Angel Number 504 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The ancient Pythagoreans were incredibly smart, progressive and wise people; they practiced various strange rituals – they spoke in songs, dressed only in white, and the object of their worship was not a particular deity or a God, but numbers – they considered them holy.

Pythagoras built the whole cult of numbers, and it is considered that they hit the foundation of modern sciences. In the beginning, they noticed that everything has some form and shape and that it has its limit.

Numbers are, therefore “the wisest” – the essence, principle, or a cause of all things in the world. Their founder and teacher Pythagoras claimed that “all things are numbers.”

This knowledge is alive today, and we know it as a numerology, or in today’s form – angel numerology. Many believers say that number science is so universal, it stretches from ancient history to this day, and it hasn’t lost its importance and relevance.

Angel number 504 – what does it mean?

Angel number 504 is a person who can be described through word perfectionism – this is an individual who wants everything in his life to be balanced, in order, and done by law.

This is individual who often works in an occupation that is partially connected to conducting the law or inspecting other people jobs; number 504 enjoys in this work and does it successfully. He doesn’t like surprises or any unpredicted situations; when they do happen, number 504 feels like all ships have sunk and he blames himself for not being able to predict that unfortunate event.

They are very much focused on the details, and they can analyze those aspects for days, often becoming obsessed with some specifics. This person is someone who misbehaves or act inadequately in stressful situations, and he avoids them at any costs.

Advice to the number 504 is to face some of those issues in life and to learn how to manage stress and discomfort; it will bring them closer to happy and balanced place in life.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 504 is made from vibrations of the numbers 5,0 and 4.

Number 5 brings the influence of intellectual abilities, stubbornness, and resistance. Number 4 brings wisdom, durability, trust, steadiness, self-discipline, but also somewhat adverse circumstances in life and narrow mind at times.

Zero can be a negative factor here because he is the component that pushes number 504 towards perfection – this influence is their blessing and their curse at the same time.

Wanting to have everything the best in life or always giving your best is great because it pushes you forward and doesn’t give you a chance to give up. But also it can mean downfall and pain if you didn’t do everything as you planned. This is true for the angel number 504.

Number 504 and Love

Because of their need to be perfect and balanced in every situation, number 504 carefully chooses his partners; he has high standards and perfectionism when he is dating someone. This is a person who takes the initiative and likes to organize all common time with his partner. This characteristic can sometimes become too much for his partner because it turns number 504 into a controlling and possessive person.

Number 504 feel like when he criticized his partner, he speaks from good intentions, not from selfishness.  He likes to plan everything to the smallest detail, and expect his family to be grateful because of it.

In marriage or a long-term relationship he can become stubborn, but at the same time, he will do everything to make his partner happy and more comfortable.

Interesting Facts about number 504

One research that was unofficially called “504: search for perfection”, in which scientists try to explain does perfection truly exist. They concluded that there is no perfection in the world, especially not among the humans.

Even machines cannot function without error – at the time they will need repairs. Only “higher forces” can be perfect and unmistakable, nothing else.

What to do when you see number 504?

Angels are reminding you about the phrase “I am just a man.”

Here it is essential “just”! Part of the human definition is that people are not perfect and they make mistakes.

Perfection implies a state of infallibility, without any failure. Being perfect means being in a state of action that is at the highest level. Angels are saying through the number 504 that you are moving towards achieving the most top goals; the measure of your life has been the success you have made, and when something isn’t as planned, you are completely broken. It distorts every sense of balance in your life.

Angels are saying that you need to regain a sense of wonder and awe. Angels are concluding their message: “The search for perfection restricts your ability to be present in this moment; the ideal is unachievable, stop chasing it and enjoy the moment. Now. ”

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