Angel Number 1122 – Meaning and Symbolism

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To explain and understand Angels and their significance in the world we live in, we should look at many written and unwritten testimonies about them, and religious articles along with the mystical scriptures.

In mostly Christian religion it is stated that Angels descend from God and his Heavenly realm to men, they go from people to God, because the holy covenant that renews with him is the one who dies with a double mission. They are the professors of God in people; they are human messengers with God. So in this sense, we could say that Angels have great significance both for Humans and for the Creator or God or however people call that Ultimate forces that connects us all and that gives us purpose.

Angels come to the world of Humans; they bring gifts and wisdom, they come back to Heaven burdened with our desires; they are coming down again to lead us so that they can bear our desires and good deeds to God. It is the task and service of those blessed guardians, that’s what, makes them go and descend over and over again. And rightly, because it is one of the inconceivable great deeds of God that gave the man his angel to be his protector of soul and body, to be his shoulder to cry on, whisper in lonely nights, advice in the times of doubt.

The Holy Bible itself says that “there are service ghosts sent to serve those who seek salvation.” It is an apparent reference to the Angels.

Many people say that they experienced not just messages from Angels, but they vividly felt their presence, in the real physical way (not just metaphysical). Similar statements and similar descriptions of the Angels have been seen around the world. And it is not wondering why people often describe Angels as beings with the divine beauty and enigmatic presence.

But the biggest significance has their content, their purpose, their messages that are transcended into our lives through numerous ways, including numbers. We have to remind once again that numbers are the most prominent way of communication between Angels and Humans.

One of the encounters looks like this „ I felt some unusual anxiety and fear in my heart. I did not know why that was; I looked on my left side, and I saw a beautiful young being on the left corner of the room. He was calling my name, like a whisper it was. Confused by this view, I did not dare to move from the place where I stood, my feet were stuck into the ground firmly. But this light creature started calling my name stronger every second – I was scared, and I jumped to the other side of the room. The being disappeared, but when I look at the clock it seems like the time has stopped – it was 11: 22 AM.

This number stuck in my mind for days. I couldn’t stop thinking about this experience, but somehow I returned to my regular activities. At that time I was contemplating my life and the direction in which it went, I wasn’t happy. Next week at exactly 11.22 AM my phone rang – it was a call that changed my life forever. “

What happened in the end if this story it doesn’t matter; this was one testimony which proves how Angels and their numbers work.

Angel number 1122 – what does it mean?

Here we encounter one of the most mysterious and surprisingly “dangerous” people who know secrets that are unavailable to others or they have never even wanted to disclose them – they are often involved in the world of secrets and mysteries.

Anyone who has ever “dealt” with Angel number 1122 knows that there cannot be a joke with them – they are serious, and there are no jokes with them, except for sure, if someone else is the object of their humor. Then they enjoy and have a good time.

Also, people often describe them as people who radiate danger and magnetism; they have attractive and intriguing energy – which at some points can turn into something negative that is capable of destroying everything around itself in the final destruction, and ultimately on itself.

On the more positive side, number 1122 is a strong-willed person, full of confidence and always eager for new challenges, they are brave and passionate, fierce and demanding, rigorous and persistent in everything that they do in life. They expect a lot from others, even more from themselves; sometimes they can push themselves to the physical and emotional limit, till the breaking point. This is partially masochistic behavior – they push themselves to the edge.

They are blessed with intense and deep emotions, dignity and strong inner discipline – this is secret to their success, they can work hard and dedicated for extended periods. Number 1122 will never acknowledge defeat and will fight until they get to the desired goal.

Besides all of these things we could say that Angel number 1122 is adorned with basic instinct and pronounced intuition, and even it is also true that they could experience some aggravating circumstances in life, they, in fact, love the struggle and the challenge.

As friends and in general towards people number 1122 are loyal to the core – you can never blackmail them, control or manipulate them, although, on the other hand, they can use all of these methods to hurt others, if they feel betrayed or hurt.

Angel number 1122 finds the best occupation in jobs that are related to discovering secrets and mysteries – politics, journalism, archeology, finance, police, and medicine.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Similar to all numbers that have number 11 in its numerical combination, that are under the significant influence of the important number 11, which is sometimes even called master Angel number, same features are contributed to the number 1122.

Number 11 resonates with the state of transformation and change; it brings the possibility to have a distinct spiritual road in life, which can bring many Universal truths and virtues.

Then we have to mention another half of this numerical combination – also important, and sometimes called master number 22. This number is known as the Dreamcatcher – it helps the person who is under its influence to turn dreams into reality because it resonates with the movements, infinity, power, and success. Because of its high power, the number 22 can result in an extraordinary rise or catastrophic fall – and it corresponds to the character of the number 1122.

When we look at aspects of this numerical combination we can see the hidden point of the duality: a person who is under the influence of this number can be active, quick, instinctive, impatient, a real attacker, but also a person can exhibit “darker” side in the form of strong instincts, passion, endurance, and deep inner intensity, which is at the root of every motivation and action.

Also, secretive aspect is that this number is associated with relentlessness, vindictiveness, and intense destructive energies.

Number 1122 and Love

Angel number 1122 is the number which is incredibly emotional and passionate, but they are the people who can quickly turn love into hate. One more aspect that is connected with their love life is their sexuality – number 1122 has a more significant sexual appetite than other people (number).

Their fierce and passionate personality is visible in all aspects of life, especially in the love area.  Sometimes they enter new relationships just for the sake of trying something new and exciting, and of course, sex is a big part of that search. This is particularly true in their young days.

When they love, they love, number 1122 is genuinely dedicated to his partner; but…. only if they have a small hint that they are going to be hurt and betrayed, they are ready to do the imaginable things to their loved ones. They are vindictive and do not forgive, waiting for the opportunity to make it even with the person who stab them in the back (in their opinion). But have in mind that number 1122 will not act at the moment, they will wait for the things to cool off, and then they will attack – to make their revenge more “deadly.”

They are also very seductive people who give the first signal when they like someone; number 1122 is not shy and indirect. When they find their match, their partner needs to know that they cannot criticize number 1122 and to remember never to play with their feelings – they can enjoy love.

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Interesting Fact about number 1122

In the first section of this article, we mention one particular testimony about the person who once received message number 1122; the clock was showing 11.22 AM, along with the presence of the actual Angel.

That was just one example how Angels share essential messages, and in this case, it was even more significant because that person physically saw Angel who was in the room. This shows the significance of this message and its importance. Some angel numerologist also says that this number has almost atomic energy which represents the deepest fears, deeply buried at the subconscious level. It is, besides other things intended for fighting those fears.

This message or angel number is made and sent for all those who want to discover the truth below the surface of the visible, and thanks to the understanding of the deeper motives and the knowledge of Ultimate virtues, options will be open for the many changes in life.

What to do when you see number 1122?

This message is sometimes called the message of the light, or enlightenment, where the reference is that is important and that it comes from Angels, who are light beings. If you saw this number, then in your mind Angels are planted the seed of some great idea and encourage you to start making some changes in your life.

Angels are saying in the critical message that appears in the form of the number 1122 that you are the bearer of great ideas and deep-seated insights – the time has come to use that for the benefit of your life and life of others.

This message is as a prophesy, like a vision that was sent to explain your life course from now on, Angels are saying in this message.

Don’t be scared, if you feel that Angel present in your room, maybe it will be just a whisper and perhaps just a touch – but the message will be imprinted in your mind until you make a move that is needed.

You were the right address for this message because in the next period you are going in the fight to resolve issues that seem to be unsolvable, like the spiritual challenges and the need for profound knowledge.

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