Angel Number 71 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The influence of angel numbers on luck and life path of people was studied by ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Indians. They all concluded that there is something hidden inside their power, they manage their lives according to the numbers, and they also made some important decisions according to the number readings.

Also, these powerful civilizations knew peoples characters according to their angel numbers- and subsequently gave them positions in society. For example, in ancient Greece, they gave people their place in the community according to the angel number – someone has characteristics to become the warrior, politician or a worker.

These are all evidence and claims that confirm that angel number have real power and significance for people from ancient times to this day.

Angel number 71 – what does it mean?

Numerology has significant influence in all areas of life: love, career, health, family. Numbers are present in everything we do, and it ‘s hard to find something that is not marked with numbers or a series of numbers (it was true long a go, and it is also true nowadays).

This concrete figure, number 71 is a symbol of dreams, imagination, and rebellion. So this angel number, besides other things, invites a lot of spirituality to the person carrier, as well as the sensitivity and vulnerability.

Number 71 in angel chart is also a number which correlates with business success, but happiness that comes with can be very variable. Overuse alcohol, tobacco and all kinds of toxic things should be removed from lives of the number 71, numerologist says. It is because they can quickly sink into the vertigo of addictions and ruin their lives.

This number for it carrier also brings individuality and originality. Angel number 71 often have many ideas, start new projects – mostly with great success. Financial aspect for this number is amazing, but it brings less luck in private life, as it encourages loneliness and critical attitude towards others.

Also, this number brings indecision over important life decisions. For this number, it is very important to surround themselves with positive people who will encourage them to go forward and help them to achieve as many goals as possible.

Numerologist, like to point out that the number 71 sometimes can have problems with separating reality from imagination and this number, will emphasize their opinions that do not fit into the views of the majority- and inevitably have conflicted relationships.

Secret meaning and symbolism

All numbers of angel spectrum correlate with the energy of the Sun and the Moon. This number corresponds with the Sun and the element gold. This symbolism represents consciousness that can elevate to enlightenment, to allows harmony with inner being. In translation, these people can have very balanced life and can have success in all areas.

This number is considered to be “colorful,” and it is complex –

It has a lot of shades. Life of a 71 depends on the proportion of black or white or good and bad. Black and white are two poles, white is the light, and black is the absence of light. Thus, the symbolic representatives of the contrast are light (yin – yang), and the gray is a reflection of their interaction. This number is, as numerologist love to say – numbers of wishes, thoughts, and thinking. These people are thinkers, deep analysis, they contemplate the past, love to be around the water, and they are very close to their family and relatives.

All these traits can lead them, as we previously mentioned, to the happy and prosperous life, but other “black” pole can result in something bad and dangerous. The truth is that most of the number 71 stay in the gray area and have some success in some areas and problems in another.

Number 71 and Love

Angel number 71 can be strange, closed and unpredictable, turning more towards the spiritual than the material world, there is an enigma for their partners. It would be easier for everyone to ignore their nervousness and to get into their soul, to understand them better. They hide a lot inside; there can be a lot of good things to find.

Sometimes, angel number 71 is in a relationship with the partners who are not a good match for them, who doesn’t want to go into the deep of the soul of number 71, these are the superficial love relationships. In those cases, when Angel number 71 finds itself in an unfortunate and unhappy affair, they remain forever incomprehensible.

We should also mention, that women who are number 71 are very flirtatious and seductive, and men’s are very desirable lovers, probably because they have a high sexual drive, so their love life is abundant, but secretly hidden from the public.

If Angel number 71 find the perfect match, like with number 4 or 8, it can achieve prosperous and stable relationship. They need to be in a relationship with someone who has a lot of patience. Their perfect match is someone who will take time to understand the complexity of their personality.

Interesting Facts about number 71

According to some numerologist interpretations, paranormal displays and other unexplainable things most often occur in homes under the number 71. People who live in these houses often deal with some paranormal activity, unexplained phenomenon, etc.

By the records of some paranormal researchers, they have the most interventions in the homes with this number, and the number 71 is marked as the unfortunate number and the attraction for the evil forces.

By same sources, it is recommended for residents of this houses that it is good to furnish a home with numerous details in a purple color that will reduce the negative, and increase the positive impact of the number 71.

What to do when you see number 71?

If you see this number by any chance, know that great business opportunity is coming your way – something with high potential will soon knock on your door.

Angels are saying through this number: don’t hesitate, take your chance. This way you can make your life better, you can live more relaxed and subsequently have more time to work on your spirituality, don’t waste his chance.

You can also affect other peoples lives, and that divine purpose is one of the most precious things in the world. Why disregard this opportunity?

Also, if somehow you see this number in a row or series; or if this figure is constantly repeated -be sure that once in a life time opportunity is coming your way. Yor job, in this case, is to open your heart and mind, because this opportunity may be in disguise and you will not be able to see its true potential right away. Be open and ready.

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