Angel Number 555 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Both mathematics and numerology are based on the numbers, but with one significant difference – mathematicians and scientists observe and feel numbers utterly different than ordinary people, like you and me.

For us, unlike scientists who see numbers as an object which is more or less the same, numbers have entirely different meaning and connotation. For regular people, numbers are not equal among themselves, they all have different vibrations – to understand this better we “feel” like some numbers are “bad,” others “happy,” some others “strong,” etc. Even though this seems irrational, numerology claims that it isn’t; they say that this relation that humans have with numbers is based on the “truth” that cannot be denied, that numbers are part of our psychology and that human brains need numbers to explain the world.

Numerologists say that people have the urge to put things in their lives in some higher context and to achieve harmony, they developed simultaneously as humans, and they affect the decision-making process. We use numbers in every part of our lives, from law to economics and communications. So, numbers don’t have just numerical values they also possess qualitative features, which we describe as their character – numbers are sending magical signals from the higher realm.

The story about numbers would be relevant if did not mention famous Pythagoras and his followers, who believed that essence of all things in cosmos was based, not on the idea or energy, but on numbers and variations of mathematical proportions; things need to be in proportion are harmonic and in divine balance.

By learning how to read the numbers correctly, how to use them in our everyday life is a task which we all should master; as there is proven scientific influence of the colors to the human world, same is valid for numbers. This topic was the object of many studies, and many famous neuropsychologists, sociologists, psychologists, and culturologists investigated this issue thoroughly. They all concluded that human brain is programmed to find patterns and rules even in the chaos and coincidence. Those patterns are best represented by the numbers.

Angel number 555 – What does it mean?

When we discuss this very specific number, number 555, we must say that people who are fortunate enough to be this number in angel numerology, have happy opportunities in their life. Some numerologist even says that this number is high and powerful, that his immense energy can be measured with only the power of the cosmos itself.

They are dynamic and impatient, they like action, preferably the one in which they are the leaders and the main characters; they want to be listened and worshiped. Pronounced optimism, impulsiveness, and impatience correspond to the number 555 in angel numerology, and it said that this number during life accomplishes his full potential, which is rare for many other numbers.

They can be a little bit egocentric, but they just feel like they have every right to be, they are aware of their qualities, and usually, the emphasize them whenever they can. Number 555 is mostly occupied only by himself, and emotionally he relies on his family, he loves that support.

In life, what he wants, he gets it, no matter what, there can be hard circumstances and difficulties, but he will do it; when number 555 sets his mind and eyes on the “prize,” be certain that he is going to have it, sooner or later.  Here is important to add one more thing – number 555 don’t care about the price that has to be paid, no matter what it is, they don’t give up, they are persistent and stubborn to the extreme. They even don’t have any problem even if others are going to pay that price; number 555 consider that he is doing well for all humanity. Number 555 feels like some sacrifice has to be made if the great and “once in the lifetime” achievement is going to be realized.

But, in spite of everything, people love number 555; no one thinks that they are selfish; they are surrounded with some aura of innocence which alleviates their aggressiveness and egocentrism. The point is – number 555 is not a malicious and evil person, they are just ambitious and driven, and in their opinion, that kind of determination seeks for sacrifice, and they are willing to take it or impose it on others.

Angel number 555 is fearless, and he learns (maybe) only when he is severely hurt; he is a believer to the core, no matter how many times he stumbles and rises, number 555 is going to try again and again. But no matter that number 555 is a true fighter he can be vulnerable and helpless, and then their hard temper comes in first place. But they are utterly incapable of persisting in their anger; they know how to say sorry.

Their job is usually a workplace where number 555 shows the best of his features; it is even better if he works independently because he has enough space to expand his ideas.

Secret meaning and symbolism

When you just take a look at the number 555 or say it at loud, you will fill its power and strength. It has the immense influence on the people, and number 5 appears three times in this numerological symbol, and that is very specific and interesting, regarding secretive meanings. We also need to mention, is that angel numbers, just like 555, which have three same digits in a row are considered to be those numbers which carry the most important messages from the angels, but we will discuss this issue in some other section.

The strong energy-vibration from the number 5 resonates with joy, happiness, intellect, curiosity, and strength in every possible way. Adventures, actions, travel, physical activity, restless mind, a lot of physical energy are all influences of the number 5, which are transferred to the number 555.

The triple power of the number 555 deletes any limitation that existed in life; freedom to do anything they want is given; this power also brings pronounced fluctuation of ideas and enhanced communication.

Number 5 is increased to the maximum, but it also carries expansion, widening of the horizons, dynamic, pronounced sensibility, eccentricity, unstableness, and change. So, subsequently, number 555 is the most precise example of the diversity and freedom; they want to try everything in life, and they know how to achieve their goals with mind attraction, intuition, and curiosity.

Number 555 and Love

In love, number 555 is incredibly romantic and passionate, but he can sometimes experience love obstacles, and difficulties, especially in his early years, or until he becomes self- confident and finds out what he wants from life.

They can be challenging to be in a relationship with, they want the attention all the time, and to be the dominant one; nevertheless, they have a lot of love to give and are ready to give everything for true love.

Number 555 never openly shows interest in someone, he keeps on the side, seemingly not interested and independent, always a little defiant. From a partner, number 555 wants to be completely supportive and dedicated to his life, to share his opinion and attitude, or they consider them disloyal.

So, the only way that loves relationship works in the case of the number 555 is to find a person who will agree to this terms and conditions; everything else is out of the question.

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Interesting Facts about number 555

Angel number 555 is, as you could see in all previous section, a number which carries strong vibrations and which represents one of most influential messages in the world. We will illustrate this with one educational story.

One very resourceful professor of philosophy tried to explain to his students what is truly important in life; he decided to show them on one fascinating example. He used a large empty jar which he put in front of everyone to see clearly; he filled it with small balls. Then he asked the students: “Is this jar full? Nothing can fit in, right?” Students replied that jar was indeed full, but then the professor picked up the box full of pebbles and poured them into the jar. Many more pebbles fit into the jar. He repeated the question: “Is this jar full now? Students look closely and again replied that the jar was full and nothing can fit anymore. The professor shook his head and took a box of sand and poured into the jar filling the reaming place. “I ask you again, and you better look closely, is this jar full?” the old professor asked. Once again students replied yes.

Professor shook his shoulders and stayed silent for a couple of minutes; then he took his cup of warm coffee and poured it in a jar, in just a few seconds, sand absorbed coffee. Students were shocked. The old professor laughed and said: “do you see what I see, this jar is a symbolical representation of your life – balls are important things in your life – your family, your children, your health, your faith, and the things you passionately believe. These are the things in which your life would still be fulfilled and when everything else would disappear. Stones are the other things that matter – your business, your house, and your clothes. The sand represents the remaining things, small everyday things. If you fill the jar just with sand, there is no space for pebbles and balls. This simple exercise is true in life –

If you spend all your time and energy on small things, you will never have room for those important things. Take care of things that are crucial to your happiness and determine your priorities and things that most matter to you. Everything else is sand, and it can come and go. And don’t you ever, never forget the coffee

One of the students raised her hand and asked what the coffee –

Don’t ever forget to enjoy with your loved ones and friends. Was like.” the professor concluded his demonstration.

This small and straightforward demonstration showed in a very understandable way, how to set priorities in life, how to know what is truly important in life, and how to become a person who never forgets little pleasures in life.

What to do when you see number 555?

Angel number 555 is one of the deepest and most profound angel messages there is, its significance is shown through the three consecutive numbers 5. This numerical row is considered to be holy; some even say that represents a direct link to the God.

Angels are saying through this message that you are Love, and to know all the secrets in life you must have love in your heart because without love you cannot be understood to angels. Let love flow freely and learn to love what you do, love your environment, and love all the souls that are around you. You can never give too much love, so never fear or try to break the flow of love, even when you are rejected, angels are saying in the message number 555.  Use wisdom and understanding along with love and in that way you will always keep the perfect balance in life.

The most critical lesson in life is to learn to love, so do not waste your time and quickly master this lesson, angels are saying.

Maybe you have wondered in life, and you seem to have come to the end of the tunnel, and you do not see the light, but as you know love will show you the way and give you the direction where to go, so never lose hope – there is always a solution.

When your heart and soul are know nothing but love, you can share your life (good and bad) experiences, knowledge.

Angels looked for you, and find you with the number 555- they suggest you to live your life, now and here, at this very moment, creating your own happiness. Do not let the moment you are currently in to go away, revive and enjoy it, tomorrow things may be different. Do not give up your dreams, angels are concluding in the divine message behind the number 555.

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