979 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you constantly see certain numbers in your everyday life, you should know that these numbers are angel numbers. They are a message from your guardian angels.

Your guardian angels are trying to draw your attention to a certain thing, and they are sending you a message which contains their guidance.

If there is a possibility of you encountering something dangerous along your life path, your guardian angels will try to warn you.

They will also send you advice and help whenever you need them.

Guardian angels cannot directly communicate with us. Instead, they use mystical and refined ways od sending us their messages.

If your intuition is developed more than ordinary, you will be able to understand the coveted signs sent by your guardian angels.

However, do not worry if you cannot do this on your own, since it is very rare and difficult.

Most of the people need some help in understanding the meaning behind the signs.

You should always try and look for the meaning in the messages sent by your guardian angels, you should never ignore them or give up on deciphering them.

Guardian angels most commonly use numbers as the signs. Numbers convey a significant meaning and can carry a message when combined.

If you repeatedly see the same sequence of numbers, you can be sure that this sequence represents a message from your guardian angels.

If number 979 starts appearing in front of you in your everyday life, it means that this is your angel number.

In the following text you will find some help in discovering and understanding all of the meanings behind your angel number, and thus understanding the message of your guardian angels.

What Does Angel Number 979 Mean?

First of all, when we are trying to analyze an angel number, we need to start by analyzing each of the numbers that make up the whole angel number.

Angel number 979 is created with numbers 9 and 7, with doubled number 9. Each of these numbers carries a specific meaning.

Number 9 is a sign of serving to humanity, serving people around you through your strength and being a positive example. It is also related to endings, conclusions.

This number is related to the Universal Spiritual Laws. It is a sign of lightworking, and it represents positive example, philanthropy, sensibility and idealism. In addition to this, it denotes conclusions of something.

Number 7 is related to mysticism, esoteric and psychic abilities. It represents spiritual awakening and seeking knowledge.

It is a sign of introspection and learning through introspection, heightening your spiritual senses. Number 7 has strong connections with education, and learning how to understand not only the others, but also yourself.

Number 9 appears twice in this angel number, so it is no wonder that its vibrations are very strong. You should be ready for serious changes that this number denotes, and focus on becoming a positive example in future life.

We have now explained the meaning of numbers 9 and 7, so we can continue and try to discover the meaning of the whole angel number 979.

This angel number promises a lot of good things for your future. Your guardian angels are telling you to follow their guidance in order to achieve these blessings that are waiting for you.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

By sending you this angel number, your guardian angels are encouraging you to organize your thoughts and tasks that are presented to you. You need to be collected and focused.

It is a sign that is supposed to give you the courage to take risks. It is telling you to follow your instincts and take chances, because your guardian angels will guide you correctly.

If there is a situation that brings you negativity and hinders you in your spiritual growth, you should not be afraid to end it. Be brave and think outside of the self-imposed limits.

This angel number is a sign that your visions and intuition are guiding you in the right direction. You have been using your spiritual wisdom in a right way, and this serves as a good example for the people around you.

Be ready for a transitional period, since this angel number can signify that it is time to leave any grudges and baggage that you have behind. This is a time to make peace with everyone and be a leader in the new phase of life.

Your guardian angels are pleased with your optimism and enthusiasm so far. You need to maintain this positive course if thinking into the new part of your life and continue to be dedicated to your life purpose.

Angel Number 979 and Love

This angel number also conveys a message regarding love in your life. You will need to use your wisdom in creating a good quality of your love life.

Your guardian angels are asking you to show more kindness to your partner. Even though you may feel that only they have flaws, you should remember that you have some too.

Nobody is perfect and not one relationship is perfect, so everyone has to work on overcoming the bad parts.

This angel number is a sign to you to stop focusing so much on your partner’s flaws. You should pay attention to their strengths and good characteristic instead.

Try to be more kind and understanding to your partner, to be the best partner that you can. Show them the kindness and generosity that you are carrying inside of yourself.

Let your partner know that you value them and treasure them. Encourage them in showing their best side.

There will be some misunderstandings and quarrels, but you should not let this affect your relationship. Instead, you should both remember the good experiences and try to recreate these memories.

Interesting Facts About Angel Number 979

Number 979 is the sum of the first five 4th powers.

It is a whole number, but it is not a prime number. However, it is a composite number.

The factors of 979 are numbers 1, 11, 89 and 979.

Number 979 is not a perfect square, nor a cube number.

In binary code it is written as 1111010011, and in Roman numerals it is written as CMLXXIX.

The number 979 has double influence if number 9.

However, it also has strong undertones of number 7, since, along with containing a 7, the sum of its numbers is also 7 (9+7+9=25=2+5=7)

What to Do When You See Angel Number 979?

Your guardian angels are sending you a message to tell you to pursue your spiritual wisdom. This will enable you to grow your spiritual talents even more and shine on the world around you, to become a positive example and a leader for everyone around you.

You should follow your instincts, but you should also maintain your honesty and integrity. Be truthful in your ventures.

This angel number tells you that an aspect of your life is going to come to an end, and you should be ready to conclude it when the time comes.

Be ready for the new beginnings that are coming your way. Do not be afraid to accept new opportunities.

Live your life with honesty and integrity, and the new phase in your life will be even more filled with spiritual knowledge.

Your guardian angels see and appreciate your efforts. You should not mourn the ending, because they are sending a new adventure to you.


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