Angel Number 153 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The first question that people ask those who deal with Angel numerology, like therapists and Angelical healers, is how to speak to the Divine Beings.

Those people think since we live in a world where rules are necessary, you also must follow some rules (imposed by someone else) for communication to the Divine Realm.

They think that the Universe does not hear them and that the Divine beings have left us down since they are not responding. They are sure they are doing something wrong.

Now you wonder, is it true that Angels only listen to us in a certain way? And just some, maybe not all of us can come in contact with the Divine beings.

Do not worry, and this is not true; it is far from the truth – your task is to simply tell Divine being what your wishes are, out loud or in your mind, or with words.

Some people even like to write letters in which they convey worries and wishes to the Angels. This method helps those who express themselves more easily through writing.

But, be careful, do not ever tell Divine beings to “bring” you something, but ask them to guide you to what you want.

Heavenly beings only listen to the pleas behind Love and sincere purpose. If your intention is not sincere and harms others in any way, they will not help you.

With thoughts or a simple, sincere intention: you don’t have to worry about what the right words are for Angels because they recognize Love’s pure purpose and therefore don’t need words.

While you wait for a response from the Divine beings, first give thanks for the blessings you have, and you will receive even more – it is not so hard as it seems, right?

Today, the Angel number that we are looking into is numerical sequence 153. Read what it says to you, be open to hearing things that will alter your perception of reality, but it is ok. Every change demands the alternation of a reality.

153 Angel Number – Interesting information

Angel number 153 speaks of the imagination of your mind regarding numerous situations for which you want Divine beings to heal or help you with them.

With this message, Angels are showing you that they are listening to you. They confirm that they always hear your words when you say them and when you don’t. Just by thinking about the request, idea, some goal, they understand ailments or worries, and they send you the necessary help.

The best news is that they want to assist you in the best way they can. Even if we don’t address them, they know when to come to our aid, they do not judge, and they want you to become like them and assist people who are in your close environment.

In the same way, you give Divine beings a word or a thought, and they are honored. You should be honored when someone asks you to help them, to assist them in a way Divine Realm helps you.

There is no problem here – just like you talk to your best friend, you can speak to the Divine Being as well. Honesty and openness are the way to go.

When communicating with Angels, you can choose a thousand words or just one. Or none. All that is needed is a sincere heartfelt intention.

It is very important to know this, and at times it can be hard to know how such communication is possible at all, but we still have a lot to learn in the classroom of life.

Further, Angel number 153 shows that our energies are much more powerful than we were told. Not only can we communicate telepathically or through some other forms of communication, but there are also people who have proven to us that we can only physically move things with the mind.

All of humanity is still waiting for many new discoveries of its own capabilities. Well, this is one of them. Connecting with higher frequencies like Angels., and you are welcomed in this group. So, enjoy your staying.

Meaning and Symbolism

Now, to the meaning of message 153 – this is the message that is telling you that nothing is lost, and what is happening in your life is just the granted request of your Higher Self.

Others are not guilty of anything; nothing bad comes from others, it comes from us, inside, and it may be the hardest part to understand.

Although the period you are going through may seem negative or even tragic, it is only a wish of your soul that has been asking for change for a long time.

This message is also the message that speaks of forgiveness, and Angels are saying to you, they beg you to forgive everyone you feel resentment for, and be aware that this phase is coming to an end and a new one is coming, which you will find easier to accept only if you feel free.

Also, from a symbolic point of view, Angel number 153 denotes thoughts, ideas, visions, and emotions. In a way that you receive wisdom through your thoughts, ideas, visions, and emotions.

At this point, the Divine beings are saying to you to pay more attention to your intuition and start taking positive actions (such intentions are denoted by the number 1).

It is the number that encourages you to move forward through your life with the certainty that you are on the right track anyway.

Fear not; your Angels stand by your side at every step you take and help you, even if you do not consciously ask them for help.

Stay on this path, and you will enjoy a lot in the discovery of life itself (it can be a part of the frequency that comes from number 5).

Trust your angels and the energy of the Universe circulating in and around you (such a powerful connection to the Divine realm connected to the spiritual realm is denoted by the number 3 that also appears in this message).

As you can see, not a single number was used here without a purpose or Divine intention.

153 Angel Number in Love

Love in the lives of all of us is the same thing, as when you are almost deaf from a terrible noise in your east, and then, in the chaos, you hear that beautiful sound? It’s the sound of falling Divine sequins that came to you 153. Love that will enrich your life; it will make your life what it supposed to be, what all of us were made to become.

Love is the only condition to be happy, and Angels are saying to you in this message that you have conditions of success and great happiness. Angels applaud you and rejoice with you on the path of discovery of that Divine noise, also known as Love.

Even more, when you work from the place of Love, in that case, everything that your hand now touch will change for the better – personal cooperation, planned or unplanned changes, life changes, higher emotion flow, and improved financial situation (why not, money is a part of our existence in the same way as everything else), or even an unexpected inflow of great people.  Anything is possible.

What Angels ask of you is to set your heart on accepting abundance and know you deserve it. It is their gift to you.

After all, also because you can afford beautiful things. Enjoy the Divine touches, because you know… these are also reflections of Love.

Facts about 153 Angel Number

Looking at number 3, we know that this numeral denotes infinite abundances, rewards, unlimited resources. It is the part of this numerical sequence, and therefore, this message is associated with it.

This number has 1 and 5 by its side, and while number 1 denotes (in this case) all shadows dissipate after the storm and depict the time for success and new victories; number 5 is the number of the direct Angelic address that says you are on the right path and that the obstacles are receding.

But one thing is more important – the sum vibration in this case, and it belongs to the number 9. As you know, numeral 9 has the vibration associated with the chosen mission of life, the truth of the soul, and the perfected life path (what was meant to you, but the one you can only reach when you have finished the cycle).

It is clear that this Angelical message shows you that you cannot move if you are constantly sitting still. They are saying that something like standing still is not possible but that it really means stepping back.

So step forward and enjoy the harvest. You are on the right track. The obstacles will be removed, and the sun of happiness will shine brightly.


Message from the Divine 153 is helping you realize in what way to make room for the new and trust that everything will be different now—looking forward to a new era. Do you know that if something ends for you, it is not a confirmation that you did something wrong, but that you did the right thing?

To sum up – Angel number 153 says to you not to look back, since you have done with the past, it is over, history, and your place is in the present moment, now.

Divine beings are saying to you not to look back because you will miss out on the harvest time, which is now; abundance awaits you.

Once you’ve made room for the new, look in a new direction; not only that, Angels are saying in this message to expect rewards, open your heart to new relationships, and don’t protect yourself from new disappointments.

They are a part of the journey but do not expect them. If they come, they were meant to come, and accept them.

Only those who truly feel that everything is changing all the time can be reassured that they are really growing and that life will always offer something new.

In the end, listen to these wise and kind words that come from your guardian Angel: Message 153 is just one of the many that will come to you, but this is especially important because it shows how particles that lead you to the mission of life are things that interest you heartily and internally perfect you. You were born to fulfill this life mission – dedicate your life to assist others, and do it with joy; Angels please you.

So your life mission is the essence of your embodiment, and to remind you is worth nothing if you do not have Love, as the main part of it.

To understand better this analogy – think of all the great books that have been written, all the inventions, all the beautiful paintings, poems, wonderful buildings, and spiritual places. They would be nothing if they did not become representations of the life missions of the people who created them in the attempt to materialized Love.

Think of your life mission in a similar way – Angels are saying to you that you cannot fulfill the life mission of life without investing your greatest Love in it.

Find out what you love, and then show your Love with devotion, which the mission will give you back.


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