Angel Number 888 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are our guiding signals in life. They come into our world when we need them the most and share valuable advice with us. Whenever we feel down or like there is nowhere to go, our guardian angels bless us with these small signs and offer us their helping hand.

Angel numbers can only be seen by those who believe in them; therefore you need to have a little bit of faith in the divine forces. When we have faith in the world, everything else comes easier and we can gather enough strength to move on from difficult.

Angel Number 888 – What Does it Mean?

Angel number 888 is a very important number. This angel number is telling you to start paying more attention to your life and decisions you are making. Every little step you take is taking you on a different path, and each one of those paths is going to create an entirely unique destiny.

Angel numbers often appear in our life when we are down or when we need a helping hand. Their energy helps us become better people and achieve almost everything we set our minds to. Angel number 888 is sending you a valuable message which you have to take in consideration.

Your guardian angels are telling you to start restoring balance in your life that is necessary for a happy and prosperous life. Perhaps you have been devoting your time to completely insignificant things, neglecting the ones that truly matter.

Because of this, your guardian angels have woken up and decided to send you a small reminder about what really matters in life. Restoring balance in your life is not easy. We have to invest a lot of time and effort into making things work together and finding the perfect balance between them.

When you notice angel number 888 everywhere around you, this means it is time to take your life seriously. It is enough of excuses and blaming others for your mistakes. Devote time to resolving burning issues in your life, which are making it hard to find balance.

Angel number 888 is telling you that you are on the right track. If you just started working on something new and exciting and angel number 888 appears constantly in your life, this means you are on the right path. Use the energy this number is sending you to improve your life and achieve the unimaginable. You will be surprised by the power of this number and its ability to give you strength and power to make your every dream come true.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 888 combines the energies of numbers 8 and 88. In general, angel number 888 consists out of only one number, but energies of numbers 88 and 8 are also present.

Angel number 8 symbolizes Karma. Everything you do in life comes back to haunt you. If you were good and always there for people who needed you, then you can expect the same in return. However, if you weren’t nice to others and if you exploited people to achieve your goals, then you can expect the same to happen to you later on in life.

Karma is something we can’t escape. It follows us everywhere and watches over our every step. Always try to be good and be there for people who need you. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded and you will definitely get what you deserve. When energy of angel number 8 enters your life, be prepared to receive everything you deserve.

Angel number 88 symbolizes stable finances and abundance overall. This angel number is announcing a very positive period for those who invested money in important projects. They definitely made wise decisions about certain projects and they are getting their money’s worth back with some extra cash on the side.

Period announced by angel number 88 is extremely positive for future investments and money-related projects. Everything you decide to do in the following period will turn out to be successful so don’t be afraid to take a risk in the period ahead of you.

Your guardian angels are also telling you to be more courageous about your business decisions, since your business-instinct is going to be on point. Use this positive period to forward your career and gain a stable position on your current job.

Unique combination of these two numbers is bringing you a very positive period. Everything you decide to achieve in the upcoming period will be protected by the guardian angels, so don’t be afraid to experiment and work hard on goals you have set up for the future.

Number 888 and Love

Angel number 888 is bringing a lot of positive energy into your love life. To receive love we have to show it to others. Your guardian angels are telling you to spread positive energy and love among people in your surroundings, because this will make you both feel better.

Love is an interesting emotion and we can’t control it. But what we can do it to try to be more open to other people and their needs. Sometimes they need our attention and care to overcome hard things in life. If they are cranky and depressed, this doesn’t have to mean they don’t love us. Show them love and help them go through problems they have.

Those who are in a relationship might be too involved in other issues in their life, so that they have forgotten about people they love. It is not enough to be with someone in a relationship, we need to cherish the feelings between us and our partner in order to keep things balanced.

Perhaps you haven’t been very present in your relationship or you haven’t been paying too much attention to your partner. This made him or her feel neglected and not so loved by the most important person in their life. Your guardian angels are sending you number 888 to remind you about the importance of emotions and expressing them to people we love.

Prepare a nice romantic dinner for just the two of you and show your partner how much he means to you. Expressing emotions and sharing them will make both you and your partner feel like you are on top of the world.

Angel number 888 is also bringing changes to lives of those who are single. Your guardian angels are telling you to be more open to other people and more in touch with your feelings. There is nothing wrong with expressing your desires and feelings, because this helps us for meaningful relationships.

If you decide to open up and show love to other people in your life, you will start forming meaningful relationships and love will slowly enter your life. Being open to others and comfortable with your feelings is going to help you overcome issues from the past and move on with your life.

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Interesting Facts About Number 888

Number 888 often appeared throughout history and marked many important events and objects. Due to its interesting form, number 888 has often been considered as a symbolic number. Year 888 was a leap year that started on Monday. Many important events took place during this year, which changed the course of history.

Emperor Charles III died in Neidingen, after suffering for years from epilepsy. Frankish Empire split again and separated into few kingdoms. Count Odo became the king of West Frankish Kingdom and was crowned by Compiegne by Walter, archbishop of Sens.

Alan I, count of Vannes defeated the Viking forces in Questembert. After several successful battles, Alan I became the sole ruler of Brittany and few Frankish countries. In year 888, battle of Milazzo took place in Byzantine Empire.

In Britain, Lord Ethelred II of the Mercians became ill, so his wife, princess Ethelflaed, joined him on the throne. In China in year 888, emperor Xi Zong died and was replaced by his brother Zhao Zong as a ruler of the Tang Dynasty.

Year 888 was marked by births of Liu Xu (chancellor of Later Tang and Later Jin), Vratislaus I (duke of Bohemia), Zhu Yougui (emperor of Later Liang) and Zhu Youzhen (emperor of Later Liang). Year 888 was marked by deaths of Charles the Fat (Frankish emperor), Al-Mundhir (Muslim emir of Cordoba), Le Yanzhen (Chinese warlord), Tetbert (Frankish nobleman), Ingelger (founder of the House of Anjou) and Nasra of Tao-Klarjeti (Georgian prince).

In popular culture, number 888 is the marking number of 888 Holdings. This company holds several gambling websites that accumulate millions of dollars yearly.

What to do when you see number 888?

When angel number 888 enters your life, it is time to start taking matters into your own hands. Your guardian angels are sending you an important message and you need to take it seriously if you want to see changes in your life.

Angel number 888 is telling you to start being more open to people and opportunities in your life. Stop being afraid of what will happen and sail on a new adventure. Be prepared to take risk and endure difficult moments, because a big reward is waiting for you at the end of it.

Angel number 888 has a special energy about it. This number is also reminding us about the importance of Karma and how big of an influence it has on our life. Everything you did and everything you are planning to do is being watched by Karma.

Energy you gave to the world is going to get back to you, so be careful about your decisions and always try to do well. Angel number 888 is reminding you about the importance of love and affection. In difficult times we live, it is hard to show affection and love to people who deserve it. We all get distracted by our problems and issues, so we forget about things that truly matter in life.

Trust the divine energy and embrace it fully. Transform your life into something magical and beautiful, and don’t let anyone ruin this fairytale. Angel number 888 is bringing a very positive period for finances and love. Everything you decide to do is going to be turned into something successful, so don’t be afraid to experiment and take a risk from time to time.

Angel numbers often appear in our life when we need help going through difficult times. If you feel like there is no way out or if you are not sure about your decision, angel number 888 is telling you that you are on the right path.

Decisions you have made are the right ones for your future and you can sleep peacefully knowing that everything is going to be okay. Your guardian angels are always close to you, protecting you and watching over you. Listen to their advice and apply it on your life. You will notice how your life is changing completely and how everything is starting to have sense.

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