Angel Number 238 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Numbers are all around us, and they mostly serve to remind us what time it is, which is the day of the year, how much does something cost, etc. These are all practical, everyday stuff.

But, numbers are much more than that; numerology came from the basic human need to define more clearly not only the world that surrounds us but also to define us as individuals who are also a necessary part of the puzzle we call cosmos.

The famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras that we mentioned many times thought that knowledge of mathematics and numbers is “the key to the understanding of the world.” Apparently, he was right, and all of these years later many proved him right.

Angel number 238 – What does it mean?

Number 238 is the person who is full of enthusiasm that can lead them to some great accomplishments. These individuals are born to become leaders, and inevitably they must possess some talent and skill, which they do – strong will, decisiveness durability, persistence, honor, and loyalty. People love them, admire them, and subsequently, they are very desirable in society.

Number 238 often choose jobs that are inspiring and creative, but they get easily bored, so they often change jobs or want a job that allows them to travel. Problem with their character is that they cant stand authority which leads them to conflict situations.

If something stands in their way to achieve their goals, their behavior becomes very unpleasant – number 238 is very ambitious, and their actions sometimes don’t have boundaries.

But also, number 238 is blessed with spiritual qualities, and they often help others in need; if they see the problem, they instinctively try to help, they can not stand seeing others suffer.

Secret meaning and symbolism

In understanding angel number 238 better, we must observe its hidden meanings and symbolism. First, we can see number 2  that represents duality and energy that carries one well-hidden, almost silent force of the change, but it also covers up misfortunate events. Spiritually it brings to the number 238 good cooperation with other people, but just if they are “alpha” in that relationship.

Then we can see number 3 which brings magic, intuition, fertility, and progress, and as a consequence number 238 can express its deepest needs, encourages versatility, and desire to succeed in everything they do.

In the end, we can recognize number 8 which brings vibrations of practicality, good business, money, and wealth. All this comes from the fact that the number eight is in direct relation to continuity, repetition, routine. Good possibilities for them come regularly.

All these are attributes of angel number 238 which makes him number with very positive vibration, that can be used for many good things in life.

Number 238 and Love

Number 238 as a love partner must be dominant, both man and woman, he is seductive, and giving partner, but he needs to be in charge by all means. Their loved one feels exceptional with number 238 in a relationship – because the provide them all, shower them with gifts and attention, etc.

If number 238 finds himself somehow in a relationship with someone who is equally dominant, that relationship cannot last very long, and while it lasts, it is full of conflict, jealous situations, etc.

The culmination of their problematic relationship is nervousness; number 238 can be grossly direct, and extreme in vengeance.

Interesting Fact about number 238

Same as angel number 238, which have immense mental and physical power, it is interestingly enough, connected to the destruction, that is also energy which is put to an evil usage. Here we are talking about element so powerful that was used in creating the atomic bomb and other lethal weapons – plutonium-238. This dangerous element was the first isotope of plutonium to be discovered.

The message here is that everything with high potential in the wrong hands can be used for evil purposes, significant power means big responsibility.

What to do when you see number 238?

Angels want that you never forget, not even for a minute, that cosmic love surrounds you, and that all beings are connected with it; this is one of the reasons why they are sending you message number 238.

Your task, as a human being on this planet, is to teach everyone to love, even those that are hard to bear and who seems to cannot take love, angels are suggesting. The most arduous task will be to remind yourself to be positive all the time, and on top of that to learn others; but this work is so important that you need to master it, angels are saying in the message number 238.

Don’t forget to, during that “lessons,” learn to constantly heal your soul, both spiritually and physically, be kind to yourself. Your body and mind were given to you as a gift, and if you neglect it and don’t learn to nourish it, no one will.

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