Angel Number 699 – Meaning and Symbolism

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One of the proofs that numbers indeed have magical and healing powers are proven the method of healing and management of health by numbers that is very famous in Russia. This shows that numbers can be widely used in all areas of human life. And truth to be told, if you can cure the diseases and improve your health with numbers, you can certainly do much more!

Renewal of the human organism and improving mental state of the humans, with the ultimate goal of reaching the spirituality can be achieved with the concentration on numbers.

Different numerical sequences can be used for various purposes – health recovery, balancing energy levels, improving intellectual abilities, finding out talents and opportunities in life. When you concentrate on your angel number, vibration begins to float, and you can find out the answers that you were looking for.

Angel number 699 – what does it mean?

These are the people who are incredibly youthful and joyful; number 699 always looks good and sophisticated, their look is essential. But be aware, number 699 can hide his true personality from others – they can be flattering and cunning to achieve individual goals, sometimes even they can cross the border of good behavior and moral.

Angel number 699 can make any situation to be comfortable for him, and can create the best possible outcome (for him) on every occasion; he is a very rational person who makes decisions quickly, with his own best interests in mind.

You can find number 699 in many different occupations, from business to philosophy; everything they do, it can be satisfactory, and they could have the best possible benefits.

Emotionally, number 699 is also very calculating; all of his friends are people who can help him in some way or who admire and adore him. It sometimes happens that in pursuit of goals, number 699 gets into trouble, but somehow he gets out in inexplicable ways.

Number 699 also enjoys a lavish lifestyle and continually fantasies about being incredibly wealthy and influential – he hates modest people; he sees them as persons without ambition. Number 699 needs to build financial security, and that idea can become his obsession.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Angel number 699 has fantastic background story – he is made from vibrations of the numbers 6 and two times number nines; but this number is symbolically very close to the number 666, which is as some numerologist like to say reverse number 999 and it is considered to be the devil’s number.

Numbers 6 and 9 give this number sharp intellect, energy, activity, and wisdom; even love and care for his loved ones. Because of the influence of this number he has the opportunities to be happy and successful in life.

But one thing that is hidden here is number 699 „bad side of the personality,“ which at times becomes predominant, and subsequently, number 699 make some terrible decisions to achieve his goals.

Numerologist says that that „evil“ side of the character is a result of its closeness to the „devils“ number 699.

Number 699 and Love

Number 699 is same in love as he is in other areas of life – he can be selfish and have only his needs in mind -he chooses a partner accordingly.

Number 699 likes to be worshiped, and when he doesn’t feel that he have „benefit“ to be in that particular relationship, he quickly moves on – he doesn’t look back even for a second.

In a relationship, he can be a loving partner, but unfortunately, everything revolves around his needs and demands – he is just like that, and he looks for the person who will accept that.

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Interesting Fact about number 699

We have already mentioned the aspects of the „devils number“ 666, and this number is also under that negative influence. Of course, when we discuss angels messages it is crucial to know that they cannot be „bad“ and evil and send a negative message, they can just represent warning on something bad.

The same case is here, with the number 699, angels advise that something terrible can happen; that the person who receives the message has been acting wrongly, etc.

What to do when you see number 699?

Consider the day in which you have received the message 699, to be your second birthday; luckily angels never give up on people, there is always the second chance. You need to become the believer, and you need to make your better side of personality to shine again.

Angels are saying through the number 699 that you are not a fighter because you let your demons to rule your life, but that has to stop right now.

Angels are protectors of your soul, and they will not let anyone rule it, you need to be faithful again. You have been secretly praying, but the time has come you can say it freely – I want to be saved, and I want or release my demons.

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