139 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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If there is one number at all that can trigger your passions, or that will certainly not leave you indifferent, it is certainly angel number 139.

The subject of all beliefs, but also of all fantasies, angel number 139 for some is a number that evokes happiness, and for others accidents.

What Does Angel Number 139 Mean?

For those people who adhere to the Bible and its references, this number is synonymous with betrayal, especially denoting Judas who is the thirteenth apostle.

We will now consider what numerology science can tell us about all this.

In the field of belief, it seems true that the number 139 does not have such a good reputation.

Let us give you an example, in the Hebrew alphabet, the thirteenth letter symbolizes nothing less than death!

In short, this is not very encouraging. If we look at fate, the situation is no better. The blade of number 139 from the famous Marseille game Tarot or (anonymous arcana) signifies harvest, which is also a sign for death.

According to Numerology, the number 139 symbolizes and represents the end of the cycle. This is not really a real death but marks only one end of a period, and it also marks the beginning of a new one.

It is for this reason that the number 139 can cause a much more decisive transition than the simple and pure disappearance of something.

There is therefore a real fusion between the past and the future in the present and it then serves as a period of gestation.

In all areas of its existence, the news brought to you by the number 139 awaits you.

This actually means that the operating cycles are quite short and that, on the contrary, its life changes are very numerous.

The love life of a person under the influence of angel number 139, is generally quite chaotic. Great passion is often present, but it is very short-lived.

People under the influence of the angel number 139 do not turn out much, because in most cases they are the first to leave their partner.

These individuals, even unknowingly, can often inflict sentimental harm on people. Professionally, these people need urgent change.

For that reason, they rarely have a stable and linear career. It often happens to them that they go through long and difficult periods without work, but by some miracle, they recover positively and successfully.

One should also remember another overall aspect that gives people under the influence of angel number 139 to lead a life that is very contrasting.

Whether they are happy or unhappy, mostly the events that happen to them in their existence have serious consequences and are very clear. They never have room for monotony at home.

People under the influence of angel number 139 do not suffer any pressure, and in general, they are the ones who leave their partners.

They may unknowingly want to inflict sentimental harm on others. This is present even on a professional level, where he will always strive and chase for change.

Because of all these qualities, their career does not promise permanence and stability.

But, although he will often go through great periods of dissatisfaction, in the end, he will get up again and continue as if nothing had happened.

Angel number 139 is really intriguing, which is why we dedicated this article to him. In fact, there are many rumors about number 13, stories, and legends that can really take your breath away.

Many cultures equate this number with bad luck. According to Numerology, what can the angel number 139 teach us?

Angel number 139 is symbolically associated with a mystery called death. If we talked about death in the spiritual or esoteric realm, it would be equated with the change, but not with the end.

If viewed from a limited point of view, a person may tend to associate death with something negative, but from a point of view that is not limited, and if we seek the meaning of life, death means something that is only a passage to a superior state.

Angel number 139 in numerology is associated with unforeseen situations and events, but also with changes.

In some cases, this can be symbolically compared to death, and it signifies something that is difficult to accept, although it is in fact a path, or an evolution, towards better understanding or personal growth.

You may know that the number 139 in history has been surrounded by a sinful negative charge, as have the evil 139 spirits in Jewish Kabbalah.

Much attention has been paid to this problem in various cultures. But what is less known is that civilizations like the Maya really considered the number 139 as a sacred number.

There are 139 lunar or 139 new moons in the annual cycle, and this is quite significant, while in some other cultures this number has been associated with love.

Perhaps for this very reason, in some way, this number was associated with a negative charge, or there was no understanding of his spiritual plan.

Throughout history, there have been several cases that have led to this way of thinking.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The Honor of the Templars was arrested on Friday the 13th by an inquisition under the command of Philip IV.

This was happening in France, so this order caused extermination, members of this order were accused of heresy, then tortured and burned at the stake.

On the other hand, the Greeks associated Tuesday with Mars, the god of war. From the standpoint of numerology, number 1 is the one that represents the manifestation, while number 3 is claimed to represent the movement.

When these two numbers are united, we get the number 4, and it always represents the force that materializes and realizes the divine plan, so in no case should and should not be associated with bad luck, but as a transition in all cases of karma and numbers.

It is important that karma should not be seen as a punishment, it is in fact teaching and liberation of the soul towards its further development.

Number 139 and Love

People under the influence of angel number 139 tend to fascinate others with their abilities and to approach every situation with certainty.

This is really true that they manage to do almost everything without having to show their feelings. It is because of these qualities that you should address these people more often.

Even though people under the influence of 139 have a desire to shine in society, they are in fact very mysterious, and it can be said that they are quite modest. For them, surrender is not a natural thing.

These people prefer to leave some feelings deep inside, just so they don’t have to express them.

We must add that persons under the influence of angel number 139 are overwhelmed with sexuality. Loyalty is not their strongest feature.

Sometimes at this level, they can act like real predators. Herein lies the trait of their personality: they are very difficult to reject, for they carry within them a feeling of frustration which is exaggerated.

Sometimes they behave like spoiled children, and everyone around them can get annoyed quickly.

They have to take more care of their actions, otherwise, their friends will leave their lives at high speed.

Interesting Facts About Number 139

Angel number 139 is a number that represents your fantasies, superstitions, and fears.

It is difficult to know where this fear comes from, and it is possible that it comes from the Bible from the Last Supper with the 12 apostles, and Judas as the thirteenth as a symbol of Jesus’ suffering, or perhaps it is the Hebrew letter 139 of the alphabet, which means death.

Philip of Macedon added 12 gods to his statue and was soon killed with the blade of number 139, which symbolizes harvest and death.

It is very difficult to say where the phobia about number 139 comes from.

Angel number 139 signifies an essential and important change that can go in the right or wrong direction.

But, this number can also mean transformation, new bases, construction, and major changes.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 139?

Angel number 139 in itself is neither bad nor good. Sometimes it can announce a separation that is very painful or an encounter that is very happy.

It can announce a financial loss or a very big gain, a big rise or fall, in any case, big milestones and big changes regarding everything that happens in real life.


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