Biblical Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

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We all know the saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and that the eyes speak what the mouth hides.

The dream of the eyes is always connected with some truth and the way of looking at things.

It is possible that you are burdened by a situation and you are not sure if you did the right thing.

So you are trying to find out the truth about whether you did the right thing.

If you’ve been dreaming about your or someone else’s eyes, you may want to see something better, or you may want to see someone, but you’re hiding it from yourself.

Staring into someone’s eyes in a dream can also mean competing in some way with that person.

The dream of the eyes is always important for the one who dreams it. You need to interpret other details in the dream in order to get a complete picture of the meaning of your dream.

In the text that follows, read the most common dreams about eyes and their interpretations.

The most common dreams about eyes

Dreaming of someone’s eyes

If you dreamed of looking into someone else’s eyes, this dream can have two meanings.

The first meaning is that you want to know more about that person, but you are not able to at the moment.

Maybe you like that person or you are in love with her.

Another meaning is that you have judged that the person from your dream is a worthy rival and adversary.

It is possible to compete with that person in something, so you want to know how you could gain an advantage over him.

Dreaming of brown eyes

If you have dreamed of looking into brown eyes, this dream means that you are aware that someone from your environment likes you very much.

Although you have often told others how annoying or bothersome that person is, you now realize that you still miss him or her a little.

One person who was courting you is no longer near you and you have realized that you miss her and would like to see her.

Ask mutual acquaintances where that person is now and look for her. That person still thinks of you but doesn’t want to bother you anymore.

Dreaming of brown eyes can also mean that you are very happy in love right now. You are enjoying all the warmth from your lover.

Dreaming of black eyes

If you dreamed of looking into black eyes, it is a warning to be careful in love. You will like someone who looks mysterious and attractive. That person is mysterious because he has some problems that he cannot solve.

If you get into a relationship with that mysterious person, it is possible that you will realize that it was not a smart idea. You will realize that it is still better to be with someone open and with whom you know what you are up to from the beginning.

Black eyes in a dream can also be a danger that attracts you. If you decide to do something dangerous, be prepared for the consequences.

Dreaming of blue eyes

If you dreamed of blue eyes, that is a good sign. In the coming period, some very nice things will happen to you, and unexpectedly.

It is possible that you will gain some important insights about yourself and your life that will help you move on the path to success. The success you will achieve will be either on a business or private level, but you will certainly achieve it with your determination and perseverance.

Blue eyes in a dream can also mean some sudden larger financial gain. All in all, blue eyes in a dream symbolize success, happiness, and gain.

Dreaming of sick eyes

If you dreamed of sick eyes, it is a sign that someone near you is not honest with you and it will not be difficult for him to betray you if the opportunity arises.

Someone who pretends to be your friend and is often near you will use some of your words against yours. You will say something in confidence in front of that person, and she will betray you to someone.

When and if that happens, don’t go down to that person’s level and take revenge on them or anything like that. It will be harder for that person if you ignore her than if you show anger. Be dignified and calm.

Dreaming of your eyes

If you dreamed your eyes, this dream represents enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, and intellectual awareness. Unconscious thoughts are coming to the surface.

As soon as unconscious thoughts come to the surface, you will experience purification and healing. You will feel as if a stone has fallen from your heart. This is actually a very good dream that predicts positive changes.

Dreaming of a left eye

The left eye is a symbol of the moon. You should be more mysterious in the coming period, let some things mature and not talk about your plans.

Dreaming of a right eye

The right eye signifies the sun and solar energy. If you dreamed of the right eye, it means that your positive and energetic period is ahead. Use it for travel or some new projects.

Dreaming of twisted eyes

To dream that your eyes are turned and looking inward symbolizes an insight into something you need to be aware of. You need to look inside yourself and trust your instincts and intuition.

Dreaming that you have one eye

To dream of having only one eye means to refuse to accept another point of view.

You must not be so stubborn because it has a very bad effect on you and the people around you.

Dreaming of the third eye

To dream of having a third eye symbolizes an inner vision, insights, instincts, or psychic abilities that have not yet been realized. You are able to see what other people cannot.

Dreaming of strange eyes

If strange twisted eyes are watching you in a dream, it means unexpected happiness.

If the eyes are especially beautiful, it is a sign of success in love or confirmation that you are surrounded by people who care about you.

If only one eye watches you, it is a sign of the all-seeing eye of God, and it signifies success beyond the boldest expectations.

Dreaming that you have hurt your eyes

In a dream, blinding or injuring your eyes, or if a speck falls into your eye, calls for your attention and the fact that there is something or someone in your life that you do not see present. Dreaming that you have something in your eye presents obstacles in your path.

Dreaming that your eyes are hurt also indicates that you refuse to see the truth about something. You may feel hurt, pain, sympathy or antipathy.

Dreaming of red eyes

If you dreamed that you had red eyes or that someone else had red eyes, such a dream may be a reflection of fear of illness, but it may indicate that you are irrational and overly emotional.

Dreaming of vision loss

If you dreamed that you lost your sight, the mentioned dream is not a good sign.

It indicates a loss of opportunity for advancement in the business. You have reached a point of stagnation, and everything you try still cannot move you from that place.

You are spinning in a vicious circle because due to a series of bad experiences you are afraid to move on and find something better.

This dream is a sign of the great confusion that is happening within you.

To be able to solve this, look for the answer within yourself and trust your intuition.

Dreaming that you cannot open your eyes

If you dreamed that you could not open your eyes in a dream, it means that you are afraid to admit something or refuse to receive something. You are stubborn by nature and often get into conflicts with others because of which people avoid you more and more.

Dreaming of cat eyes

If you dreamed that you have cat eyes, such a dream can mean that you have taken life into your own hands and that you will solve a problem that you have been struggling with for a long time.

Understand this dream as something positive because it signifies the light at the end of the tunnel and the effective resolution of the situation. It means that everything will be okay.

Dreaming that your eyes are closed

If your eyes were closed in a dream, it means that in real life you avoid telling the truth or revealing your intimacy. You’re a pretty closed person who doesn’t share with others what he thinks.

Open up and don’t always think the worst of everyone.

This dream can also mean that you are quite naive or do not have a sufficiently developed awareness of one event.


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