1048 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are signs that we often look past because we don’t understand what we need to see in them.

Once you acknowledge their existence and you understand that it’s quite crucial to listen to the advice your guardian angels have given you, you can act on all of those things that you’ve been procrastinating and postponing because of fear, lack of time or a lack of understanding.

Angel number 1048 is the number you need to focus on, as you have seen it too often.

Maybe you feel seeing it in your Google searches, your phone book, on social media, on your way to work, or even at home, on the TV.

This number is following you because the universe is trying to send you a message and let you know where your purpose is.

What Does Angel Number 1048 Mean?

Angel number 1048 consists of four different digits, which means that the message the number sends is quite versatile and exciting.

The first number that we are going to discuss is number one,  the number that represents the best things, things that are privileged, and those that are united and balanced.

The message this number sends is quite often related to uniting the aspects of your life.

If you’ve been thinking about focusing more on something that you usually don’t pay attention to, like fitness or reading or business or romantic ideas, you should really do that.

Our life should not be occupied by the things that we do for money and our paychecks.

The next number is the number 0, and this angel number represents collecting and discovering.

We need to stop collecting material things, and we need to remember that everything we are and everything we will be carrying on with ourselves to the future is not going to be things.

Just like people, material stuff comes and goes, and that’s why you should discover your inner self. Collect memories and experiences, photographs, and calls.

The next number is the number 4, and it’s the number that represents the world.

It represents the four sides of the world and the four elements our world is made of – water, earth, fire, and air.

You should think about spending more time traveling and discovering the world around you.

Maybe you should gift yourself a certain trip or a certain holiday that you have always wanted.

The number 8 is connected to the way we perceive others. It’s often referred to as the vertical infinity sign,  and because of that, it’s a number that dictates the idea that we are the only people who can control the world around us by controlling the way we see it.

There’s always going to be a large number of things we don’t enjoy and don’t like, but we need to work past them in order to become our best version.

If you cannot change the thing you are worried about, you need to change the way you see that thing.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

One of the main messages the Angel number 1048 sends is the message that many people reject.

They reject the idea that they are privileged and that they have quite a lot of beautiful things in their life. They seem to fail to understand that they live a life many would be jealous of.

Your Guardian Angels are not trying to make you feel bad, but they want you to see your privileges and to share them with others.

You can share your privileges through volunteering, social work, giving advice, and spending time with those people that need your attention.

You need to understand that nobody in the world owes you anything, and everything you will experience and have is something that you will have to work for on your own.

Angel number 1048 is also a sign that you are a workaholic. It’s a sign that you are a person who feels most productive and useful to people and their family when they work and when they do things.

Although it’s always nice to be productive and to do things in the right way, you are not meant to be a little robot that works for 24 hours each day.

Your purpose does not lie in the idea of working constantly and all of the time, which is why we want you to understand that you need to be more open-minded to ideas outside of work.

You need to understand why you have this need to burn out and constantly focusing on certain issues in your life and fixing them by being even busier.

That’s the only way to start balancing things in life properly.

Number 1048 And Love

Angel number 1048 and your Guardian Angels suggest that you are an idealist when it comes to love.

You think that everything needs to be perfect and right in order to start properly.

You think that you need to be 100% compatible with the person you are interested in if you want to start a good relationship with them.

You need to understand that there is no such thing as perfect, and we all carry our problems with us and bring them into other relationships we have.

We are just humans, and we have mixed feelings, sometimes we are tired and confused, and sometimes we are afraid to tell other people exactly what’s going on in our lives.

Instead of wanting something perfect, try to switch your mindset to wanting something real.

Healing with another person is one of the most beautiful things you can do.

And it can change your life significantly, creating one of the strongest relationships and best bonds you have ever felt in your life.

Interesting Facts About Number 1048

In the year 1048, a famous Persian mathematician, Poet, and scientist called Omer Hajjam was born.

He was a big poet at that time, and he wrote quite a lot of books, mostly poems about life and death.

He was a mathematician as well, and he was one of the first people to understand geometric.

He also liked to look at the stars, and he created what’s called a Djalali calendar, a calendar based on only the stars and the cycles the Sky goes through.

He was one of those people that was good at everything he touched,  and your Guardian Angels want to suggest that you are a multi-talented person as well.

You need to focus on developing your skills and working towards a more brave approach.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 1048?

If you keep seeing the Angel number 1048, that means that you need to focus more on learning languages.

You are a person that’s going to create an impact on people internationally, and you are meant to do great things, so you cannot have a language barrier between you and those that you will communicate with.

Another thing you need to focus more on is your habits. We often plan for the future by writing down certain tasks and ideas, but most of our lives are not really tasks and lists only.

We live a certain lifestyle, and this lifestyle is mostly determined by habits and the things we do, the thoughts with think, and the people we communicate with.

Try to invest in a better morning routine that’s going to help you be a better person.

Don’t let other people make you afraid of doing the next big step, and don’t be the person that they will discourage. You have a particular gift, and you need to learn how to use it properly.

The fact that they don’t understand you is OK,  and not everyone is by our side to understand you.


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