Angel Number 748 – Meaning and Symbolism

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People are created with many flaws, and that is what makes us humans; unlike angels who are perfect, people are everything but perfect.

Search for perfection is not the point of our lives, nor its real purpose, numerology teaches us; it is the easiest way that can take us to the place where we can discover answers to many questions.

As ancient Greeks knew, and that knowledge stretches to this day, numbers represent the universal tool which can help us find the real meanings; it is the weapon that can help us win life’s battles.

Angel number 748 – what does it mean?

Angel number748 have extreme and intensive emotions; these persons are recognizable by their intense and mysterious nature. Without passion and physical excitement, they are sad and lonely.

What is also interesting is that angel number 748 can be social reformers and show incredible humanity – they can find their purpose in helping others. But don’t be fooled, number 748 have also distinctive negative traits – they can be evil, jealous, especially in conflict with others.

Also, number 748 has rarely found themselves at the center of social events, but they always know what interests them; they have passionate character and deep sensibility, making them one of the best and most loyal friends.

Because of their excessive sensitivity and pride, they are easily offended and angry, there’s no middle for the number 748, and they go for all or nothing in all areas of life. Here, in these situations their worse trait take prime- number 748 behaves erratically and vengeful.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerical combination of the number 748 are numbers 7, 4 and 8, and they all have high abilities, but their mutual effect is not always so prosperous. It can be contradictory and secretly filled with obstacles and problems, but what needs to be said is that this issue can be overcome.

Number 8 has very energetic vibration giving number 748 its dark side, which can be seen in their aggression, provocation, and need for revenge.

Also, number 8 brings symbolical new space and stage in life, which can be seen in number 748 need to have freedom and his personal space.

Number 7 resonates with the intense curiosity and the need to learn all life secrets; number 748 is primarily interested in religion and what happens to the soul after physical death. They want to know all information about things that can be seen with bare eye – energy, vibrations, influences, creation, death, life, etc.

Number 4 gives them intellect, durability, and persistence. This characteristic is especially important for their work-related issues.

Number 748 and Love

As their intellect, love sentiment of the number 748 is equally expressed – at first glance, they act calmly and sadly, inside them there is so much passion and sexual energy.

We have already mentioned that power is present in all segments of their lives, especially in love and love related issues. The most suited for them is the partner who will not cause their explosive nature to burst, but also brave enough for the fire and to “survive” number 748 breakouts.

Their essential unfavorable characteristics in a relationship are uncovered jealousy, they can pretend that they are cool and collected, but secretly they are pathologically jealous. Their sex life is vibrant, variable and active – all of their lives.

Interesting Fact about number 748

We mentioned in some of the previous sections that number 748 resonates with an inner need to discover something that is beyond earthly issues, what is hidden and divine.

Some numbers are, thanks to their vibrations, closer to the angel realm, they are usually integral numbers, one digit, rarely three digit angel numbers. But sometimes there can be exceptions, and that is the case in the number 748.

Its specific vibrations allow a person to be one step closer to the door that leads to spirituality; that is also the reason why there are so many numerologists, mystics and religious teachers among angel number 748.

What to do when you see number 748?

A very complicated beginning of the next period and complicated relations are coming your way – it is said in the message number 748. The field of secret talents are about to be discovered and embraced, angels are declaring. If you find out what those skills are, you can become obsessed and involved so much so you can make a full-time occupation.

But be aware, number 748 warns you to tension in your mind and soul, along with the confusion and stress. You need to fight against this difficulty, with the final goal to establish harmonious relations in all aspects of your life.

End of this cycle will bring a feeling of content, that everything is going on as you wanted, although there will be various troubles and you need to be ready, angels are saying in the message number 748.

Angels are concluding with this message: Leave fear, embrace change and develop your new talent.

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