is one more appearance of number 13 in the Bible. Not many know that Abraham was also circumcised, although he was very old at that time.

If you open the Book of Revelation, you can see Chapter 13 is talking about Antichrist and the Beasts, so this is also one of the reasons why number 13 has a negative meaning.

The first beast mentioned in the book came “out of the sea” and is powered by the dragon, and the second beast came “out of the earth.”

But one of the more unknown but positive biblical meanings of number 13 is revealed in the gospel of St John.

In this gospel, Jesus speaks about himself and who he really is. He uses 13 comparisons to describe himself: I am the light, I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, I am the king, I am the son of God, I am the Resurrection, and six more.

When you speak about number 13, and it’s a connection to rebellion and revolt, we discover that it’s the first occurrence was in Genesis: “… and the 13-year they rebelled”. That is one more mention of number 13 in the Bible.

The second appearance was as mentioned earlier at the circumcision of Ishmael in Genesis.

One other event related to the number 13 is the destruction of a city called Jericho.

Also, according to Kabbalah, exists 13 evil spirits.

On the other hand, many believers think that number 13 has a positive biblical meaning and is considered to be a huge blessing and the promise.

It is because 13 symbolizes death, but it also symbolizes rebirth to the spirit and is a symbol of new life.

Some other positive meanings of number 13 in the Bible is found in the Book of Genesis when Sodom became a rebel after 13 years of serving a Babylon king, and it eventually ended with the alliance between God and Abraham.

It also took 13 years for Solomon to finish his Palace as it is mentioned in The Book of Kings.

Also, we find that Jeremiah started his ministry at the age of 13, as it is written in the book of Jeremiah.

Number 13 And Love

There aren’t any special relations between number 13 and love, especially due to the fact that it is considered to be a bad omen.

Interesting Facts About Number 13

There is an interesting fact about number 13, and it is the existence of a term in psychology we call Triskaidekaphobia, which is a really irrational fear of number 13.

A lot of famous people from the past had it: Napoleon and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were one of the people who feared number 13.

Some of the historic said that Rosevelt never sat down with 12 people, him being the 13th at the table. He was very superstitious about it, and everybody knew that.

Another interesting fact is that many hotels don’t have a 13th floor or even room number 13 because of this superstition. It seems that guests do not want to stay in rooms with this number because of the same superstition.

A lot of sports do not use number 13 on their jerseys because they think it brings bad luck. Players don’t want to wear them.

One of the positive symbols of number 13 is related to one particular date: May 13, 1917. It was a day when the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three young children in a place called Fatima in Portugal. It is a known sanctuary where thousands of people come every year.

Blessed Virgin Mary also returned and appeared to the children on the 13 days for a period of half a year.

There is also an event of a year with 13 full moons.

However, number 13 is considered to be a very lucky number in one European country: in Italy.

Number 13 on the card in the tarot is the Card of Death and is represented with the picture of a horseman on a horse.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 13?

Angel number 13 is considered to be a bad sign, although it is really not, and in some cultures, it is a symbol of luck.

If you see number 13 in your life, it will be difficult for you to overcome superstition and realize that it is not something to worry about.

You will still probably worry about Friday 13th, the 13th floor, and similar. It is in human nature to fear of superstitions from the past.

But although its biblical meaning seems a little bit dark, number 13 is not a negative number, and it will not bring you bad luck.

This is especially true in the Christian religion because the Bible recommends true and firm faith and forbids superstitions.


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