Angel Number 1117 – Meaning and Symbolism

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They can protect us, guide us, defend us from every evil for the soul and the body, giving our souls what it truly needs – love.

In many of these articles, we talk a lot about the numbers and their properties, but numbers are just the tools in the hands of the Angels.  We should discuss more about the Angels and their meaning and purpose in the life of Humans.

Some say that Angels are connected with the light, which is the Divine Light, that it has no beginning or the end.

Our guardian angel is a spiritual, heavenly being that constantly sees God’s face and is someone who communicates with humans to send them messages from the Higher Realms.

What is important here to mention, is that a God, is same as our Creator, or the Higher force, it isn’t something that is about just one religion or specific religious teachings.

Some explain that Angels are endowed with victorious strength against every evil in the world, and full of unique love for us people. They can protect us, advice us and guide us, defend us from every evil that is all around us in the world. It is also said in many teachings that the Creator doesn’t force us to believe in the guardian angels, to trust in their help.

He respects our free will. We can believe in them, or not. We can accept with the joy all that Angels have to offer us, through their unique tool of communication – Angel numbers.

Angel number 1117 – what does it mean?

By having this numerical combination in life, the person who is under its influence is the individual who has among other goals to expertise in the acquisition of material abundance. Their strength lies in earning money and accumulating assets and achieving tangible results, working honestly.

But all this remains the only potential if the number 1117 has not previously developed and become aware of the personal value system – they need to become good people with many other values, and then they can make pursuit wealth.

Viewed from a cosmic perspective, or to say, Angel perspective, it is a set of principles and criteria that they value and that motivate number 1117 to achieve concrete values. So, this is the person who needs to become a loving and giving person, with high morality and ethics.

These are the persons who have the potential to become a victim of a trap of selfishness, greed, or stubbornness so that even the personal relationships could be in jeopardy.  Number 1117 is blessed with many talents and gifts, he is an intellectual and curious person who is very skillful, but if he rushes himself into some ventures, their blessing will be taken away.

Advice to the number 1117 is to be a calm and persistent person to gain a sense of security and self-confidence.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerical combination 1117 is like 1115 or 1116, made from two extreme and powerful vibrations that can affect the life of the person who is number 1117 in Angel numerology.

First, there is the vibration of the number 11 – which is considered to be one of the most important numbers in Angel numerology, the most potent, and the number which when appears in the world of humans brings strong messages.

It is the number that is consistent with the two influential numbers 1 – and together they make 11 that is associated with the metamorphosis and transformation. This means that when number 11 appears in numerical combination as a constitutive element, it gives the person possibility to turn his life in the desired direction, preferably to the spiritual and growing path.

Then we can see number 17 in this numerical combination – it is the number which is the number associated with two things. First, it resonates with the happy circumstances in life, but it is also connected with the number 8 (1+7) which is the number of karma and destiny.

So here we have come to the aspect that was hidden and secretive, number 8, in fact, brings all negative influences in the life of 1117, and it pushes him to negativity and greed.

But luckily for the number 1117, or the person who is number owner – three numbers 1 point to the ambition, energy, independence, creativity, and aspirations.

Number 1117 and Love

Number 1117 is the lover who conquers partners through perseverance, charm, constant presence and attention.

They rarely make the wrong choices when they select their partners; number 1117 falls in love gradually in most cases, so “instant love” is something that is not characteristic of them. Incorrect estimates of the partners sometimes can occur, but very rarely, because they are extremely methodical. They pay attention to a bunch of details, and they can be very cautious about emotional partners.

Emotionally they are not prone to the adventure; they know that their partner is right for them when they feel good synergy of chemistry and passion with a potential partner.

In a long-term relationship when number 1117 are in love, they rarely cheat, and they invest a lot of love in that connection. The only thing that can stand in the way of the true love in the world of the number 1117 is their potential greed and pursuit for the wealth in life. They are known to break relationships if their material status was in jeopardy.

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Interesting Facts about number 1117

In some Holy Scriptures, there can be found many references to the Angels and their wise words. In one certain (11:17 to be exact) it is stated that Angels are the messenger of the Divine word from the Heavens that come from the open sky and have many lessons for the World of Humans, which is infested with the evil and greed.

Angel is the one who gives happiness to people: we all drink on the same source of life, which is not other than the eternal Truth, and we all can learn together that good is an only virtue that matters.

What to do when you see number 1117?

Angels are saying in the message number 1117 that your life has been based on the selfish needs, but never the less you don’t have to be scared if this number follows you where ever you go – it is just a warning, you still have the time to change things for better.

Angels are the messengers, and the information is this: Stop chasing all things that are material, focus on the spiritual because if you don’t, the time will come where you will lose everything and have to start over. Only then you will realize what truly matters in life.

Angels are sending this message into the world of humans so that they know that the time is not lost, there is still time for people to change their bad habits and to set the new priorities in life – personal growth and unconditional love towards another human being.

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