7979 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel Number 7979 brings an important message to you my friend and beloved friend. It is time to organize with all the knowledge you have gained over these years of learning, and create a spiritual routine that truly awakens the full potentials of your being.

Angel Number 7979 kindly tells you that knowing is not enough, it is necessary to practice in your life.

Number 7979 – What Does It Mean?

We know that too much knowledge can often lead to confusion and disorientation of the way forward, which is why we come at this time in your life. There is nothing to fear even if everything around you says it exists.

Take responsibility for the situation you are living in, calm yourself in prayer and meditation, organize yourself, and define the steps to follow, the courses to begin, the tasks to accomplish.

Be productive in your search, seek the wit to live. Active and attentive, mind focused on your higher ideals.

The number 9 represents and is the symbol of the unification of many qualities into one person. Personality transformed and aligned with the diverse principles that we are gradually teaching you.

It also represents the will to help, to help others, to educate the ignorant, to heal the sick, to bring light to those who live in darkness and food to those who suffer from the hunger of the spirit.

You were once this man and woman in need of love, so you know how fundamental spiritual work is for both your brothers and yourself.

You also already know the consequences of walking a path that is not directed to God and his teachings, and you may have experienced or are experiencing in the skin the reactions of your unhappy actions, motivated by the lack of wisdom and excess of ego.

Be more tolerant, be more patient with those around you. Be more determined and focused on the steps you should take, the actions you are being asked to do. Do not neglect your inner guide so that you do not suffer again from less happy learning cycles.

It’s all up to you. It all depends on your actions. It all depends on the set of knowledge and skills you have developed in recent years, which should become positive choices, more humane attitudes, happier thoughts, and a life of more inner and outer light.

Remember that God is the greater sun, and when we are near Him we reflect His light. But if we move away, our inner darkness returns to space, making our lives back to what they were before.

Strive to stay in the light, dedicate yourself and you will be well rewarded! Do not be daunted by the difficulties, but instead praise God for putting your qualities to the test.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Known to be the “number of perfection”, the number 7 in numerology is of great importance and represents the hidden and mystical side of life.

Those who are influenced by this number can be guided by their desire to understand the world and the broad development of spirituality.

In this post, we will show what meanings are associated with the number 7 and explain how it can affect the personality and life of those who are governed by it. Follow:

People whose lives are influenced by number 7 are curious, enjoy quietness, and devote themselves to research and reflection for a long time.

They value knowledge and enjoy intellectual challenges, so they always learn more about the world and about themselves.

They can become very introspective because they spend so much time on their own thoughts. So beware of shyness, isolation, and arrogance – after all, these people see the world differently than others and may favor certain viewpoints if they are not careful.

People with number 7 in numerology have the strongest arts in life and can appreciate any creative product with calmness and attention.

They can develop artistic skills that require dedication and perfection, such as dance, music and drawing.

Although they devote their lives to intellectuality, they are also very compassionate and truly care about other people.

Therefore, they are loyal friends and tend to volunteer on social projects or devote themselves to professions that help others.

Care must be taken not to unbalance one’s own energies with other people. In the eagerness to help, one does not always realize the problems that may come together.

The meaning of 7, being so closely linked to spirituality, can also influence the psychic and mystical abilities of those who have it in their life. These people may find it easier to understand each other’s feelings and a keen intuition.

They will always look for a greater explanation or feeling that fills the existential void and guides them through the chaos of the universe. If they can reconcile their intellect with intuition, they can be very successful.

The number 7 in numerology is one of the most important, and understanding it can help those who are influenced by it to find ways and deepen their self-knowledge.

Numerology has existed for many years and is directly related to the study of the performance of numbers in the universe and also in our lives.

For example, the number 9 in numerology, like the others, has a metaphysical value and also has applications and symbolisms.

Each number has great significance and through their interpretation it is possible to know which energies will influence our destiny and what we are.

As Numerology explains, the meaning of the number 9 in numerology symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, and is also representative of man’s total fulfillment, including all aspirations and desires fulfilled.

The numerology of the number 9 characterizes sympathetic, humanitarian, friendly, romantic, generous, understanding, cheerful and sentimental people.

They are also possessive because they are consumerists and have a great worship for their own person.

Filled with talent, they do everything they can to achieve their goals while caring for others and their rights. Finally, they have a personality of strong genius, full of vitality.

Love and Angel Number 7979

He is the one who corresponds to the sign of the end of the road, being the guardian of the last gate that offers us the long awaited “welcome” to the spirit world.

The number is dedicated to universal and unconditional love for everything and everyone. 9 constantly seeks perfection, representing the highest form of love.

In fact, it has great power of mind and wisdom, since it contains all the experience of the previous numbers.

Thus, it can be said that he portrays the spiritual fullness, associated with the conclusion and the totality.

Numerological calculations can be made from date of birth, names or other data. And it is they who can help in understanding our whole personality in a natural way. See now how the number 9 is applied in your life.

Interesting Facts about Number 7979

The meaning of the number 7 in numerology is, of all numbers, the most mystical and linked to knowledge and spirituality. It is considered the number of perfection and is present in many myths, rituals and religions.

This number is very much associated with magic and the mystical world and is strongly related to several cycles: the days of the week, the lunar phases, the female menstrual cycle, the colors of the rainbow and the musical notes, for example, are all regulated by the number 7.

Therefore, this number also belongs to the natural phenomena and mysteries of the universe.

The symbol related to number 7 – numerology – is the star, and its colors are purple and violet, both linked to spirituality. The stone is amethyst, an ore known for aiding in the development of mental faculties and in opening the spirit to new experiences and knowledge.

With regard to professional aspects, the number 9 in numerology characterizes a person destined to live surrounded by individuals.

She will always seek to do something that can bring benefits to the world by teaching and sharing experiences and ideas.

Even if you suffer from the influence of the people and environment you live in, work and employment mean much more than a month-end salary. It has one purpose: to impart wisdom to others, because the number represents an opinion maker.

Therefore, the individual has great potential!

The strengths of number 9 are the universal love offered, patience in helping others, tolerance in everyday life, faith, generosity, and a feeling of brotherhood and compassion.

As negative points we can cite all the sacrifice, loneliness (characteristic of humility), disappointment, fanaticism and failure that can hinder personal and professional development.

With that explained, this is the representation of the number 9 in Numerology. Remember that with this you can understand all aspects that can be further developed.

Remember that this number ends a cycle and opens the door to a new one, so always be prepared to evolve.

Seeing Angel Number 7979

The angel number 7979 is a number that can influence your life in a positive way, so let go of the boundaries and let your spirit wander.


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