398 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Maybe you have already heard that human beings are not just the mater that we can see, feel, or touch; we are above material; we are energy. And we have learned that power cannot be destroyed; it can only change its form.

This information does change the perspective we have on life and its purpose.

As human beings, we are energetic beings, and our soul, thoughts, emotions, and even the body, are just different compositions of energies.

Maybe this concept is hard to absorb, but certainly, once or twice in life, you have encountered, feel something more than the material.

The conversations and touches that people make with each other and the thoughts we make about other people are essentially energy packages that we send.

When you think of someone, you send him or her energy, and vice versa. At the moment when you energetically accept what comes to you is the moment when it becomes yours and consequently begins to co-create your reality.

Now, we come to the Angelical numerology, and in the same way, Angels send us numbers/messages, it is the same way we receive energy packages from other people.

When we accept Angel numbers, we welcome the Divine energy – and in that sense, we are protected by the Divine Light.

Those energy protections with Angels are a fantastic tool for energy security. Still, it is also essential to understand the energy journey to not collapse energetically at every opportunity.

One of those messages that give you an amazing amount of energy protection comes in Angel number 398.

398 Angel Number – Interesting information

At this level of consciousness, when you are aware that you are not just the mater, but also the spirit/energy. There is one more that to know – when you accept the Divine’s entry; in that case, your spirit is integrated with the absolute.

Angel number 398 brings the unity of self-knowledge through the healings that take place in the material world.

This healing that is at the core of this message refers to our heredity field and implies that we bring the spark of the source into the spiritual chain from the consciousness of unity and thus heal it permanently.

Simply said, Angels use this message to teach you to come closer to the field that we inherited, which connects us to the Universe. Then, we cannot be in pain, hurt, or negative – everything internally and externally heals.

Of course, it is not an easy task to even see that aspect in ourselves, but Angelical beings come to the rescue.

They allow us to truly use our existence’s full potential to materialize the miracles on Earth, which become eternal.

Therefore, if you have noticed this Angel number with the code 389 things and wondered if “someone” or something is always next to you or inside you, you want to help you find the core.

Meaning and symbolism

Now to the meaning of Angel number 389 – first this idea: your thoughts create changes in your life. If the changes that are happening are not what you wanted them to be, change them immediately – first in your heart and only then in your head.

With this Angel message, 389 Divine beings remind you again of the material world, all that has form and all that is perfect, because it comes at the right time.

With this number, they encourage you to shape our thoughts, but we must never proceed from materiality, but only from the heart.

It is a set of vibrations and properties of the numbers 3, 8, and 9.

In this case, number 9 means a new beginning (ending the old ways) and the realization of your new ideas directed toward the future.

The number 8 vibrates with the energy of awakening consciousness and spiritual progress. This is exactly what begins, a new period when we are stepping in the right direction of our life path. This practically means that we experience life exclusively from the position of the Absolute, without identifying any kind.

The most sublime form of being is seen in the number 3 that appears at the beginning of this Angel number 389; it is not the number that speaks of the success or failure that feels every experience, even the most traumatic, but the beauty of existence.

In its totality, Angel number 389 without any need for you to be somewhere else, to avoid the experience, but to stand still, knowing clearly, from the cell itself, that life itself is a gift and that your essence is always untouched.

Its symbolism shows that very time is in front of you, and 389 speaks of the doors of our consciousness opening and closing every day; you are in between.

It will help you understand the current moment – if you want to understand the present moment, you must become one with your soul in fulfilling the desires of the heart.

This number encourages us to take a step forward (or backward) – in the first case, you have done with the past, and you are ready to move.

In other, you must go back to the past, deal with it, and then stand up and move in the future, though the present moment.

398 Angel Number in Love

One more thing is essential when it comes to Angel number 389 and Love – Angelical beings want you to know that your thoughts are currently like seeds that will sprout in a plant at any moment. You have probably already noticed the first signs around you that your wishes will come true.

These are all signs that things will move in the right direction, so just trust in life. Now, the question is, has one of your wishes were to feel and live Love?

If it is, now you know all ways of its implementation in your world, with an idea to spread it further.

This is the point of unconditional Love because Love cannot hurt; only the ego and our idea of ​​what the world should be like, what kind of people should make it, are always hurt; they are all forms of non-acceptance and misunderstanding of the nature of existence. The nature of our existence is Love!

However, this imprint of ego that has been bothering you for so long will sooner or later start creating problems in your life. Not necessarily immediately, but later with a delay, so we will not connect cause and effect.

Leave the ego, move on in the direction of Love; Angels ask of you in the message that you see as 389.

Facts about Angel number 398

If we are looking into the sum vibration in the case of Angel number 389 – we can add a few more layers before we completely understand what does Angelical beings wanted to tell us.

The sum vibration, in this case, is the number 20, or if we want to see it as just one number, then we must speak of the traits that are connected to the number 2.

This numeral shows that Angelical beings work with you and help you with your mental processes.

Although you may not be aware of it yet, they teach you in many ways how thoughts manifest and silently advise you. They send you positive energy and thus help you to move forward on the path set by your soul. They help you understand that every change starts first in our minds. You can ask them at any time to help you understand what you want most.

With this number 389/20/2, the Divine beings are trying to tell you that you need to focus on your thoughts at this point. They whisper to you to just make the necessary decision that will move you from the crossroads you are currently in and lead you to the realization of your desires.

In this way, you can see the Universal law at its action, which ensures that everyone faces the consequences of their actions. If we do well, we get good, and if we do badly, we give back the same.

To return to the beginning of the story, we will remind you that Angel number 389 does speak of energy.

Energy (and we are all made out of it) traces that have arisen from our thoughts and actions are still present in the energy field. Every action we take, even the thought we send into space, as well as the unconscious within us, remains present as an energy imprint.

When we do something bad to someone, maybe only negatively (vengeful, angry, aggressive …) we think of a certain person, this energy not only goes into space but also remains in our own field, at the level of the soul – as an imprint.


Let’s conclude – Angel number 389 shows how not to give up on life’s path despite obstacles. Happiness is yours; take it! We need to seize new opportunities and the affection of a higher power through the help of those who open new doors for us, and those new doors are mutual possibilities. The door we open to others is also our personal new beginning.

Therefore, it is important to know that all thoughts, emotions, thoughts, and actions have their own energy, which then affects you. If the energies are positive, the impact is also positive.

However, if they are negative, their impact can make your life much more difficult. Now it is your job to learn how to work with them.

The Divine beings use this magnificent energy to tell you that they have come down to the Earth, to assist you with your new design, and tell you that they are with you in your joy and that everything will go according to your wishes. Rejoice in this new phase of your life.

In the end, it can be said that this is the numeral that has such good associations. When this number happens, things in your life begin to normalize as they unfold on the positive foundations of our cognitions.

This is also the number of people giving the open and correct advice.

Keep in mind that all three numerals, in this case, 3, 8, and 9 depict these three necessary aspects. They can be summed up to the rebirth, renewal, freedom.

Following them will, in the long term, ease any pain and dissatisfaction. Angels say to you to take a break because only time will bring you the necessary inner peace to be able to “process” your feelings.

Remember that all of us are beings of energy, and when Angel number 289 shows up in your life, there must be, shown by your side, a kind of spirit of trust and justice.

To this number, we associate courageous deeds, defending those weaker than us, and keeping promises – these are actions that you must take on if you are the recipient of Angel number 389. Do not forget to protect your energy – if you stay unprotected for too long, it will result in unpleasant consequences.

Therefore, it is important to know when you are under the energetic influences of other people, or Divine Realm, just like in this case, you can avoid unnecessary complications and prevent them from affecting your life, and you can progress in the most wonderful way.


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