Angel Number 401 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Six hundred years before the Christ, Pythagoras, famous mathematician, and „founder“ of numerology, said that numbers could be divided into three categories.

First, there are business numbers – that are used for everyday life to make our life easier, to know the time and date, to calculate, etc., then the scientific numbers – that are used for science, and divine numbers – which are connected to the universe and which can reveal truths about the universe.

This division makes numbers the real connection between Heaven, Earth, spirit, and matter, and by this claim, Pythagoras thought that through the meaning of numbers we could find the key to understand life.

Angel number 401 – what does it mean?

Angel number 401 are the people who are very intelligent and educated, but at the same time, they love to risk in various life situations and are prone to adventures. Number 401 is a person who has high mental activity, and can be very successful in his work, whatever that may be; he spends his free time traveling and reading or writing a journal.

He can also be a salesman because he has an excellent merchandising and communication skills. Being very communicative, that trait opens up many paths and helps them to become successful in business. They tend to travel, and often leave the place where they were born. They have easy access to the money, but they also quickly spend it.

This person is in his lifetime followed with unusual situations, which are very risky; he also loves extreme sports, etc.  People who are number 401 in angel numerology can make the best out of the threatening situations, because somehow luck is on their side, and they are fearless; they also have had success in games of chance.

These people are always on the move, their lives are full of new events and rugged situations that bear happy and sad moments, and everything is possible for them.

They have a big circle of friends; they are witty, intelligent, and great fun; number 401 is the person in a crowd who has the most exciting stories. Number 401 is also great analysts of the young spirit; he easily and quickly remembers things, and for him, it is effortless to understand and quickly adapt to anything.

Their most prominent flaw is their inner need to achieve more and their need for constant excitement; these are the disadvantages because their speed of life cannot be followed by others, and they are under significant stress.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 401 is an interesting number in a sense, that he has influences of the numbers 4, 0, 1, but also number 5 which is a sum of the number 4+0+1.

Number 4 brings vibrations of the intellect, analyze, perseverance, but also some dangerous occurrences on the path of the number 401. Zero enhances those vibrations, and number 1 brings new beginnings. With the influence of the number 1, we can explain why number 401 can have luck in his life because number 1 brings winning outcome and start of the “better” cycle in risky situations.

Finally, number 401 is under the influence of the number 5 that symbolize the intellectual, temperamental, energetic and curious nature.  To some numbers, five can bring mobility, dynamism, popularity in society, but can also open the door to money.

Number 401 and Love

In love, number 401 are overwhelming people who in love relationships fall in love very deeply, can be in a long relationship, but they have a problem in emotionally binding to someone.

Because of this nature, their marriage fails, unless they find the person who entirely suits them and who is a very tolerant partner, to deal with their changing nature.

Interesting facts about number 401

Interestingly enough, one research conducted by one University in the USA has shown that people who have been paralyzed in an accident show more hope in general – study was done on a sample of 401 participants.

Why people who are disabled have more faith that those who seemingly have all? The reason for this is the fact that tragedy allows people to realize that most things in life are not worth the obsessing about.

What to do when you see number 401?

Angels are suggesting you that with the acceptance of all life experiences, even those who are dangerous and painful, you can grow as human being – this is a message that is behind the number 401.

Angels have noticed that you become more pessimistic because of the negative occurrences in your life, and that is why they send you the message that is behind number 401. Angels are teaching you to become more optimistic; you need to accept the idea, that bad thing and lousy memories are also the part of life.

If you look at the life as generally something positive and that every new experience is a new lesson to learn –you can become an optimist and turn bad experiences from past into your advantage, in the long run, angels are saying through the number 401.

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