1488 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Most of us associate Angelical beings as kind creatures that are so filled with warmth, and many claim that they have experienced an encounter with them; even if they did not see them in a material form, you could feel them. The term feeling is very wide here.

Because of the association with the light and warmth, it is said that when one is with you in your home, you can feel like the temperature is rising very high.

This feeling of unexpected warm response may indicate that your angel rubbed you at that moment.

It is close to you, and what those who know this matter say is that this kind of touch expresses a note that the Divine Realm is continually monitoring you and taking care of you.

Another way of how the Divine Realm is by monitoring you by sending you messages in numerical sequences, like this one. It is Angel number 1488; read here what it means.

1488 Angel Number – Interesting information

Always pay attention when the moment when Angelical beings have approached you and when you saw the numerical message.

What did you feel, and what does it make you think next? Does it make you think in a certain way?

If you want this Divine magic to work, you have to believe before you know and to do so, and you need to release all ego.

Every time you take a step forward, new situations will arise in which the ego will try to plant your foot again – Angels send you this message to stop you from falling in the same patterns that you have failed before.

Did it happen to you that even though recognizing your ego is doing relatively well, you wake up in the morning and realize how selfishly you behaved the previous day?

From now on, every new day will bring a unique opportunity to alter your life, never returning to the old ways.

It does not mean that from now on, you should avoid hard times, but that you must accept them.

Meaning and Symbolism

Don’t you sometimes feel hopeless, in situations where you know that neither can help you?

These are the key moments in which the only way to get rid of the burden is to accept it on both sides at the same time.

The ego tends to imbalance, so it will throw you from one side to the other.

But, you have a chance to be in the balance, there is no condemnation, neither towards you nor towards others. You are aware that you are moving forward, but you are also aware that you still have a lot to learn.

The balance will be achieved between a positive and a negative reaction, and soon after will appear, that your heart and thoughts are returning to the home of peace,

From a symbolical point of view, we can say with ease that number 8, doubled in this numerical sequence, stands as the depiction of the necessary time needed to cleanse your energy.

It speaks of the dedication activities that bring you happiness and well-being.

1488 Angel Number in Love

Angel number 1488 shows that you do not have any other option but to Love and accept that you are Love.

Because we have no other chance as human beings, we have been waiting for this moment for thousands of years, and right now, it is necessary to adopt new norms of behavior and become beings of Love who will know how to control their thoughts and emotions so that they are always full of Love.

It is a condition for living in the Divine Dimension! We need to decide what we want and start changing accordingly – that change that Angel number 1488 speaks of and every other Angel number suggest that you should simply return to your primary state, to come back to the core of your being.

Every other state was not Love. It does not have to be hate, but it was not Love, and Love is the only state all of us should be.

Facts about 1488 Angel Number

If we want to tackle into facts related to the number 1488, we can see that it is created from two fields, one belongs to the number 14 and another to number 8, in this case, the dual 8, making its traits even stronger.

14 and 88 are leaning on each other, giving what is needed to make this Angelical message works, and four that appears in the first part suggests that Angels are with you (as it is said at the beginning of the piece), and 88 is constantly moving, learning and progressing.

So, when these two are combined, this message suggests the need to deeply and completely understands that we are all part of a community and whatever we do with debt, we have done to ourselves. We are running in circles, as number 8 suggest nicely.

But, it also depicts your task that you are starting from your small place; and that is to make the world change.

You are in a position to create a new humanity in unity with everything so that we are never separated from anything, not even from God. God lives through us and shares all our experiences, and we are tangled with Love. It allows us to choose for ourselves what we want to live.

In the end, number 1 here represents that question needs to be asked! What are you choosing to live?


Angels work in light rays that contain Divine energy. When your guardian angel communicates with you about something important, you feel that the energy is physically touching you.

This energy has come to you in the form of numerical sequence 1488 – with one additional idea. Believe it, because, in the end, every soul finds peace.

Today, in the day you have been a recipient of the numerical sequence 1488, you will strike a balance between a positive and a negative attitude, and rejoice that your heart and thoughts are returning to the home of peace, without the worries and influences of a toxic environment.

Expect rewards and punishments for deeds from the past, because today, the law of karma watches your every step.

Today, in this interesting and exciting moment when Angel is by your side, you will finally realize that you are good enough for the life you are living, and the reward in the form of again will be just the wind in your back.

It will support that you are on the right track to keep on with the good work.

Maybe it’s the right time to end a relationship that hasn’t been reflected in the future’s mirror for a long time.

Don’t be afraid, because every person has a deep connection to the world’s soul, and the life you want to live is there, waiting for you; you just need to sincerely want that.

It is time to cleanse your energy, so dedicate the day to activities that bring you happiness and well-being – stands in the meaning of the Angel number 1488 sent to you from the Divine beings.


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