1477 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Questions are part of our everyday life, and answers are a part of the journey – experiences that we gather in finding them. It is not an easy task, and at times answers come to our dimension by themselves.

At times, when the guardian angel feels that you especially need encouragement, he can hug you in a way that feels like someone else’s person, but no one is visible.

You may experience your angel hug in any of the different ways you might experience a human hug, with sensations such as holding a hand, stroking your hair, touching on your shoulders or back, or holding you in a hug.

At times, more often, the answer finds its way to you very fast in the form of a numerical sequence.

This can happen, especially if you are praying or thinking about something that is causing you great pain, such as a trauma of some kind that you have been going through.

You will detect a number that attracts your mind, you cannot stop thinking of it, and even more, it can correlate to your meaningful number, for whatever reason.

One of them may be 1477. Read here what it means.

1477 Angel Number – Interesting information

This is the message that has found a mysterious path to you, and 1477 comes at the moment when you have summoned Angelical being for help and protection.

Know that he has heard you, even if you doubted your ability to address angels. He is with you to help you overcome all your personal weaknesses.

What are yours, what kind of problem is bothering you, some kind of bad habit, or people in the environment? Is it maybe you, as the one factor that destroys, because it is not able to see clearly, blinded by the ignorance and ego.

Primarily, this number shows that your guardian is next to you, and at the moment you realize what your “problem” is, you are starting the journey.

Angel asks from you to be persistent and travel slowly towards your goal.

Meaning and Symbolism

Do not be surprised if we tell you that Angel number 1477 brings new knowledge in your life, because only it can be the starting point of any resolved.

Each new realization delights you more and more, and you simply adore your spiritual journey.

Delight in new knowledge opens a whole new door, and you suddenly see meaning in life – the blurriness can exist only if you are in the dark of ignorance.

Angel number 1477 shows an entirely new stage of development, when you feel a tremendous shift in your spiritual path, that everyone inevitably experiences even not aware always.

1477 Angel Number in Love

Often we say that emotions are those that lead us, and it is not just a saying. It is the truth, seen continuously in Angel numbers, and also in this one 1477.

If you are hurt, in pain, feel lonely, or you have a feeling that you not in the place you are meant to be, your feelings are not wrong.

There is no way we can indulge in the feelings that guide us, even though we are aware that our heart always knows based on the experiences we have had so far.

With listening to the ego and not allowing Love and pure emotions to rule, we do not allow us to give in, because giving in means losing control.

It is impossible to control life because we never see the bigger picture, and we can never know with our minds everything that is going on around us.

The bigger picture is to Love because you are Love.

Facts about 1477 Angel Number

It is impressive to look at numerals 14 and 77 that are numerical components in this message.

Yes, they suggest you surrender and allow the heart to guide us; with the understanding of what they mean combined (14+77), you start to fantasize, visualize, believe and create all those images you sincerely desire.

Yes, numbers 14 and 77 are in so many similar ways denoted by the word imagination, phantasy. Not just because, but because those thoughts and images of the new reality are given to us so that we can manifest it our reality.

Thus we fill our subconscious with images of the desired reality that will come true in time because we believe!

The more good we want for ourselves, the more we are ready to help others (14, one number that is in so many ways attached to altruism and assistance to others), so we start spreading our wings, and we are ready to take off (the double seven is attached to the creation of life, based on a feeling and imagination).


Now the Divine message 1477 came into your life; maybe you did not have an idea that is something more than just the number, but in fact, after a while, it is the message that shows the completed process of Ascension.

The new place is ready for you; it is up to you whether you want to join it or not.

Angelical beings have shown your new conditions, and it all depends on our free will and the choice that each individual will make on their own, whether we will be ready to join this Divine Realm, now when you have a more expanded mind.

Each of us has the option to choose to live Love, joy, peace, and oneness with everyone in a new reality or can choose to continue living in the duality of a three-dimensional world, in the same way, as before.

It maybe was a small community, but it is expanding vigorously, more than ever before, and Angels used this numerical sequence to invite you inside, closer to the core.

There, all of your problems are nothing more than bumps on the road, necessary for your future growth. Now, are you in a position to realize it, leaving an ego on the side?


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