Angel Number 104 – Meaning and Symbolism

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To solve a life issue that is incredibly significant to you, or to make a significant decision that can absolutely alter your life, people increasingly nowadays turn to the Angel numerology instead of psychotherapists, psychologists and many others healers of the soul and mind. We are not saying that turning to these professionals is a bad thing, on the contrary, we are just saying that turning to the Angel therapists or Angel numerologists can be the good alternative.

The reason is maybe that Angel number can answer our prayers on the deeper level, but also the level that is very personal. Angel numbers cover all those aspects that need to be taken care of when some issue needs to be resolved.

Some say that there are recordings of the Angels communication exist for a long, long time among the humans, and also the Angel numerology it is the sacred discipline that has much deeper roots than we previously thought.

People often sought link between numbers and event (especially those significant and influential) in our lives, and this tendency has not been relaxed even today, it seems to be getting even stronger. People suddenly began to consult numerologists for everything, from when they should start a new job, buy cars and real estate, or the everlasting doubt about the choice of an emotional partner.

There has perpetually been an interest in the holy science and scientific answers for all of these questions. However, when science fails and does not give the expected answers or results, we resort to ancient experience. And Angel numbers fit into that category just right.

The fact that something was created a few thousand years ago and was useful to some people today makes it an intriguing and attractive method. If it is present in everyday life, as with numerology, it is expected that the number of people who are calling Angels for help is rapidly growing. Are you one of them? Did Universe hear your prayers?

Angel number 104 – what does it mean?

Angel number 104 are the people who have one special task in life; they are the people who have the obligation in life (as they feel it) to help others. They are the individuals who have the inner strength to carry on their backs all the burden of this world, and more importantly – to solve it.

These people have the need to collect and to analyze, but also to find order in their lives, and if they don’t, they can be unhappy and uncomfortable.

Above all, these individuals are hard-working people who are persistent and stubborn, but they remain great friends and always find the time for everyone, no matter how close or distant that person might be.

Prevailing advice for these people is to try to find a little more time for themselves, just to try to satisfy their inner needs and emotional fulfillment. This way they will stay quite unharmed and somewhat happy.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Numerical combination 104 is made form vibrational influences of the numbers 1, 0 and 4.

Number 1, in this case, represents the personality of the individuals who are under its influence; it gives intellect, strength, and the need to move forward even when times are hard.

Number 0, in this case, gives close connection to the Angel realm, because it is the symbol of the first cause, God, primal virtue, and nothingness that created something extraordinary.

And, finally we encounter number 4 – it resonates with balance, order, and the Human aspect in all of us, it is the symbol of our human characteristic and the need for perfection.

Number 104 and Love

These people are when they are in the role of the lovers and partners, someone who is dedicated and loyal. They are individuals who always strive for stability; they hate changes and are often involved in long-term relationships. They hate making risks in love, they prefer when things are clear and open, and even we could say safe.

They don’t like getting out of their monotonous and predictable comfort zone, and they often say that they primarily look for the person who is strong in a moral sense, and who is similar to them – on the list of priorities there are home and children.

One more thing is important here, they rarely cheat, or leave their partners because of the problems, and they will stay in that marriage or love affair until the end, simultaneously trying to work things out with talk.

Angel number 104 needs a partner who will have the same system of values as they do – love, honor, moral, home and children. They are traditionalists when it comes to love matters of life.

Interesting Fact about number 104

When symbolically inverted number 104 can be, and we will observe it through the numerical combination 14! Influence of this number is great. It is the number that is putting things into the balance, but not in the sense of making things in order; it is more harmony of the energy and higher understanding of life.

It is the symbol of change in balance with a tendency toward continuous improvement. That improvement can be seen in many aspects of life, but it is particularly focused on the spiritual realm of the world.

When it is interpreted as an Angel message, it is connected with the harmony and inner balance.

What to do when you see number 104?

If you have seen this number, you should be proud of yourself, because Angels have heard your emptiness across the Universe.

This is the number that points you to achievement through the harmony that can be only reached through love. Angels are saying that you need in life balance of all things, both negative and positive, and also emotional openness.

You lose energy if you want something that is not connected with love; old problems should be resolved, mainly if you were there and did it and this did not result in a harmonious spiritual relationship. Now is the time for the change, it is the time for letting Love to come into your life.

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