0440 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is real, and can it changed just by thinking about different thoughts?

Reality becomes the manifestation of our mind; it becomes what we create, believe, faith, hope, fear, or think in a general sense, even if we are not aware of it.

It is always our choice, and from this idea comes a saying what you live is what you think. The color of your mind is the color of the world you are living.

Think of the color of your life?

Is it pink, red or yellow, with shades of black?

So, the question above all other questions is this – how can I live a positive life?

By thinking positive and happy thoughts, but only if they come from the stomach if they are honest. This is the simplest wisdom.

It is not an easy task if you are used to living in fear, anger, and pain?

Amidst the fear, anger, and negativity that bounce back and forth around us, choosing to remain open, vulnerable, and generous is not just an act of kindness, but more importantly, an act of courage.

From time to time, we receive a bit of help – and this is the help that comes from the most wonderful Source possible; it is the Source that is denoted with kindness and joy; it is a generous place.

It is the Divine Realm and the way it communicates to us using numerical sequences so that we, as human beings, could easily understand them.

We exist in times when it has become presumptuous to say that the world is wonderful and that there is nothing to worry about – you are one of those people, and the answer comes to you in the most unexpected way, in the form of numerical sequence 0440.

It comes at the moment when you have been deprived of a lot of things that you used to celebrate, and maybe even define, many aspects of your everyday life. Things are about to change – from the core!

0440 Angel Number – Interesting Information

As we have said, you have to put in the context any Angelical message you see so that you understand what the Divine Realm wants to tell you.

The moment in which you receive Angel number 0440 is the moment when you are bound to learn what is the purpose of the darkness you are in right now.

What is common to all human beings is the fact that we have the darkness as well the light in life, but the difference is what we choose to follow, as well as understanding where the darkness, as well as the light, comes from.

Also, this is the message that comes at the moment when you must learn that you have a choice in life, always; you are born with free will!

The word darkness in your case is everything that is distracting you from the right path, but 0440 and Angelical beings want to teach you how to understand that you can only see the light when you experience that darkness.

Because, without dark, you cannot accept lightness.

Therefore, darkness presents a significant position in the material sphere.

Angel number 0440 comes to you when you feel that your core is shaken when you feel that you are losing faith.

Keep in mind that numerals 0 and 4 are elements that create Angel number 0440 denote core (the basis), and the most basic elements in the Universe, not just in a material sense, but also in a metaphysical sense.

Angel number 0440 shows that the upcoming period is still extremely special for you, most often because you should use it to give yourself small or big joys of life and wake up hopes for a new beginning that the coming change brings.

This upcoming period for you will also have its difficult side, perhaps the most difficult of all, because it reminds them of what they do not have or have lost, and from their painful memories, just those few weeks cannot escape anywhere.

All our memories form the foundation (the vibrational power that is related to the number 4) of our identity (another connection to the number 4).

But some memories are not beautiful and can be a great burden to us, so it is important to invoke and renew those past experiences that have made us happiest – we can find strength and inspiration in them.

Meaning and Symbolism

In a previous section, the first layer of the Angel number 0440 was revealed to you and the task was to understand why Angelical beings have chosen this particular moment to approach with the message 0440.

In this part, when the idea is to find out what is the meaning of the Angel number 0440, you must know that it has a purpose to lead you to your past.

Angel number 0440 is made out of two zeros and two fours but combined, and their purpose is to show you the path to your past because only then will you learn from what place the darkness has its roots.

Angel numeral 0440 shows that the past hides many repressed feelings and forgotten experiences, but if we unlocked them – they could help us cope with life more courageously and more strongly today.

When you go through the memories and attempt to create the happy ones you want to remember, you become available to return to a better future.

Taking responsibility, as one more aspect connected to the numeral 4, is what is asked out of you – what you allow to manifest through the world through yourself now.

In a symbolical way, Angel number 0440 has one dominant aspect, and it is zero – it is the core, the truth, and the duty you must take one, to be courageous while others are fearful and to cast light where others can only detect dark.

You can become the one who shows the light to all others, or it is the light for all others.

In this sense, Angel number 0440 is, in some way, a play of the balance between the light and the dark and your own place in it.

0440 Angel Number in Love

Yes, you have been invited to deal with the past, but at the same time, you have been called to not lose Love from your sight because only then can you return to the present moment and remain “normal”.

Knowing and nurturing Love at all times, and especially in the darkness, means that you cannot isolate yourself from your core. The core (double 4 denotes four elements that the core stands) are the people who love you and want to be with you, despite the grief, pain, and personal drama.

Love means setting aside at least a piece of time left after mourning to find some, even symbolic, way to afford something that makes them happy, or it used to make them happy.

Do not forget it when the times are very dark, and you are traveling into the past to deal with it. Love must be on your mind, even more, Love is the light in the darkness.

If you have lost someone or are sad because you never made your dreams come true, it is okay to grieve, but not punish yourself for such a loss.

Also, Love suggests, as it is seen in the message 0440 (once again home is denoted by the double four, as all homes have their four sides, four elements, etc.) that you have to find a home where you feel Love, share the Love and live Love.

Therefore, if you do not have what you consider home, look for that home in yourself.

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Facts about 0440 Angel Number

Let us start with the two aspects of the message 0440 that we have not to speak much – one is the double zero, a sign of the soul, and another is the sum vibration that here belongs to the number 8, the symbol of eternity, and a constant change.

Both numerals are, in some way, connected to the past, one in the past, and another is the trip to the past, where you are dealing with the darkest moments, not just around you but inside of you. This is the darkness you must deal with first.

The double zero and the double four here suggest that only your soul understands that the only true reality is the now.

Additionally, we must add that the number zero has the power, and it is used in the numerical sequences to enhance the attributes of other vibrational fields; in the case of 0404, it is the enhancement of the number 4.

When you know that the numeral four is most commonly associated with development, persistence, and growth, among other things.

If you want to learn something from it – it is the message from Angelical beings to be alert and present in existence, not daydreaming in some kind of fantasy.

Angels want you to find the purpose of life – and all steps that are recommended before must be aligned in the perfect form—dealing with the past, returning, filling yourself with the positive vibe, and finally waking up the soul.

Do not fall out of the presence at this point.


It is infinitely human to mourn for what we lack and would like to have, and we will all at times feel at least a hint of sadness or shed a tear for what we don’t have, and it symbolizes the change that is occurring right now; it is shaking your core, and all four elements you base your life.

Therefore, it is very okay not to look forward to the fact that we live in chaotic times that arouse anxiety and fear in us.

But focusing too much on what we don’t have and constantly complaining and getting angry about the feeling that someone outside is taking something from us means nothing more than stealing joy from ourselves.

This Angelical message that has come to you in the form of numeral 0440 has helped you learn about the true essence of fear/darkness.

But, do not be sad because you are looking at fear; be grateful that you have found a hint that tells where to mature spiritually.

In the end, remember when we counted the traits that are associated with the number 4 – diligence, discipline, etc.?

When translated and accompanied by the Angelical wisdom, the message 0440 suggests you become persistent, in what you do, in your spiritual journey, do not give up just because there are a few clouds along the way; some of them may carry the rain.

The only dedicated output will give good effects, and as long-drawn, as you focus on your growth and goals, don’t neglect your spiritual side and overall well-being.

After all the joys you have had over the previous time, it’s time to take life’s reality seriously, not losing the joy out of it.

The following step may be taking a lot of development to take your goals thoughtfully. Make your own life plan to fulfill all those purposes you have hoped for in life, as the only way to live in the present moment, hoping for a brighter future, not fearing the darkness, and choosing the light.


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