132 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Even in some kind of subconscious way, all of us believe in something; it can be called by whatever name you desire to give it, but the faith in your heart is present, even if you are not aware of it.

It can be a faith in the better tomorrow, but it can be a firm belief that there is something in the Universe that guides us, some force that is much greater than we are, and that proves that we are not alone, came to this world by accident.

The majority of people call this force by the name of God.

God’s guidance guides us positively and healthily, and we receive it either in the form of intuitive feelings, brilliant imaginations, visions, and dreams or as some kind of signs.

Different people react differently to such communication with this force, and it is not all that makes this communication very easy and comfortable.

Signs include all the important information we see or hear in response to our questions or needs.

Very common, these signs come in the form of numerical sequences, most commonly known among people as Angel numbers or Divine sequences.

They may seem just like a regular string of number that you see everywhere around you, but in fact, it is much more than that; if you just take you time and take a look at what these sequences mean, and how, in general, they can raise your vibration, you will look at this situation entirely different.

The most common, everyday Divine signs that you can see around you and bring by the Divine hand are numerals, just like 111, 333, and 1234.

Numbers are among the most basic means that Divine begins to communicate with us, simple human beings.

These numbers can be seen on car license plates, phone numbers, digital watches, store invoices, or in the refund of change at the checkout. They could be everywhere, and they are easily noticeable, and precisely in that kind of simplicity we find lies their greatness.

When certain numerical sequences are repeated to us, we begin to wonder, just what does this mean?

In your case, that place belongs to Angel number 132; very interesting and powerful Divine message.

132 Angel Number – Interesting information

This message, among all other things, speaks of the core of your being, you are grateful for the core you have come from, and it is great.

But something is missing; you have never felt completely connected to it, nor did you feel that your environment understood you. Not just in common sense, but in a sense that there were some deep parts of yourself that no one could comprehend.

Even though you enjoy your solitude and can be very mysterious, people gather around you to ask you for advice and innate wisdom that seems to flow naturally from you.

It shows that you are constantly on the verge of seeing your true mission in life, and this numerical sequence 132 also speaks of this aspect.

To transfer the vibrational characteristics of an individual number into your life, meditate with your thoughts on them. When you realize that this is your Angel number, and it carries something important for you to read, you must take it in your life.

And this means to think of it and try to meditate (expelling all other thoughts and leaving an empty mind so that the Divine vibration can come inside) and understand this message.

When Angel number 132 is considered, you can break it into small sections and then read the explanation. The message is a collection of all smaller sequences, and it also carries a sum vibration; you can see that number when you sum up all numbers in one sequence.

One more thing here needs to be said – Angel number 132 is also connected to the idea of great spiritual teaching, which now has the purpose of helping you and all other people from its heavenly position.

Meaning and Symbolism

Through this Divine energy center that is open in front of you with the help of the Divine message 132, you can learn that you cannot escape from yourself.

This is the lesson presented to you through deep compassion, patience, and tenderness (heart); with it, you can access all our parts and the deepest potentials, thus gaining a great opportunity for materialization.

Symbolically, Angel number 132 shows the deepest depths of you, especially those parts that have been hidden that rarely come to the surface, but these are valuable elements, and only the one who accepts and loves shadow can enjoy all the benefits of existence.

Divine beings want you to become one of those people because they can see your potential and hidden power in you.

In fact, Angel number 132 is denoted by the energy center, and thanks to it, our potential, which wants to integrate, speaks through those events that completely break us; these are the events that represent a kind of cataclysm in our lives. From them, we are able to grow immensely.

Such events are seen in extreme ups and downs in your moods and experiences, almost without an environment. You have experienced more at your age than most people. Your attempts, temptations, loneliness seem to have emerged so that you can truly identify with others and effectively help other people when they feel destruction, confusion, or need, especially in our insecure world.

Another aspect that must be mentioned here is the idea of ego – the vibration of the first number that appears here points to it (number 1). It must be broken down, our border and the illusion of separation crumbles.

Thanks to these (negative) experiences, we become aware that, no matter how much we resist and defend, we actually have no control over such experiences. They belong to the Divine spirit that is livelily depicted in the number 3 that is also a part of this numerical sequence that has come to you. Number 2 is the dual connection that exists in this message;

present to teach us that we cannot pretend to live by accepting only pleasant experiences, but that there is a higher octave of experiencing reality, and it is possible only through wholeness and acceptance of everything that the ego rejects.

Leave ego, embrace the change, and you will conquer your shadow (the darkness) and become what you want to be.

132 Angel Number in Love

Love means transformation, and Love is the only thing that, without a doubt, can start the process of transformation, and as it is seen in Angel number 132, this transformation does not last shortly. On the contrary.

Angel number 132 shows that the process of transformation does not happen all at once. There are many small shifts, and you benefit from each; you basically forget about long-standing habits and learn new ones again.

Most of us live with repressed fear, in denial, creating some dose of comfort. It is because we are led by the ego, not looking at the Force of Love.

We use strong fixed beliefs, opinions, and habits to cover up our primordial anger, panic, and pain; we live on autopilot.

Living without true Love means having extreme ups and downs in your moods and experiences, almost without an environment.

In that case, everything that is wrong seems to have appeared so that you can truly recognize with others and effectively help other people when they feel destruction, difficulty, or demand, especially in our troubled environment.

Love, as it is seen in message 132, shows our Divine mission or purpose in life, and do not wander even for a second is your mission because this is the mission of every human being in this world. To give Love.

Here, this message shows that Love is your mission and that it can be achieved in a spiritually oriented career or a voluntary activity that involves work that makes our heart beat faster – for example, healing, teaching, or activism.

This can be your way of giving to the world- become open, more open than you have ever been because encounters with positive people will have a positive impact on your destiny. Don’t give up on life’s path despite obstacles. Happiness is yours. Take it! In the light of Angels, these wonderful beings wish you a life filled with Love.

Facts about 132 Angel Number

Now, let us take a deep dive into the facts that are connected to Angel number 132.

It is made out of three vibrations, 1,3, and 2 in the end.

Each of these numbers has its own meaning and significance in the entire message, in the sense that all vibrations must be compatible.

This is the message that starts with the number 1 – message behind this vibration is to avoid the ego and open up to something new. Everything you’re thinking about right now is already coming true, so make sure you think only of what you want. Surrender all your fears to God and the Divine Beings that are now, more than ever, so close to you. And I will stay there as long it takes!

Number 3 is here seen in the middle of this numerical formation – its meaning is associated with the constitution of all blessed actions and inspiration to do them in the future also.

Angels send this message when they want to say to you to keep the faith, keep trusting because your hope will provide a more favorable outcome. If you ask for the advice of Divine beings and God, they will raise your faith.

In the end, we see number 2, here, in this context, shows work experience (not a career, but everything else that you have done with the passion.

It is also the number associated with flexibility, cooperation, understanding, fairness, daring, and determination.

This number can also be shown to us to tell us that we must have confidence in the Divine and life purpose. As you can see, there is nothing that is sent to us as an accident, and all numbers are connected in the Divine purpose.

In its totality, in sum vibration that is associated with the number 6, we come to one more deep meaning of this Angel number.

Since number 6 has a very High, Divine vibration, its task in your life is to make you go “up,” leaving unbalanced, pessimistic, indifferent, and irresponsible you behind.

Therefore, you must pay attention to our behavior and thoughts. This number wants to tell you that you have not strayed from the path and that it would be good to stay on it.


People who have a strong connection with this number that has come to you in the form of a sequence 132 have the opportunity to intensely experience all the energy changes in others, so it is absolutely impossible for these people to lie.

This is why, Divine beings recommend that you do some kind of humanitarian work-  if you have not abandoned the ego position, others may use this ability to manipulate to protect themselves from the alleged injury.

The Divine beings give you message 132 so that you can overcome your own blockages, allowing your own healing, you have a real chance to become a healer of the highest order, one of those whose presence initiates the opening of the deepest blockages and fears, and thus opens the door to the greatest possible potential in the other. You can become one of the greatest teachers of the path of the Soul, with the greatest clarity but also the greatest tenderness; they can lead others on their path to healing.

Angel number 132 says to focus on progress, development, Love, emotions, even if that means that in this period of life, you are a bit selfish, focused on yourself and your needs.

In the end, Angel Number 132 tells you that Divine Beings who are on your side, not against you, with an assurance that they have heard your prayers and offer you help.

Also, this message shows you, as a human being, who is in the midst of an important change that will turn your life around for the better.

In all life changes, it is wise to ask for heavenly help. Do not stop consulting with the Divine Realm if you have some other questions.

This numerical sequence shows how to leave all worries and headaches along the way, but they also hide a blessing. Only concerns weaken the power of your prayers.

Fortunately, Angelical beings can hear your prayers if you ask them to, but do not doubt and leave the concern behind. Only then can you move on.


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