Angel Number 522 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The cradle of the numerology is ancient Greece and famous mathematician Pythagoras, one of the greatest thinkers, mathematicians, philosophers, mystics, astrologers, and astronomers of the Old World.

Still, to this day, Pythagoras teaching is still one of the greatest there can be found; his teachings also have a connection with Indian teachings about karma, and reincarnation. This mystic had a significant influence on Plato, Aristotle and on a new European thought – the basic idea of ​​Pythagoras’ teaching is that the Secret of the Universe can only be read through numbers and digital forms.

Some claim that Pythagoras had prayed: “Bless us, O Superior Number! You, who created Gods and people, the one who takes away the essence of everything, make us know the secrets of the universe.”

Angel number 522 – what does it mean?

Angel number 522 is calm, strong, and determined, unusually devoted, but also reckless, vindictive, contemptible and irreconcilable. If you want a friend who will fight on your side, call number 522, he is very supportive and fateful friend. Very temperamental, impulsive and adventurous people are hiding behind this number.

The nature of the person who is angel number 522 is full of contradictions, the source of an unstoppable struggle of passion and feelings – everything they do, they do it with all of their heart and passion.

These are also persons who like to know other peoples secrets, but they have a secret of their own; their most prominent feature is restraint, which makes number 522 a little mysterious.

Also, number 522 are blessed with a deep and profound intuition that allows them to distinguish truth from lies and to separate evil and good.

In their environment, they are very dynamic, but they also find themselves in many conflicted situations, which they do not understand.

One of their flaws is fear – they are most afraid that someone will hurt their feelings or self-esteem; subsequently, they can be afraid to show what they want and feel. Additionally, they build defense mechanism to look like they seemingly don’t care about anything, and that just isn’t true.

The person that is number 522 is diligent and very ambitious, patient and persistent – a combination that often leads to significant success.

Emotionally, number 522 is very sensitive, but he can be compassionate, as well as cold and ruthless. Advice to them is to be moderate.

Secret meaning and symbolism

There are many secretive and hidden aspect of the number 522, and one of the most exciting points is its constitutive number, and in this case, those are numbers 5 and 22.

Number five resonates with freedom and change, but also these numbers carry life energy and optimism, and impulsive reactions – combined these all features make number 522 very tumultuous in reacting. Additionally, these people are knowledgeable and creative, and uniquely original in their thinking.

Number 22 brings firmness and concentration that forces number 522 never to leave its way to the goals; the vibration of the number 22 brings enormous strength and deep emotionality. One of the exciting characteristics that number 22 brings into to the numerological combination 522 is sadistic, reserved and tactical shades of personality.

Unsolved karmic issues that also number 522 has as a part of its secret symbolism brings melancholy and deep sensuality so intense that number 522 often feels like others do not understand him and he falls into depression. Karmic influence also resonates with vulnerability, so at certain times of life number 522 has issues to deal with life’s difficulties. Therefore, in the moments of insecurity and misunderstanding of the environment, a wall of silence is built around them.

Number 522 and Love

Angel number 522 in love is absolutist, and he is like that in love and friendships – he develops feelings of sympathy or antipathy at the moment they meet someone, immediately, at the first encounter. Their love relationship has to be deep because their feelings are deep; in love number 522 wants a partner with strong character and energy.

They know how to listen to others, they have a lot of understanding for other people’s problems and are always ready to help, and therefore they make friends very quickly.

Also in love, this number rarely makes compromises and always strives to be a more dominant partner. They are passionately possessive when it comes to anything that they think belongs to them; if they feel like someone want to harm them emotionally, they built a high and impenetrable wall, and wait for a chance for vengeance. They stay silent while waiting for his chance.

Sometimes in life, number 522 encounters his true soul mate, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will stay forever in love.

Interesting Fact about number 522

Every person who enters your home also comes with a particular type of energy, and it can be positive or negative. Negative energy causes stress, health and financial problems and bad feelings. If you think that such strength is present in your home, you should take immediate action.

Some old mystic teachers offered a solution which they called “purification form negative power,” and this manual had five parts, and all parts have a total of 22 points that needed to be followed. But one of the most interesting was the one which included small ritual, using just a glass of water. It stated:

“Put a sea salt into the glass cup (it should take 1/3 glasses). After salt, rinse 1/3 of cold water and 1/3 of white vinegar in a glass. Then place the glass in a room where you think that the negative energy is in highest concentration.

After you have set the cup, no one should touch it for the next 24 hours. If the liquid in the glass is in the same condition as you left it, you can relax, there is no negative energy in that room. But if you notice bubbles in the glass or that the liquid changed its color, apparent that you have some energy problems.

After the liquid in the glass has absorbed negative energy, throw it away. This procedure should be repeated until the water remains clear.

What to do when you see number 522?

The energy has two sides – constructive and destructive. This second one destroys, divides, separates, cuts, hurts, from everything that is good in this world, and it creates fear. Fear is rooted in human beings in genetics, or it is inherited in tradition, culture or upbringing.

Fear also makes us have a negative perspective from which we spread negativity into our lives. To avoid this, angels are sending message number 522.

They are suggesting that one way to do this is to distance yourself from negative energy and to stop suppressing fear. The hardest step is the first, to make the distance.

When the obsessive thought comes into your mind, angels are saying; you should imagine that this notion has some form, color, and weight; let it occupy some space in front of you. Then, angels are saying in the message number 522 you make that “negative form” disappear.

Focus on the present time, and think of the number 522, think on all positivity that is in your life, let that emotion fill space in and around you. Just feel it the strongest possible way in the present moment, and the salvation will come, it is said in the number 522.

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