102 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Each and every person has a divine presence in their lives. This divine presence is there to listen to our prayers and send us guidance and support, to watch over us at all times in order to help us in need.

This divine presence is actually in a form of guardian angels, and we all have our guardian angels.

Our guardian angels are making sure that we are safe and protected, loved and happy throughout our lives. They are always present, and always sending us their divine guidance.

Our guardian angels are heavenly beings. Because of this, they never directly communicate with us, and never directly interfere with or alter our lives.

Instead, they send us their advice and help shaped as divine signs. These signs are subtle and gentle, and it is up to us to interpret them and use their message in making our decisions.

Some people have heightened intuition, so they can understand the meaning behind the divine signs without any help.

Others, usually the ones who do not believe in guardian angels, ignore the divine signs, discarding them as coincidences, or imagination.

You should never ignore a divine sign when you notice it. If you do so, you will deny yourself the divine guidance and help, since these signs carry the answers to your prayers, the advice, and even the warnings.

Our guardian angels most often choose numbers as a form of divine signs. Every individual number has its own meaning, so they can be combined in order to create a message that our guardian angels want to send us.

If there is a certain sequence of numbers that keeps appearing in front of you in your everyday life, this is surely a divine sign, and it is in a form of an angel number.

If number 102 is the one that you keep repeatedly seeing, then this is your angel number, and it carries a divine message for you.

In the following text you will find some help in understanding the meaning behind angel number 102 and the message it carries.

What Does Angel Number 102 Mean?

First of all, if we are trying to understand what our guardian angels want to tell us through angel number 102, we must understand the meaning of each individual number that makes up this angel number.

As we can see, angel number 102 is made of numbers 1, 0 and 2.

Number 1 is a sign of fresh, new beginnings, being a pioneer, being assertive and leading the initiative. It denotes independence, uniqueness, progress and striving forward.

It has strong vibrations of ambition and strong will power. This number has the vibrations of expressing through honesty and integrity. Its colors are red and yellow.

This number also relates to positivity, happiness, inspiration and love. It is connected to self-reliance, authority, achievements and successes. It is the number of those who have good ability to use resources and great ambition.

Number 1 represents learning how to stand on your own feet and develop independence. It is considered to be masculine and introvert number.

Number 1 is the number from which all manifestations begin, its energy it the starter for the new beginnings and new actions, fresh directions and ideas.

It represents many new opportunities, stepping out of our comfort zone and creating our own reality.

Number 1 is the number of the “new”, and all manifestations begin from it. It is connected to 2 tarot cards, and those are the Sun card and the Magician card.

Number 0 is a sign of the God force, Universal Energies and the Source, and it is proclaimed the Alpha and the Omega, because it has no beginning and no end. It is a sign of all being infinite, everything and absoluteness.

There is no beginning and no end with number 0, everything is infinite and the God force is a circle whose center is everywhere.

This number amplifies the influences and vibrations of the numbers it appears with.

It represents the development of spiritual aspects and a spiritual journey, since it is the symbol of “nothingness” and a sign of freedom from limitations of the material world.

It encompasses the attributes of all other numbers, and brings one closer to the God force.

Number 0 denotes potential and choice, listening to your intuition, oneness and wholeness. It relates to flow, continuing cycles, the beginning point.

Number 0 represents eternity, infinity, oneness and wholeness. It is a symbol of the Mystical, and it is never about the individual, but always about the encompassing wholeness. It relates to the planet Pluto, and its tarot card is the Fool.

Number 2 is the number of people who are diplomats, good friends and peace-makers. It is associated with serving and understanding others, co-operation, support and adaptability.

It represents harmonious, well-mannered and supportive people who pay a lot of attention to detail. Its colors are orange and blue.

This number denotes pursuing your soul mission and life purpose. It is connected to balance, harmony, peace, faith and trust.

It can also be related to duality and flexibility, as well as to intuition, grace and the subconscious.

Number 2 is connected to the subconscious and meditation, it represents nature and beauty. It is related to the Moon tarot card and the High Priestess tarot card.

Number 2 is a symbol of the principle of coming together with another and the principle of duality, so there is positive and negative, male and female, day and night, black and white. It brings balance of the energies, so harmony is ever present.

It brings the vibrations of sensitivity and intuition, which some people may interpret as a weakness, but it is actually a huge strength. It is considered to be feminine and extrovert.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 102 is a message from your guardian angels that conveys happiness and good times. It is a symbol of balance, so you can expect your life to acquire more equity soon on all sides.

All the conflicts will calm down and you will find the solution for everything that is occupying your mind. The challenges that you are facing will become easier, and you will be able to overcome them.

All will work out for the highest good, and your guardian angels will make sure that you succeed in your ventures.

What may seem as an obstacle today may prove to be a blessing in disguise tomorrow, so your guardian angels are reassuring and encouraging you.

They will support you through hard times and doubts, and you will be surrounded by love and healing. They will also be there for you whenever you need guidance and help.

Angel Number 102 and Love

Angel number 102 is an encouragement to make your bond with your partner even stronger.

If you are in a relationship, this is the time to take the next step. Marriage will be a strengthening event for your love, so go ahead and choose that engagement ring.

If you are already married, pay more attention to your partner. Appreciate each other and spend some extra time together. Go on a vacation together, or at least throw a party in your honor, to celebrate your love and relationship.

In some more difficult times we can get stressed, and this will reflect on our relationships.

Try to leave all the stress outside of the house, stop fighting with your partner and start showing love and kindness, try to understand each other.

Your relationship is based on love and understanding, so stand together against all challenges and difficulties.

Also, be closer to your family and friends, appreciate your community.

Interesting Facts About Angel Number 102

You are familiar with all of the meanings and symbolism of angel number 102, so we can continue by mentioning some interesting facts about this number that you may have not heard of.

102 is an even composite number composed of 3 distinct prime numbers multiplied together.

It has a total of 8 divisors, and their sum is 216. Its aliquot sum is 114.

102 is the smallest number with 3 different digits.

In binary code is it written as 1100110, and in Roman numerals it is written as CII.

What to Do When You See Angel Number 102?

Have faith in your guardian angels and their workings, and trust that everything will work out in the best way possible.

Do not give up when you are faced with hindrances and difficulties, because they can turn out to be useful.

Just maintain your positive attitude and mindset, stay aligned with your soul mission and keep going devotedly in the direction of your life purpose.

Your guardian angels are with you and encouraging you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Whenever you feel insecure, or you have doubts, pray and meditate, ask your guardian angels for help, and be sure that they will answer and guide you.

This is the right time to usher some fresh and new positive energies into your life.

Bring love and light into your home, change everything that does not positively serve you anymore.

Redecorate your home, de-clutter the old and add the new and the positive.

Reinvigorate your environment, because a positive atmosphere brings positive energy.


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