Angel Number 73 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Each angel number contains different characteristics, with different energies. Some numbers are with the energy of money, power, fame, great family, and happy marriage.

Many angel numbers contribute to person carrier health and longevity, but in angel charts, we also encounter numbers with bad energy and destructiveness. Strengths of a number characteristics can be different, but they for sure influence spiritual achievements, character, abilities, and goals in life in a person who is number “owner.”

You should look at angel numbers as guidance to the best possible version of yourself, with the warning of the worst possible scenario that could happen.

The bad or good number energy can block some spheres of life, such as career, family, money or relationship, material well-being and spiritual development or can improve them. In the case of Angel number 73, we encounter mighty number with the appropriate energy to follow and strong effect on the course of life. Angel number 73 is not just a regular number; it represents an energy area with immense influence.

Angel number 73 – what does it mean?

Angel number 73 symbolizes the principle of growth, beginning, the middle and the end (this is the law of Trinity that consistently appears in the number 73). In Chinese tradition, this figure is a symbol of the Moon, happiness and Yang energy. It is connected to the planet Jupiter.

It represents the principle of enlargement, expansion, and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual levels. It is a number that indicates the movement of energy and a winning expression, and it is believed by many numerologists to be the number of old souls.

It is advised to the angel number 73 to work harder mentally and to learn to be more concentrated, to harmonize their strengths with their emotions and not to scatter their energy. These people often tend towards mental laziness, which can be very destructive for their inner growth.

These people are sensitive, flexible and incredibly indecisive. This last characteristic can cost them a lot because they potentially lose significant opportunities in life. Individuals with this number must base their decisions on reason, not on action. Advice is first to think problem deeply, before they act, but not to overthink, because they would sink into indecisiveness.

They love excitement, travel, and adventure; they need to keep the balance between routine and fun moments productively. The downside is that they can fall too deep into pleasure, forgetting about spirituality and mental growth.

This number has many opportunities for traveling abroad, and on that journeys, they tend to write a diary where they write about their thoughts, and colorful (sometimes even prophesy) dreams. They are interested in philosophy, meditation, and esoteric science.

Regarding health, people with this number can suffer from extreme indifference and low energy, so they have to fight for balance in relationships and within themselves. They suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 73 can be observed through the number 10 (sum of the 7 and three is ten). As a reminder, we should say that the number ten is considered to be a perfect number because it contains one that is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) number in angel numerology and zero which is the symbol of matter from which everything is created.

The energy of number 10 is productive and has the power of attraction. It symbolically represents wheel of happiness, and it is considered to be a universal number. That wheel has many properties, and they give the number carrier specific abilities throw life. But every one of those abilities has a significant impact.

Angel number 10 represents the end of the cycle one and the beginning of the second cycle; it brings all kinds of new and exciting changes in life, but with an element of happiness in that energy.

So, subsequently Angel number 73 represents the beginning of a new lesson in knowledge cycles, and if number owners work vigorously on themselves mentally and spiritually, they will succeed in business. But first, they will succeed in other areas of life.

Number 73 and Love

Ancient numerologists believed that the key to long lasting marriage, friendship and partnership was based on the matching angel numbers. For the angel number 73, he matches well with numbers  24 and 6 and those love relationships can be happy and prosperous.

These combinations are made from happiness, support, stability, and similar understanding of love and marriage. These couples can spend their lives in abundance, happiness, together can achieve high results in research, sports, and careers.

The high quality of life, a lot of children and prosperity are also present when a good match is made. If there are eventually inevitable disagreements, they will always be resolved peacefully, without resorting to help outside. But if they are in combination with numbers 7, 14, 21 and 28 that match can be tumultuous, because there will be a fight about who will take the initiative and be the leader.

The different nature of the two makes this relationship hard to work and if they ever marry each other – these marital communities and love partnerships are based on turbulent emotions, endless quarrels, and circular reconciliation. Their communion is unstable, even after a long life together, they relation becomes even worse.

Interesting Facts about number 73

Number 73, interestingly enough, as we previously said, can be reduced to a number 10, and another proof of this cosmic connection is that in binary code number 73 is a palindrome – 1001001. Palindrome number means, using simple words – that something is read same from left to right and another way around.

It also means that palindrome is a type of puzzle – a word that can retain the same meaning in both cases. This is very interesting, because, number 73 has a lot of hidden and secretive meanings.

What to do when you see number 73?

When you see number 73, angels are telling you that changes are about to come, and that fate events cannot be altered. This shift, angels are suggesting, means that you need to make a first, inner move inside yourself before anything else is done. Introspective must be the first step in your acceptance of the change that is coming.

That alteration in your life can also be manifested in the form of self-healing. Never doubt the power of self-healing, it is proven method of resolving the problems!

All the answers and all the solutions already exist for you; you only need to be patient and persistent to find that hidden treasure. Angels and their message is just a reminder to make the first step on a thorny road of self –change and self-healing. By making that first step, you inspire others to stand on the same path of self – discovery.

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