103 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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For religious people or those involved in spiritual teaching, it is not hard to consider Angelical beings as something close, not just an imaginary tale.

For those skeptical or unable to implement some abstract and nonmaterial into their lives, it is hard to think that Divine beings exist or communicate to us.

But, just because something is hard to understand does not mean it is nonexistent.

On the contrary, the term and the core of the “belief” are precisely accepting things that we cannot see, but we know they exist.

All of us, beings who lived on the Earth, on this planet, are strongly connected to the Angels, so it would be good to listen to their instructions through your intuition and inner wisdom. Whenever you need help, you can turn to angels who will be happy to help you on your journey.

The same situation comes with Angel numerology – messages in the form of the numerical sequence sent to humans to change their lives, help them, and support them.

If Angel number 103 has come to you, read here what it means.

103 Angel Number – Interesting information

The angel number 103 is an important message that comes to you when you most need it when even you do not know what you may need at that moment.

Or you do; it is just like you are not aware of your needs.

So, this message with the number 103 comes to you to tell you that changes are approaching in your life, with the notion that they will bring so many benefits as well as improvement.

Now, the improvement is the key, and it is the part of your life that is stagnating, that is not moving in the desired direction.

Your thoughts and actions will affect your future, so keep them positive, but it must come deeply from your heart.

If it seems unconvincing, do not think of them, you must have ideas and thoughts that are legit and that make you feel good.

This is the number that Divine Beings use when they want to make sure your next experience is positive rather than negative (from your own point of view, there are not bad or good events, it is about our perception)

Angel number 103 gives preparation for new things in your life and shows you how to be excited about each new opportunity that comes on your way.

Angel number 103 wants to wake up your voice and to move you passionately, just as your inner voice tells you!

The number 103 reminds you to begin to realize that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are creating your future. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions must remain positive if you want positive results.

This is the moment in your life when Angels come to you and show you how important it that it is time to take care of your loved ones and family. In the same way, as Angels take care of you, in the same way, they are asking you before anything else, and all for the purpose of keeping positivity in your life, take enough time for them and show them your Love.

Open your heart to the infinite Love that flows from Universe, and in the same way, focus on yourself and your inner beauty and develop and grow your personality.

Maybe, all of this sounds too much for you; maybe all of this sounds immensely hard and like a destination and goal, while in fact, this is only the beginning of your journey toward a change.

Meaning and Symbolism

The meaning of message 103 is – maintain a positive outlook, from this day till the end of your days; Angels show you that each and every one of your thoughts is quickly realized, so you will receive a favorable outcome only if you focus on what is good in you, in others, and in the situation.

It is all about the proper attitude in life, and it is all about what you do; it all comes back to you even more powerful than ever.

Angelical number 103 tells you that the Divine beings are with you – because the sum vibration in the case of this number is 4, we all know that that number confirms that the Divine beings are with you.

This number 103 tells you that Angelical Guardians are with you and are also cooperating with everything you do.

They are your co-creators, just like other humans are your guardians; it is great if you listen to your intuition now, as all other communication is dealt with in the same way, just like Angels communicate with you through it.

This will make it easier for you to know which way to go, what to choose, and how to proceed in certain situations. They will also send you the necessary positive energy and turn you on the right path, which is your soul plan. If you don’t already know what your soul plan is, indulge in the Universe through meditation and find out! Now is the time to figure it out.

And when we return to the symbolical outlook for Angel number 103, we can see that once again, it comes down to the positivity or your own attitude toward it.

Angel number 103 reminds you to keep your thoughts and beliefs more positive. Allow the angels to greet you with worries, fears, and doubts. Trust the angels to watch over you and illuminate your path when needed, especially if you ask them to.

Have high vibrations and be optimistic about your life path. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions because what you send into the Universe sends it back to you!

103 Angel Number in Love

Being happy and optimistic and having that positive attitude toward life is not possible if there is no love.

This is why all Angel numbers are filled with Love, and Love is their part.

Angel number 103 indicates how Love helps you stay optimistic and find a bright spot in dark times. Try to cross your path confidently and optimistically because only then will you reach the desired goal. Angels will stand by your side and help you choose the best and wisest ideas and decisions. Be prepared to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom.

Also, when you have reached Love, then you know that it is time to begin spiritual growth. Expand your consciousness and open your heart to the infinite Love that all of us are entitled to receive on one or many different occasions. It does not matter when and where, even how it is important that Love becomes you.

The number 103 tells you that your thoughts and beliefs must remain positive if you want the results to be positive as well.

New and unexpected opportunities will begin to appear to you, and how can you accept them if you do not think that you are Love and that everything happens for a reason. These opportunities will provide you with everything you will need at that moment.

Don’t be afraid of losing, as this could attract loss – even when some things go away from your life, accept it with Love, those things do not belong in your life; those things need to go away as soon as possible.

Be focused on your goal and what you can gain, not in the material sense, of course.

In the end, Angels are saying that the Universe will make sure that your material needs are met. Ask the angels for help if you have family problems or a love affair. They will give you important advice and send you the infinite Love you need.

Facts about 103 Angel Number

To observe separately, Angel number 103 is made out of three vibrations 1, 0, and 3, but also contains the sum vibration; in this case, it is number 4.

One is the number that appears at the beginning of this numerical sequence from the Divine Realm, and here it means that you must keep your thoughts about the future bright as you shape your future with your thinking.

This is important because the change starts now, and where there is number 1, you know that it is present to urge you to hold on to strong faith and hope, as these are the deciding factors at this time.

0 is the number that is so good when it is a part of the numerical sequence from the Divine realm. Here the vibration of the zero is directly connected to God. He wants us to think about a given situation in a holy light because everything will end in the best sense. Ask God to help you maintain optimism as you decisively influence the final outcome with your thinking.

Three, the vibration of the number 3 at the end of this numerical sequence shows that Angelical beings stand by your side and help you maintain a positive outlook.

The Universe and Angels help you to maintain a positive attitude. Soon you will see that the positive means creational energy that is based on a belief that things are working out for you, in your best interest.

And, as the sum vibration, in this case, we can see numeral 4 – it shows up when you need help maintaining a positive outlook, rely on angels. This will keep your behavior optimistic and cheerful.

When you are in the midst of life changes, maintain a positive attitude toward the world. With positive thinking, you will find it easier to recall the best consequences of these changes.


There is nothing confusing in this message that has come to you from Angelical beings, so stop being puzzled, and enjoy the ride.

Angels know why they have sent you this numerical sequence; it is the number 103, the message that undoubtedly shows that you are on the right path and that you should just continue on this path as you will soon arrive at your destination.

One notion here is necessary – do not think about the arrival, be driven with the powerful energy that comes from inside.

Angel number 103, as you could have seen, shows the lesson of the creation so that you can grow personally and spiritually and that you will be an example to many because of your good energy.

Because you have consciously walked the right path, the Universe rewarded you with abundance, happiness, and Love.

The number 103 shows you how loved you really are – it proves that the Divine beings, the Universe, are sending you creational energy and strength to overcome your current obstacles.

Now you know that you do not receive positive energy, but you receive creational energy.

Angels want you to know that it is obvious how long you have worked hard for your goals and that you lack the strength you need right now. They encourage you to find other ways to resolve current situations and to look at problems from other perspectives.

The angels will guide you in the right direction through your intuition and give you important instructions.

Let go of all negative emotions as you don’t need them now, and these negative emotions are all those that do not give you the boost to change your life. And it is exactly what you need to do.


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