124 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The Divine beings stand by your side all the time in life; they can bring you inspiration and happiness, as well as the Divine side of everything you experience, presuming in a rational way.

Many people have a problem believing because they consider themselves pure rationalists and opposite to everything that is a part of something abstract. They do not want to move their minds in the way of expansion, where we put our ego on the side and say – we do not know everything, we are not the smartest.

Still, if you open to the possibility that some things just cannot be explained regularly (yet), it can be a pure complement to your intuitive nature. It is a perfect balance that all of us are bounded to live by.

Even more, Angel numerals show you how to live a life that is filled with an expression of gratitude for the gifts you have already received. But it is also a great responsibility and proof of what we humans are capable of.

Because numbers are such a powerful part of our lives and understandings, Angels love to use them for their messages – just take a look at your life, and you will see that everything we do is connected to numbers.

Especially when they are too mentally preoccupied with the circumstances and find it challenging to recognize the subtle messages of the Angels.

We do not look deeply into the world of Divine communication, and then we miss out on many forms of Divine communication; but when we are open to that perspective, then Angels attract our attention with the numbers, and we understand that they are something special.

Divine beings like to attract human beings by “repeating” the numbers; often they are called the Divine messages, numerical sequences, Angel numbers, etc. And what do the Angels tell you through them?

In the case of Angel number 124, a lot. Read here more about this numerical sequence.

124 Angel Number – Interesting information

How does your life look right now? Can you recall all the pain and suffering that you have endured in life? Can you speak of those darkest days that you endured in life and try to point out at least one good thing that came from it?

If you can, then you already understand what Angel number 124 and are closer to the achievement of their intention.

This message comes to you at the moment when you are bound to recall how you have survived things in the past that you thought would kill you. When did it seem to you that it was all over? And it’s over.

Better days have come. The pain receded. This is the message that confirms such events; this is the message that connects you to the infinity, with universal Love, the Creator; this message in some way has a perfect meaning.

However, when Angelical numeral is translated, it says that Divine message 124 brings you an explanation of why do you experience all this over and over again. Sometimes you say to yourself that it’s still good that it was like that.

Sometimes you even smile at something that once only gave birth to tears. Often, the pain is strongest just before everything miraculously turns for the better. ? To get to know your values, desires, goals, dreams … and yourself.

This is the reason why all was worth it; why, finally, you know that God’s protection is present in every trial; it will never let you down. Everything will get better soon. Everything is fine.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 124 is a message about your life, with the pronunciation that you should pay less attention to the desires for material goods and focus on the spiritual aspect of life.

This does not mean that you have to give up anything, but that you try to find satisfaction through spirituality.

Angel number 124 is denoted with the praise for your personal work in the spiritual realm in raising the Higher Self to a higher level.

With the path you have chosen, you are helping both yourself and the people around you. Angels ask you not to stop at your great and good work.

A message from a creator 124 means one important piece of information – you of the approaching end of a certain period of your life that is related to your life mission. Ask the Angels to help you with the next step the Creator has for you.

What is interesting here is to look at the symbolic meaning of the message 124 – experts say that it is, in some way, an operation number.

This means that it operates and pushes you to act in accordance with your values. Work with will, courage, and discipline – they are not reserved only for the work in material aspect.

However, if this number were translated into symbolical values says that you should build your path brick on brick.

Angel number 124 brings the construction of your life, which your soul longs for; it is like Angel number 124 tells you, that you are able to build a skyscraper in the clouds if you have a desire to do so.

Each brick represents one step further in its limitless possibilities, and all three vibratory fields explain the same thing. Options are limitless; use them.

And this does not have to fast, and it even does not have to be united; it can be your own pace, your own journey, according to your needs and preferences.

124 Angel Number in Love

The number 124 from the Divine Realm is the number of the balance between the material and the spiritual, and this balance is only possible when you let Love lives in your world; nothing else can do such a difficult task.

Love is, as it is seen in Angel number 124 that urges us to accept that it is right to have material desires and to strengthen spiritual awareness at the same time.

Keeping a balance between the two is completely fair, but nothing can work properly if we are not able to accept Love into our world.

When Angel Number 124 is translated into the language of Love, then you can understand that the Universe is the planet that teaches us how to be in balance.

Number 124 also speaks of the law of creation – do everything in your power for what you want to create.

Accept opportunities, roll up your sleeves, change your mindset, find tools, connect with other people, and also seize perhaps less pleasant opportunities because maybe they are the path to what you want.

Believe, Love, and do not be scared to tell others of it; you will not lose it; you will just make it bigger.

Love is the eye that lets you see all resources, all means, all consultations, all possible knowledge, spiritual and personal growth, and say – I want that and the Universe will let me have it, in its own time. Address the subconscious beliefs that do not serve you, and replace them with new ones so that they work for you, not against you.

And also, one thing you must learn – 124 is the Angelical way of saying to you to let Love into your world, relax because the energy you have created will find the best place and time to nest and lay its big spiritual plants, that will grow into something wonderful and lasting.

Facts about 124 Angel Number

Angel number is created from numerals 1, 2, and 4 – all integral and all meaningful. They work as a group, but they also provide an additional impact, giving the sum vibration, which adds up one more layer.

The number 2 that appears in the middle of this numerical sequence is the number of hope and trust in the Angels. It is like a light in the dark that shines brightly. He wants to communicate that trust in the divine order is the key to all solutions.

In its totality, Angel number 124 is denoted by the number 7, as it is the sum number in this case.

The Universe has never required you to guarantee, but it is necessary to act on Earth what you accepted when you decided to experience it physically.

Energy flows by itself. Not even the river holds its head and is not burdened with where it will flow. She knows there’s room for her, and she just runs. He always knows how to pave the natural path.

Believe that genuine joy and peaceful action create beautiful results of abundance. And that they will come. Definitely. Trust is essential. Never extinguish the embers of hope and trust. In us. In you. In everything. ”

Number 1 is the development number, and there cannot be any development without a begins right?  And not only that. It is also the number of angels and the Divine and spiritual realm in general.

The fact is that number 4 when you appear, and you know that you will experience all the good things. This is the number of the good, the creative, and the manifested.


To easily understand the magic that comes with Angel number 124, it is necessary to remind you of the power of your thoughts – what you think you become.

If you think of the change and all things you want to achieve in life, in that case, you will soon learn that your thoughts are stronger creators than you can even imagine. They can be your friends or difficult teachers. And what do you want them to be for you? Redirect all negative thoughts that come away from you and confirm that everything will be fine.

Angelical message 124 teaches you the valuable lesson of patience, to be patient to wait for what is yours.

Learn that you cannot demand immediate satisfaction for what belongs to you, but we can assure you that in the end, a reward really awaits you. Take some time to trust. Trust in Angels. In yourself above all.

When the moments of change come, do your best to re-create a positive flow of thought. A stream of trust in invisible blessings. It will pay off.

Our number guarantees that everything will start all over again. Better. It’s already. Positive. Success is already on the way. We promise he won’t be late. He arrives at just the right time.

In the end, Angelical beings are saying to you in the message 124, not to believe in magic, but in life that is a reality with obligations and not daydreaming between the clouds.

Many nod and put their magic wands back in their hearts. But many times, it turns out … that people really want to believe.

So let them just tell you you’re crazy. Let them say what they want. For truth and facts say that only those who believe change the world and awaken humanity.

Eternal stories are written only about those who believe – now you have become the one who is a believer, without having any proof.

So Angelical beings are asking you, what is your magic? Tell yourself or out loud. That way, it will become real – your dreamed life will become a reality. Just wait and see.

In the end, Angel number 124 is the one numeral that will allow you to see a lot of praise for your personal work in the spiritual realm in raising the Higher Self to a higher level.

With the path you have chosen, you are helping both yourself and the people around you.

Angels ask you not to stop at your great and good work. Remember one more important thing – operate and push yourself to act in accordance with your values.

Work with will, courage, and discipline – they are not reserved only for the work in material aspect. Turn to some spiritual ones.


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