Angel Number 828 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many methods that are used to foresee the future and to help people with their everyday struggles are something that has been in some form present in the human world for millenniums.

As soon as the man developed his mind enough to comprehend things that are around him, he wanted to understand them even more in-depth and more profoundly, and preferably to know what will happen into to close and distant future.

Numerology becomes one of these methods for understanding and foreseeing the future events and actions. It becomes, then numerology developed to the maximum, and today it is one of the most reliable sources for answers to many Universal questions.

The value of the numerology in all of its aspects is invaluable; it has powers, even mysterious forces, as some like to point out. Can numerology heal or transform the human’s psyche? The exact answer could only be obtained by experienced numerologists, but they (numerologists) also claim that regular people can feel the miraculous impact of numbers in their everyday life. From decision making to overcoming the pain, and finding the real purpose in life, they are all areas of life in which numbers can be used.

It is claimed that numbers even have miraculous healing properties and contain telepathic information on the origin of the human race.

Also, it is recorded that numbers have been used as cult objects in religious and worship rituals through history in many different cultures.

Angel number 828 – what does it mean?

A person who is Angel number 828 is the individual whose enthusiasm knows no boundaries, and their courage can help them to pursue their goals until they are realized. This kind of persistence is one of a kind and can help number 828 to stand apart from others in many aspects.

However, they are one of the most extravagant characters in the numerology chart, and that’s why they should avoid getting into the temptation to get into to conflict situations with others, just because they aren’t understood well.

For the number 828, it is best to become more methodical and analytical, so that he can achieve and draw to their life many positive things. For them, because their imagination is enhanced, it is best to use the method of visualization for the best possible results.

What results are we talking about? Number 828 should avoid craving material wealth, cause, in his case, it can lead to many dangerous and challenging situations; instead, he should focus on concentrating on things that are beyond superficiality. There may be something more significant it could change your life more profoundly and give him more harmony and happiness, than money.

Emotionally, number 828 is associated with kind soul, reliability, and honesty, making him a really good friend and relative – he takes care of his loved ones. Number 828 has a good sense of humor and a high level of energy which they can use when they are focused on the certain goal, like improving their mental condition.

Their flaw, which many of his friends and family members are most dissatisfied, is their need to sometimes ridicule the rules because number 828 has a partially rebellious line in their character which can lead them to an impulsive decision that will not serve their goals.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numbers 8 and 2 are mainly responsible for the character and opportunities which follow the number 828 though his life.

Number 8 is in this particular numerical combination doubled because number 8 appears two times, and we know that it brings influences of perfection, uniqueness, and sensitivity, the flow of energy, infinity, and fertility (it has the shape of a female figure). But, when their powers are doubled, regarding fate, it can bring delays, obstacles, failures, and humiliations from a seemingly unknown source, subsequently making their life and fate unpredictable and uncertain.

Number 2 in this symbolical combination brings duality in many aspects; some numerologists say that number two represent all bad qualities of number one (beginning, energy, good possibilities, luck) because he is his “black” brother. It brings failures, mistakes, and bad luck.

Also, in this particular case number 2 brings strong intuition and intellect.

Number 828 and Love

Here we will discuss one very interesting aspect of the number 828. They are in life, and also love related issues very persistent, unobtrusive and very emotional. Although they seem uninteresting, they exercise there will quietly and slowly – the person they like will be seduced simply by sitting beside number 828 and “radiating happiness and attitude.”

They have inexplicable energy which attracted many people into their life, and they are very content for it; seductive energy and passion are expanding, and in later years of their life they are seriously fatal for the opposite sex. In love relationships, they insist on intellectual understanding, but they are stable and can hardly be broken down by one person. They are attracted by the sincere person who will not fake his emotions and actions.

In a serious relationship or marriage number 828 is very loyal and do not tolerate fraud. If the love connection goes in the wrong direction, they immediately break it, because they are not interested in something that has no future. They are very honest and do not forgive a lie, cheating and pretending. They are involved in sex, so they are looking for partners of the same erotic interests and preferences.

They can feel sorrow and pain from expelling someone important and loved from their lives, but they rebound quickly.

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Interesting Facts about number 828

You are never alone, and left to wander and drift into to world; someone is always watching over you. Angels are human protectors, but the real one, no other power has human well-being and happiness in mind as Angels.

They release numerical sequence 8-2-8 into the world when people need to be encouraged to make some changes in their lives.

To understand how important this message is, we will give you one testimony of a person, initials A.L who once receive this number, when she felt alone, unhappy and vulnerable.

“For days, months and years, I felt discomfort and pain in my chest, I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I have reached a point in my life; I was around 40 years old at that time, that I don’t have enough energy for everything, job, divorce, health problems, and negative people. I felt like didn’t have the energy to do anything, I was locked emotionally. So, one day I felt like I was going to faint, and I looked at my clock, and it was like time has stopped.

That picture was so vivid in my mind, 8:28 pm. Later I wake up at the same time, and the next day too, I couldn’t get these numbers out of my head. On the fourth day, I had lucid dream where a voice was saying to me that I have prepared for a big change and that I need to make it tomorrow. The image of numbers 828 was still strong in my mind. Next morning I woke up rejuvenated and filled with energy, I quit my job and went on a long journey of self-discovery. ”

What to do when you see number 828?

This is a sign from the Angel realm, a warning, and alert – you need to be prepared because one phase will end in your life, and another, healthier will start.

Angels are saying in the message that is behind the number 828, that this numerical sequence means that you have hit the high, or low point in your life and that you need to, as soon as possible move on; they send you their courage and strength. Don’t hesitate, do it now – leave fear, pain and doubt behind you. Angels are saying in the message number 828 that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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