Angel Number 36 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numerology claims that the moment in which you were born has an impact on your characteristics, appearance, as well as your life path. It influences all aspects of life from love to health, providing guidance and advice in times of need.

This angel number determines who you are at the moment of birth and shows what all the opportunities you can have in life and what obstacles and mistakes to avoid.

Also, from this number, you can find out also what your talents are, and in which areas of life you will have the most success. Listening to angels messages and believing in the power of numbers, you can become the best possible version of yourself.

Angel number 36 – what does it mean?

This angel number is so valued in the angel numerology that is believed that it can give such an immense progress to its carrier. These people are very emotional and want from other people to return that kind of love (not everyone can respond to these demands, and if so happen, number 36 can become very aggressive and demanding).

Angel number 36 is well expressed so they can become outstanding performers, writers, actors, poets(anything that put them on the stage). They are humorous souls, very creative, can be religious.

It is entirely reasonable for number 36 to work on more sides simultaneously, but they are inclined not to complete their job. Their big flaw is the fact that they leave unfinished work in many aspects of their life and that kind of negligence can return like a boomerang.

Numerology experts recommend number 36 to be more focused on their work, especially if that work involves other people. Angel number 36 is prone to make false promises, which he never keep, and he is often abandoned by people because of that flaw.

As far as their good sides go, we have to mention that number 36 are optimists, cheerful, with a sense of humor, they love to travel far away and often as possible. They considered themselves to be very active persons who love to be outside, usually doing some sports activity(there is significant number 36 who are very prosperous in sports competitions).

The possible attraction for Angel number  36 is risky and adrenaline games. They can start gambling obsessively.  Consequently, they can experience some health issues like a nervous breakdown, cardiovascular problems, and high sugar levels. They can also have a skin and acne problems. Excessive sexual drive and high blood pressure are among issues that bother angel number 36. If they could ease their stress level, they would be much healthier.

Secret meaning and symbolism

The symbolism of number 36 is above all the principle of creativity; it is a creation of a number nine, that gather abilities of all previous numbers. It is also connected to a number 3 because it can be divided by three times.

Number 3, which symbolized the Trinity – signifies Heaven, Earth, and in between are Angels. Therefore, it is considered to be a perfected, complete merger process.

People with this number have a sense of harmony and are specially gifted for any communication. They usually find themselves in a position to connect to other people. They are very eloquent and super-resourceful, they can make out of any situation. It is very common for these people to move a lot, traveling from one place to another.

They are open and easy to make acquaintances. Life paths of Angel number 36 are destined to go in two possible ways.

Their choice of their future requires them to take responsibility for what ever they choose it can be. That is why their path can always go in two directions – one that is good or one that is not good for them, and the consequences can be harsh. The moment of decision for them is the key to their further life, they need to be wise, but not to overthink the problem.

Number 36 and Love

Protector of Angel number 36 is planet Jupiter, and he represents expansion, which is expected from the largest planet in our solar system. This planet affects number 36 in romantic relationships in a way that they are prone to love triangles, have or want three or more children.

They think that the ultimate power lies in the creation of another human being and they put marriage to the second place. They love children very much, and it is widespread for number 36 to have 3 or more children. They often adopt and live in the extra marital community.

Interesting Facts about number 36

Many interesting things surrounds angel number 36. It is firmly connected to a number 3 and its powers and potential. Triple as an attribute of number 3 is often encountered in mythological and religious concepts. In some old religions, the Trinity (or often referred as the Holy Trinity) represents the connection of the three different sides of a universe, that is sometimes depicted in a triangle.

Number 3 is also geometrically expressed as a triangle, which, if equal, represents three important divine attributes: harmony, holiness, and balance. Triangle, which in some culture is named after number 36, is a representation of two sexes – male and female. If the triangle is face up – it represents male power, the male is an active principle. If the triangle is facing down, it represents the female, with more passive energy. Uniting these two parts, you get a six-seater representing Love (merging male and female to make a unit).

In the Alchemy, the triangle is the element of Fire, but also the symbol of the Heart. However, it is not one-sided, but it has its varieties: the top of the triangle is 36 degrees, while in base 72, it points to the numerological number 36. The one-sided represents the earth, the right-hand water, the multidimensional air, and the eastern fire.

Masonic light Delta is a triangle with an angle of 108 degrees at the top with angles of 36, representing durability and continuity. Hence the numerological derivation: 36 is the number of Heaven, 72 is the number of the Earth, and 108 is the number of the human.

What to do when you see number 36?

This message from Angels that was sent through the number 36 has two meanings. First, it is a strong warning for a person who saw the message to stop being afraid of losing material things, especially money.

Your passion and mission should be the one that was intended for you from the start – to enjoy love and family and not to be obsessed with money and a personal gain. It is a message from the angel realm – the place in your heart should be only filled with love for your family, especially children.

Stop filling it with material and unnecessary belongings, and fill it with unconditional love. Not one thing in life is more important and valuable as that.

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