Angel Number 1119 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you know who the guardian angels are and what is their role and purpose in the life of human beings, what are they looking for among people? Angels and their mission are mentioned in the many big religions – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – all of them refer Angels in particular form and shape, and it is believed that Angel beings have a significant purpose on this planet.

Angels are even mentioned in some anonymous scriptures that are dated from the fifth to the sixth century AD, long before the Christianity or Judaism appeared.

In some religious texts, it is mentioned that Angels are same as the keepers of the Humanity and some even claim that there are precisely 72 Angels in the Divine realm, while in some other documents we can found some different number, like 102 or 509. In some scriptures, it is said that each Guardian Angel has its own prayer and his own numerical sequence that is his way of communication with the people, they are regarded as protectors of all people.

Angels are beside people all the time – when we are born, while we live, and they never actually leave us, even when we physically disappear from the planet Earth; they are always present in our world and lives- their main and ultimate purpose is to protect people from the harmful energies of the worst species and their influence.

Angel number 1119 – what does it mean?

Some say that the person who is number 1119 in the Angel numerology can be described with one word – philosopher! It is the person who likes to contemplate mainly spiritual subjects. Whatever they do and whenever they go, number 1119 likes to be at the high position (in the society, at the workplace, to be the separated from others in some way).

But that doesn’t mean that number 1119 is not a responsible and hardworking person, because he is – this person just needs to find a job that he truly enjoys so that he can dedicate himself.

Emotionally number 1119 is the merciful person who never searches for the material good – they are utterly indifferent to money and wealth status. They love to give to others who are less fortunate then they are, this person is compassionate towards the suffering of others. Friends like them because they are reliable and honest persons without prejudice and with deep sympathy towards less fortunate people.

Also, social activities are very important for these people, so the tendency to be well accepted and have a lot of friends is very prominent; they have to have room for laughter and relaxation.

Their emotions are strong and intensive, so number 1119 often find their peace through artistic and literary areas. Engaging in these activities gives strength and balance to number 1119 and their emotional well-being.

Because they are compassionate, number 1119 often finds occupation in any job that is dedicated to people – they are blessed with compassion, generosity and a humanitarian attitude. One of their greatest features is their ability to sacrifice themselves for others, and not many people can do that.

Many members of this number are struggling with their sense of responsibility because they hardly accept that they cannot help everyone to the extent they want.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 1119 is obviously made form two vibrations: one is important angel number 11 (some call it the master number), and number 19.

We have many times mention number 11, and we said that it brings transformational force into the world of the person who is under its influence – this number brings meaning to life and represents the possibility for a change. That change can subsequently lead that person in the place where our, human realm and Higher realm meet.

Keywords for the number 19 are generosity, selflessness, commitment, and creative expression – and those are features that have hidden and more dominant influence on the number 1119. Those are characteristics that shape character and possibilities in the life of the person who is number 1119 carrier.

Number 1119 and Love

The most powerful characteristic of the persons who are number 1119 in the angel numerology chart is their inherent intuition, so they are the partners who listen, understand and have great tolerance towards their partners.

They are the lovers who will never turn their head when a problem in a relationship occurs; if they choose a partner, they will stay with him until the end – for better or for worse.

Number 1119 are sensitive, and they are looking for a person with whom they will oppose all the troubles in life.

They are somewhat in love with themselves and expect from another person to make the first step in courting; they will just make a hint and expect that other people do everything else. They are attractive for opposite sex and have pronounced sexual energy, but when they commit themselves to the long-term relationship, they are dedicated and faithful.

If number 1119 feels like is not loved in the way that he thinks that he deserves, he can exhibit a high dose of auto-destructiveness and depression.

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Interesting Fact about number 1119

In the intro section of this article, we talked about Angels and their significance, and we said that by some beliefs there is the exact number of Angels and that every one of them is in charge for a specific area, for a particular message.

So by that interpretation, there is one Angel that sends message number 1119 – it is the Angel who protects people from the source of evil, which brings bad things – sickness, misfortune, etc.

Also, his role is to help people get inspiration, especially for those who are struggling and have many challenging situations in life.  It helps people to discover the truth, or understand a lie when it appears in any form.

What to do when you see number 1119?

It is not unusual for you to feel misused or misled by others, and your enormous generosity is something that others often know to abuse.  Did you recognize yourself in these words? If you did, you should not be surprised if you have received the message number 1119, sent from the Angle realm.

Angels want to prevent you from being misled by others by establishing a balance -between knowledge, common sense, and craving for helping others. Creative expression can alleviate the pain that is caused by these events, Angels are suggesting in this message.

As much it can be difficult, complete satisfaction in life will not be achieved without accepting your humanistic nature – but you cannot give yourself to the point where you lose everything. The key thing is developing and maintaining your internal support, Angels are telling you in this message.

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