Angel Number 355 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numerologist devotes their lives to study numbers and to teach others about real meanings of numbers and their true powers and abilities. But, the rest of us, who want to know more about angel numbers, need to focus our minds ad to open our hearts wide, because angel numbers go beyond the boundaries of the mental, they are deeply connected with the intuitive part of the human mind.

This aspect is related and merged with the very core of our being that is open or closed for cognition, and in that part of our being we can find out the real meaning of our angel number.

Angel numerology can be explained as an enchanting mystery method that is behind the numerical symbols that are drawn on individual humans map, but in a divine order, so they make a whole universe.

Numbers are a question and answer at the same time; they represent what we know about ourselves, but also what we need to find out yet. Our numerological chart is made of possible feelings, situations, and ideas;  it is man’s eternal desire to know his future and to recognize messages from the past.

The symbols of the numbers are adaptable to every situation of life and are reflected in our path, and by understanding angel numbers, we can receive directions and signs, reveal the unknown, throw light on the darkness of the questions that are without answer.

 Angel number 355 – what does it mean?

Angel number 355 is a person who has a preference for religion, art, mysticism; these have unique personalities, underlined with some mystery. When you look at them, especially in their eyes, you can see that unexplainable nature.

They are full of understanding and compassion for the troubled individuals; the cannot imagine living without love in every sense that love can be found. For angel number 355 love can mean many things – they love everything that lives on planet Earth, number 355 feels like they are all creations of the God. Number 355 is true humanitarian and altruist; he unselfishly helps others without asking for anything in return; they are honestly motivated by pure love.

They are excellent in all human-oriented professions and are mainly distinguished as doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists. Since they are deeply devoted to art, many numbers 355 are painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors – they need to either help others or to express their feelings through art.

They can be at times melancholic and shy, incomprehensible for others, and that can be repulsive to others. The big problem that number 355 faces in life is lack of ambition, persistence, and endurance, and they often leave a job unfinished or half done; they could achieve much more in life, they have potential and abilities, but they never do.

Additionally, number 355 often start doing numerous job simultaneously, and along the way, they get lost and leave things unfinished.

Health regarded, number 355 can experience problems with lungs and skin. They should be very careful, and active t stay vital in older years.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Here we can be witnesses of something extraordinary, number 355, even if on a first sight might seem that is not the case, there can be found more secretive and hidden symbolical meaning to this number.

But, let us start from the beginning. We can see vibrations of numbers 3 and five that appears two times. Number three is a number that gives high intellectual abilities, curiosity and optimistic attitude towards life. Number five, or better say double number five provides effects of knowledge and education, and readiness to accept risk in unusual situations, and attraction to the adventures.

Also in this case number five gives people who are under its influence mobility, dynamics, popularity in society, and also opens the door for money and gain. Double number five also provides love vibrations, but that doesn’t mean that they would be used and recognized.

Finally, we come to the best part – number 355 is under the significant influence of the number 13 because its sum is 3+5+5 equals 13.

This very unexpected number gives to the number 355 many unique opportunities, both bad and good, that can happen once in a lifetime.

Besides the fact that number 13 in most cases have a negative connotation, his influence on the number 355 can be very fortunate. It can bring durability to hold on in difficult times, lucky circumstances in extremely dangerous situations, etc.

Number 355 and Love

If number 355 falls in love, no one can turn him away from being with that person, no matter what are the consequences.

Enthusiastic at the beginning, the angel number 355  can become uninterested after a while and look for someone else to meet his needs. He needs freedom – love that is far from him and he sees from time to time will perfectly suit him because he likes to travel. His partner must be fun and exciting, and passion and fire in the bed are mandatory preferences.

But, once in a lifetime, number 355 can love profoundly and-and romanticly; they tend to idealize the person they love; they have a great heart and a tremendous amount of love for that ideal person.

They are sensual, imaginative, and committed love partner who will never deliberately hurt his beloved person, but because of their nature (they love freedom), somehow they do.

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Interesting Facts about number 355

Numerous exciting aspects can be contributed to the number 355. First, people usually have positive associations with this number, and can often have this number in some personal data, like a phone number or license plate or something similar.

Then, various secret agents and spies have this number in a third code name, and this number also often resonates with something that is secretive and unknown.

Both facts show fortunate but mysterious connotation that number 355 have with people.

What to do when you see number 355?

Angels want to teach you that you don’t have to be afraid of failures and mistake – they are saying through the message number 355 that you should focus on learning from every failure. Take a deep breath, stop and think about what led to collapse in your life, try to analyze your steps, maybe you will find some questionable actions.

Angels are saying that you should continue to walk the same path because you are a good an honorable human, who make mistakes, and that is entirely normal for all human being.

But focus on the information that is behind number 355 is that you should choose this time a different approach and most importantly to try to leave fear behind you. Attempts and mistakes are an integral part of the way to success, in any aspect of life, so you should hold on to that idea – do not let fear demoralize you.

Maybe the most critical lesson that humans should learn during their short life on planet Earth is that falling is also what makes them humans, but what will make them closer to God is a lesson they learn.

From every failure, absorb the experience, something that will make your future decisions and the way you are dealing with problems easier and wiser and ready for the challenges that arise, whether it’s academic, business, or other, and interpersonal relationships. Angels want to give their support and advice, try to look close for their messages.

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