Angel Number 17 – Meaning and Symbolism

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By old Hebrew belief, every number has a symbolic, secret meaning and power potential that can affect our lives in many ways.

Some numbers have bad energy and karma; others are incredibly positive and inspiring. A significant number of elements plays a major role in a persons angel numerology chart and effects on the destiny of an angel number bearer.

If we say that particular number has a negative connotation, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of positive life and success for the person who is that number.

When we discuss angel numbers that have mixed (fortunate and possibly unfortunate) characteristics we have to mention lucky number 17.

Angel number 17 – what does it mean?

In general, number 17 in angel numerology is considered to be a very happy number with many great traits that come from its constituent numbers – 1 and 7. Here, number 1 points to ambition, energy, independence, creativity, and aspirations, while 7 indicates changes, anxiety, desire for travel, and constant movement.

But, angel number 17 can also be explained through Angel number 8 (1 + 7=8), which is the number of karma and destiny. This characteristic can be either good or bad, depending on karma status. This element can have a significant impact on a person life. Some seventeens are fortunate; their path is clean and straightforward, and even if they experience difficulties they can overcome them quickly.

On the other hand, unfortunate seventeens can have problems since the moment they were born. They experience problems at birth, genetical disorders, weak immunity. Accidents at a young age are also among those unfortunate events.

Seventeens are very ambitious and can be extraordinarily successful in the world of finance and business. They are very liked in their work environment because they always bring fresh and original ideas to the table. That way they push their entire team to be better and more productive.

Angel number 17 is confident and one of those people who expect a lot of form self and the others. They set high goals because it pushes them forward.

Sometimes seventeens can get obsessed with business and material things, go to the extreme to achieve their objectives, and it can break them mentally. They have to realize that there are other things in life (especially spiritual) and they should turn themselves to spirituality and exploration of their inner being. They can find great comfort in their family and friends; seventeens shouldn’t throw away them.

The secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 17 has three key features: number 1 that represents new beginnings, ambition, and energy, number 7 which is considered to be a lucky number, but also have elements of uncertainty and difficulties. Combinations of 1 and 7 make the angel number 17 very solid, but at the same time sympathetic and sensual.

Number 17 is also a very spirited number. The third feature is number 17 relation to the number 8 which has a somewhat evil undertone. Still, numerologist says that number 17 in almost 90 percent has a lucky meaning.

In its correlation with astrology – angel number 17 is a combination of the Sun and Saturn. This combination and mutual influence represent fulfilled life, but abrupt with efforts, obstacles, and difficulties. In addition to this, the Sun and Saturn are enemies that can create an inner conflict for the seventeens.

However, this internal conflict doesn’t stop them to understand important matters of life realistic and their desire to learn. This confrontation makes them more aware, faithful, kind and spiritually oriented.

Seventeens can develop resistance to suffering and to become very cold persons. Often they are left heartbroken, but they overcome the hardest problem with ease. Overcoming obstacles and difficulties is part of their journey.

For others, seventeens are seen as peaceful and comforting. They provide answers when need, they offer solutions and give support for those who seek it.

Number 17 and Love

Angel numerologist often say that seventeens are great lovers, but often can be mistreated and heated. They give all to everyone, and when they want something in return, they are left and abandon. This unhappy chain of events is brought to life of seventeens by harmful and shifty Saturn, and karmic number 8.

In some cases, seventeens have been accused and treated poorly from their significant others, leaving them heartbroken. In love life of a seventeen it is not the problem will they rise above the pain of heartache, because they will. It’s founding the true love that will stay with them all their life – part of the story which is problematic. Karma is stopping their chance to be truly happy in love.

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Interesting fact about number 17

In Italy, this number 17 is considered to be unfortunate, and it is said that number 17 is the symbol of death because it is written as a Roman numeral of 17, which can be reset in “XVII,” which means “I lived.” This inscription can often be found in Roman tombs.

The mythology of the 17th accident comes from the Bible, where the beginning of the great flood started on February 17. Some hotel rooms in Italy do not have room 17 at all, and some Italian aircraft do not have the 17th line, because of the superstition.

What to do when you see number 17?

Although we have previously said that number 17 can be harmful and problematic, unlucky even, there is one crucial thing that numerologist like to highlight when we discuss powers of Angel number 17. Its tremendous strength is for some of us,  just a message.

If you see this number or even better if you see a string of this numbers you think on the things that are important for humanity. It is even said, according to some numerologist, that number 17 brings glory, fame, and wealth in the second half of life. If seventeens somehow succeed in developing faith and accepting spiritual disciplines, they can resolve most of their problems, receive courage they seek for their entire life.

Also, when you see number 17, according to some it is time for the reevaluation of your friendships – it is advised to be less carefree when choosing friends or seeking help from friends, relatives, and associates. They can be in your life as a consequence of bad karma, so you should choose wisely.

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