Angel Number 1118 – Meaning and Symbolism

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In these articles, we often discuss something that is Ultimate like the virtue of good, and many times now we have said that immutable law in the world existed and that it keeps humans and Higher realm united together. But for the humans to reach those Higher fields, the source, to the beginning of all beginnings, to the supreme good, to receive one spirit of peace and one worldly love for each other – it is a long and hard process.

Because this process is so hard and challenging people need a considerable amount of help. To make our knowledge of angels even deeper, and more vivid, let us outline a few more thoughts of some famous theologians of today, who say that

Angels are not materially present in our world but, they are needed because they constitute a part of the heavenly glory of the Son of man. But above all, because they manifest the social significance of the celestial kingdom in which the universe of everything begins and ends.

Angels are created from the Hand of God; they have their kingdom made out of love, where the laws of the heavenly spirits rule, with the purpose to help people to understand and to accept things that are hard to comprehend, but at the same time those things are very simple.

And we can draw another similarity with the numbers – why are the numbers chosen to be the tool and the “language” to understanding those truths? The answer is easy – because numbers are simple, universal and powerful, and many smart people notice since the dawn of time.

Angel number 1118 – what does it mean?

These people are definitely under the good vibration and blessed with the ability to be spiritual – number 1118 is full of understanding and compassion towards a world in general.

And they are also the people who like to share knowledge with other people. These are the people who, because of these traits can find life occupation in the world of teachings and constant learning. Some say that people who born under the influence of the numerical combination 1118 are visionaries, very intuitive, idealistic and people who can live by their principle and never to walk on others to achieve something.

Full of interest, with a highly developed social life, number 1118 are great listeners with whom you will have many topics to talk about; for their friends, they are amazing advice givers and true caregivers.

Their flaw can be their need to expect a lot from others, and sometimes they are difficult for “cooperation” – they think that if they can give their best at all times, so can others. They can also sometimes exhibit tension and nervous behavior.

They can also behave impractical when they tend to achieve a certain goal because they are more dreamers than practitioners. Very easily there is a change of mood and challenges with a focus on ambitions – number 1118 can change his life focus from time to time, but there is always the center of spirituality.

Advice to the people who are number 1118 is that they should always focus to use their skills for counseling and leadership. And also they have to find a proper way to relieve stress and nervousness, such as sports and exercise – this will make a lot of relief in difficult times.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerical combination 1118 have two specific vibration in itself – numbers 11 and 18; both are significant constitutive elements that endure person who is under their influence with the ability to, metaphorically speaking „to drink from the fountain of knowledge“ and to share those lessons with others. Because of the noticeable impact of the number 11 people who are 1118 in angel numerology, are predestined to function at a higher spiritual level.

Keywords and qualities for these people are high spirituality, intuition, enlightenment, idealist, and dreamer.

But, to understand all aspects of this numerical combination, including hidden issues, we need to discuss number 18 – it resonates with the encouragement and prosperity. Numerologists say that this power has universal energy that helps to manifest the highest ideals and success in personal intentions.

The only thing that is “problematic” is the presence of the number 8 which is connected with problems and karma. If that can be overcome, then their person who is number 1118 is on the right track.

Number 1118 and Love

The members of this number are surprisingly stable and strong in love, no matter if their imagination is pronounced, they know what they want from love and potential partner. Persons who are number 1118 since early age have a pronounced thought and desire to contribute to society, and they feel like spreading love is one of the ways to achieve that. Always ready for compassion, but closed when it comes to their own emotions, number 1118 is hardly understandable to the members of the opposite sex.

Because of this, they often end up with older, more experienced partners who understand their frequent dreams and the tendency to silence. If they live in an environment with no pressure, they will have a great and loving long-term relationship; and they will be the best version of themselves.

Interesting Fact about number 1118

Scientific research finally recognizes what mystics and ancient civilizations around the world have long known – that energy is at the core of all existence and that all power comes from the same Source – God, Creator, and Universe.

This is what angel number 1118 speaks of, and now it is confirmed. Experiments in the field of subatomic physics show that various forms of energy react to human consciousness and change their appearance and behavior under the influence of external factors – if we are under the control of the certain number it has a direct impact on our behavior. We are in resonance with the world that surrounds us; it is a clear sign how number or Angel messages work.

What to do when you see number 1118?

Angel number 1118 appeared in your dream, or this number has been following you wherever you go – what now, you wonder?

Well, Angels send you this message, because they want from you to stop for a second and to realize your real potential. And they don’t mean on material wealth, they mean on your spiritual potential, which you haven’t been using at all.

Maybe when you see this number, you might feel scared and disoriented, but know that you don’t have to be – Angels are saying that wisdom, knowledge, and possibility to reach the Ultimate spirituality is imprinted in your DNA. The time is right for you to take what is yours and to start developing your spiritual sense; Angels are sharing in this message.

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