Angel Number 838 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numbers can help us in many aspects of our lives; they can emphasize our qualities, talents and strong point; and show us a dynamic aspect of our lives – this is a very exciting thing to know and can be used in many ways, all for the benefit of our lives.

Certain numbers can be manifested as a strong relationship between the number and it “owner,” and can show where instead of us lie increased anger, hatred, and aggression and ways to deal with these negative issues.

Numbers can help us to deal with our emotional status, individually and with a partner; numbers teach us how to deal with sensitive issues that can sometimes be unstable and overly temperamental. We should not forget our energy levels, which numbers can help to raise or to make them more balanced so that we could function normally – energetic and full of enthusiasm.

In sensitive and tender years of life, numbers can provide us with the answers which can help us to become more disciplined, how can we deal with authority or even how to become winners in the struggle for power.

Variety of issues that can be resolved with the power of numerology are truly limitless, and some say that people are yet to discover all of its purposes.

Angel number 838 – what does it mean?

The angel number 838 above all, strives to achieve close affection of people who are around him, no matter in what environment – he likes to be loved, and he isn’t the person who often gets into the conflicts. Instead, he deals with issues more maturely; he is very diplomatic in dealing with problematic issues.

For number 838 it is very tough and challenging to gain trust, he is very suspicious and doubtful person. It takes time before someone can call themselves a friend of the number 838, but when they become one, they never leave him – he gives good reasons to stay in his life. Number 838 is the person who sets for himself high standards in every that he does, and he expects from other to act the same, which is not the case always so that he can experience problematic relations in his life, work involved too.

A good trait that can be found in the person 838 is that he is an extremely patient person; he takes his time slowly and with attention to details. Number 838, when inspired, can surprise people with unconventional sentences or actions that are not characteristic of him. All people are surprised, but he means no evil. They are primarily good friends and excellent traveling and studying companions.

He is strong intellectual, patient and loyal, and he expects from his close people to act the same, his standards are incredibly high. Emotionally he is a sensitive individual who is a master in listening and advising people; he is loved very much for this characteristic. His creativity is great for mental stimulation, and it takes him to the most exciting places (literally and physically), and also allows him to be successful in his work.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerical combination 838 is very much influenced with number 8 in the first place, and number 3 in the second place; number 8 appears two times and its influences are doubled.

Number 8 symbolically represents the constant energy flow, in every aspect of life, intellectual powers and knowledge, infinity and search for perfection. Number 8 also influences people so that they develop an urge to make the world a better place – subsequently, number 838 expects many from himself, but also from others. Double power of the number 8 also brings sensitivity, honesty, and changes.

Number 3 resonates with the influence of hard work and sacrifice, but also on the good side of joy and creativity, even originality.

We should also mention that number 3 represents the tenet of growth which is extraordinarily important for any number (the person who is under the influence of certain number) to have in life. Without growing, we are just shadows of what we could become.

Number 838 and Love

Every average member of the number 838 in angel numerology is patient, firm, persistent, balanced, practical, and restrained. He has developed a sense of a measure as well as a strong sense of responsibility – he is no different in love segment of his life. Number 838 is concrete, precise, but also exceptionally sensual in love relations, he as a lot of passion and love for his closest persons.

They do not like being disturbed, they enjoy their peace and security, and that feature is mirrored in their love affairs where they search for safety, but unfortunately, they cover up security with possessiveness. They can exhibit some erratic behaviors and jealous outbursts.

One of their characteristics in life, is that they love material wealth, and even they are very restrained people, in love and money matters they like to enjoy abundantly – everyone needs to have its vent in life, right?  They subsequently love to enjoy their love partner abundantly, one more “reason” for their possessiveness.

These are practical people who can hardly be fooled or mistreated by a partner, they have well-developed intuition, and they will never enter a relationship with someone who didn’t pass their test of personality and character.

When number 838 decides something once, he gets it, no matter how much effort and the time he has to spend to reach the desired goal – this includes his targeted love subject. Such an astonishing persistence in the end always “comes to its own” -number 838 fined its love, and he around 30- 35 years starts a family. He rarely divorces and often has many children.

Interesting Facts about number 838

You probably could see for yourself, that number 838 is very connected with the intuition, and Angels often encourage people to develop this sense. Now, some say that intuition is a sixth sense in humans that connects them with the Higher Realms. Famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said that there is no doubt that intuition is mixing the divine power into human life.

He also said that Gods are playing with a man and the way they divinely enlighten him, but man does not know which one is that way. But intuition can be one of those ways, some smart people say; it is believed that is one of the powerful senses in people. About the sixth sense- intuition, which is around the world named as an amazing phenomenon? This is one-way to foresee things in the future, and Ancient Greeks did the same.

The thought begins, it grows analytically, and we can follow the course of our reasoning without difficulty. The brain works at a rate, slower or faster, and, finally, realizes the ending goal of that thought.

On the other hand, intuition does not know logical problems and paths; it does not work that way, but opposite. A man suddenly has in his mind an idea in the perfect form, but who is a giver of that thought, this man does not know. It is a subconscious or intuitive activity.

What to do when you see number 838?

The Angels warn you strongly to watch your mind now, and the message number 838 brings this information. They advise you to listen to your intuition because you are at the entrance that will realize your thoughts right now. Your thoughts make changes in your life, and with listening intuition, or your sixth sense, you can never make a mistake. You were neglecting your intuition; angels are reminding you in this message and now is the time has come to a stop doing that.

You are in front of a dilemma, is disenchanted with the dangers of a life choice; one strange feeling always occurs around the heart when you think of one outcome. This is your intuition that helps you make the right decision, angels are saying in the message number 838.

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