Angel Number 48 – Meaning and Symbolism

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We dedicate today’s text to the angels’ number 48. Most of us are not familiar with its meaning, even though we encounter it every day.

Most of the people have experienced, at least once in their lifetime, being followed by a certain number through everyday activities or in dreams. It also happens that a person is marked by a certain number right from the day he/she is born until the end of his/her life. That’s when the question “What are the angels’ numbers?” appears.

How to recognize them and what is their meaning? Many people around the world are fascinated with these questions and are trying to explain the phenomenon.

Angels, as we know, are our protectors who are assigned to us right from the day we are born; they are creatures of the light who are trying to help us to find the right path in life. With their messages, they are trying to help us with decision-making and finding happiness. Those messages are actually sent through numbers.

This might seems strange to us since we are surrounded by numbers, we interpret them in one way and do not pay attention, but what would happen if we started observing things from different angle?

What does it mean?

Everything in life is based on energy, so every number can be interpreted  considering the energy it carries, but for us, situations in which some numbers are repeated are very important. Number 48 is a message from angels. In this part of article we will try to help you to understand the meaning of this number.

We can notice that number 48 consists of two number 4 and 8. Number 4 is related to discipline, developing abilities, material world and achieving success. Number 8 brings energy of power, money, enjoyment, independence.

Angel number 48 has positive vibes of these two numbers.It is interesting that number 48 is connected with number 12 and 3. The reason is that numbers 4 and 8 gives 12 and numbers 1 and  2 gives 3.

Each energy of these numbershas a special place in angel  number 48. This number has a deep relations with spiritual energy, that is why persons with 48 often work in church and other religious institutions. They are people with great success in their professional lives, they often have a lot of money and power.

They find their place in areas like statistics, mathematics, economics and engineering. They are public speakers, great politicians and leaders .

People with this number are creative, full of  enthusiasm desire for success and new ideas. They are always motivated and  ready for new achievements. 

Secret meaning and symbolism

You can be sure that every number the angel sends you has a meaning and each one of them is given to you for a certain period of life.

Everyone has experienced waking up at the specific time, noticing the specific address number or phone number connected to us.

The number that the angel sends is meant to help you to reach your goal with more care and to explain the life’s mystery.

Specifically, number 48 refers to financial and professional aspect of the life. You might be worried about losing your job, project failure or not being successful etc. That’s when your angel tries to contact you, to say that there is no reason to worry, that you should believe in yourself and that it will pay off.

The angels’ number 48 warns you to strengthen your spirit, to think positive, to believe in your abilities. It means that you should follow your spirituality and intuition.

Number 48 and love

In this part we will talk about angel number 48 and love. We can say that love is not strong suit  for this number. People with this number are very shy, fearful and  they are not  ready to make a first step.

They are dedicated and  committed to work but in love they are passive.It is really hard for them to be in a relationship.  People with this angelic number are sensitive and emotional, even a  harsh word can hurt them.It is difficult for them to find a right person for relationship and that results with many missed opportunity.

People with this number are romantic, they are looking for partner who will love them and gave them all  attention, but it is hard  for  them to behave in the same way. Physical appearance is not as important to them as it is that person responds psychically to them and to be their companion in everything and to know that  they can count on he or she in all life situations. They have a fear from love, they believe that love isn’t  their terrain, and that is the reason why they easily gave up.

For familiy and friends they often  won’ t show how much  they mean to them. Their relations with family and  friends are often cold and  tense. They do not have many friends, they love people in whose society they  feel safe and secure.

Interesting facts about number 48

There are many interesting facts about number 48 and in this part of the artical we will tell you some of the most interesting.

48 is a Harshad number.

In binary code 48 can be written as 110000

The Chemical Element Cadmium has an atomic number of 48

2 days have 48 hours.

48 is the smallest number with 10 divisors.

48 can be partitioned 25 times with each term no longer than 2.

The code for international direct dial phone calls to Polland is 48.

In 48AD fire ravaged the Library at Alexandria.

48 Hours is a television news program on CBS.

What to do when you see number 48?

If you keep seeing number 48, angels are sending signs, they are trying to communicate with you. They are sending a message that you should pay attention on your spirituality and inner personality.

They are encouraging  you to make a new decisions and to take a new chances and  most important to believe in yourself. Angel number 48 is telling you to relieve of all fears about love and toenhanceyour relations with friends and family.

Angel number 48 is trying to indicate you that true value are friends and family, not money, power or fame. This number is telling that you should think positive and this will manifest with great results in your life. All you need to do is follow their messages and it will surely help you a lot.

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