Angel Number 248 – Meaning and Symbolism

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There is no magic solution for your problems; there is no certainty in life for anything, we can just hope for the best….

But, are things so fatalistic? Can we make any difference with our choices, are there any real choices in life to begin with?

Well, we don’t know, and no one knows, but we can tell you one thing – there is a method that can help you immensely in your life. This science is called numerology, and it is one of the most accurate methods of predicting fate (we use this term loosely, because, as we said many times before, numbers can “see” just the opportunities and possibilities that particular person have, but there is no certainty that full potential will be used).

Angel number 248 – what does it mean?

Angel number 248 has a tough childhood, but also adult life. These are the people who were mistreated their entire life, usually have problematic families (it doesn’t have to mean that their parents don’t love him, it can mean that they don’t give him everything that the child needs because of different reasons).

One thing that can consequently be good, and that comes from this situation is that number 248 can become an amazing parent, of course, this is just a possibility.

In work environment, they are hard working people, great colleagues, but rarely they achieve something great, they always stay in the golden middle, but they are not ambitious from the beginning.

Number 248 is a person who is a very loyal friend who can give good advice and who can keep a secret, these are excellent characteristic, and no matter what are the circumstances, they are loved in society.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Unfortunately, we have to say, that we encounter here very unlucky number, which destiny is sealed by bad vibrations of its constitutive numbers – 2, 4 and 8. None of these numbers have entirely good energies, and they all carry a particular burden, which number 248 feels on his „skin.“ Many unfortunate events cross the path of the angel number 248, from health issues to financial problems.

Number 2 doubles problematic and unfortunate number four which in this case brings uncertainty, despair, fear, and depression to the number 248. Its vibrations are negative, and they enhance emotions. In some cases, it could be a good feeling, but in most cases, we encounter negative sentiment.

Then, number 8, which represents negativity, business failure, and also represents infinity, so problematic vibrations for the angel number 248 can last very long, maybe even they whole lives, and what is most disappointing about the whole story is that negativity transcends on his children and every next generation.

Here, in this section where we are discovering hidden meanings, we have to mention that in number 248 we can see karmic vibrations, which disable him to prosper and to achieve its full potential.

Number 248 and Love

Number 248 is a person who takes love very seriously, with them there is nothing that is connected to love, and that is light and easy going.

When this number falls in love, he gives his all, and his heart belongs to that particular person.

Here we can see that there are two options – number 248 can find his genuine and only love, that was meant for him whole his life, or it can make a wrong choice and spent the life with an entirely wrong person.

Both options are possible to happen, but the second one is more likely. The reason is that number 248 could face many obstacles in finding his real match.

Interesting fact about number 248

Number 248 is especially important when it comes to religion. It is connected to the Hebrew letters, which is one of the oldest documents that is relevant till this day. The significance of the number 248 can be seen in their numerological value – we are talking about Gematria value for the letters Ramach.

The number 248 depicts a total number of organs in the human body, but also more importantly for this religion – it is the number of positive commandments in the Torah (most important reference for Judaism, “book” with the range of different meanings).

What to do when you see number 248?

Besides the fact that number 248 has a somewhat negative connotation, we must say that message that stands behind number 248 represents warning.

Angels are telling that they are looking over your whole of your life, and they will never give up, they know that your road was difficult, they know that you have a karmic debt to pay, but they also tell you that you don’t need to be desperate.

Instead, try this exercise – confirm that you have a steep road, maybe more challenging than other people have.

Angels tell you to accept that and then to make yourself believe that after every problem you come out stronger and smarter, make it your blessing instead of a curse. When you do that, you can expect life to move on a brighter, angels are assuring you.

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