Angel Number 4444 – Meaning and Symbolism

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We are all very familiar with the usual administrative and scientific significance of numbers, we use them every day, and we take them as something that is given. But, of course, as ancient civilizations already knew, each number has a symbolic character.

For Ancient Greeks, the symbolic interpretation of the numbers was the highest level of knowledge of the cosmic and personal source of information. It is said, that by using the science of numbers (numerology) we can find out what that origin represents and how deep it can go – understandably we will never find out, but the process of the discovery is relevant.

Numbers represent the keys to recognizing the Universe with all of its aspects, and by listening to Angels and their numbers we can achieve harmonization with natural laws.

So, the best approach the divine truths is through the Angel numbers -these significant and vibrational digits are seen, not in a quantitative way but in a qualitative way.  Looking at numbers they represent for us a clue to eternal truths.

Angel number 4444 – what does it mean?

Angel number 4444 has a very intriguing character as a human being; they are the people who have pronounced uncertainty, they must seek advice from others regularly. This is a consequence because they cannot distinguish between right and wrong and make right judgments, which would give them a decisive character.

The suspicious nature makes number 4444 quirky and stubborn, but they are blessed with the courage and patience, they can tolerate pain and suffering without any dissatisfaction. They easily survive sudden changes, ups and downs, and sufferings, and do not get upset about it – they bravely face challenges.

In society, number 4444 is considered to be a protector of the weak; they will stand on the side of the weaker and those who have some disadvantage in life.

One part of the persons who are born under the numerical sequence 4444 can be cautious and suspicious, and because they tend to have opposite opinions from the majority, they can encounter a lot of “frenemies” and secret enemies. They attract such enemies because of their unconventional nature, positive views, critical but unclear minds, and because they do not follow existing customs and rules.

In life in general, persons who are under the influence of the number 4444 are the extremists, either they are at the top or the bottom; do not like to be mediocrity or to belong to the middle range. But reaching to the peak can be challenging – they have to work hard to advance and develop, but they continually encounter obstacles in every undertaking, big or small.

They have to deal with criticism and opposition their entire life, and even if this doesn’t break them, their path is certainly derailed. They have a lot of endurance and strength, but their work is not rewarded adequately. This makes them suspicious and overly cautious; forced them to separate and feel sad and lonely.

In everything they do, number 4444 have good intentions; they are reliable, patient friends who can adapt to all circumstances. By their nature they can be volatile, they can come from being kind and gentle to violent and rude – often hurting their friends and relatives. So, until their old days, only a handful of friends stay with them, and those are the people who can see the big picture – friends who can understand them and predict their temperamental behavior, seeing them as practical people of brilliant ideas.

They can be unhappy with their achievements; they always want more, never satisfied with their work. That’s why they often change their vocation and have various jobs in their lifetime. They have restless and unruly nature, and their personality can be destroyed by their selfish, suspicious and mysterious essence.

One more flaw that can be contributed to the number 4444 – they are not able to make quick decisions, and this makes them problematic in a sense that they rely a lot of their close friends for help. Regarding material wealth, during life, they can earn a lot of money, but with the same ease they can lose it, cause number 4444 is the person who can be extravagant in that sense.

They are amazing in dealing with many changes in their life, because not all changes are good and easy – number 4444 can be trained to compromise with difficulties that arise from sudden changes in their lives. But often occurs that sudden shifts destroy the entire area of their lives – their life becomes tense and ugly. Even when they have all the benefits and when they live luxuriously, they always miss something. Often they have opportunities for promotion, but their suspicious nature makes them miss them.

Secret meaning and symbolism

This is one very unusual symbolical combination that is made from the four numbers 4 – vibration of the number 4 is very definite and meaningful.

In some symbolical readings, number 4 is a symbol of protection and justice – this is reflected on the character of the person who is under the influence of this numerical combination in the way that he is the protector of the weak. It also symbolizes the need to put things into the order or to make cosmos from the initial chaos.

Symbolically four times number 4 symbolizes balance, organization, and perfect rhythm, and some claim that number 4 is the number of Ultimate and Divine perfection. In other symbolical reading, it is said that number four, that is one and dominant numerical vibration in this sequence, brings hidden accidents, misfortunes, and enemies.

The person under the influence of the fluctuation of this number is loyal, productive, but also the person who encounter problems. Number 4 enhanced four times bring enormous power but the same amount of pain and problems.

The symbolic meanings that are also hidden are that this numerical combination represents the square and it is linked to everything that is solid and tangible, and thus accessible to our senses. It is a unique symbol of completeness and comprehensiveness, and in this context, the numerical sequence 4444 symbolizes the totality of the created and the manifested. It also has itself the subject of the end, or to be more specific the subject of death.

Number 4444 and Love

Angel number 4444 is the person who urges to have friendships and love relationships that can last a lifetime, even though they have very few genuine friends and only a few actual lovers in their lives. They always think that people do not understand them and this is why they have a problem to connect with someone thoroughly and intensely.

Number 4444 seems to others as a remarkably mysterious and secretive people, which can be attractive and erotic.

They do not reveal their secrets, even to the closest and most loved ones; number 4444 always keep some things just for themselves. This creates love problems, and they are not the people who will share their pain, they prefer to bear their suffering.

They are ultimately selfish and can go to various extremes to satisfy their egoistic motives, even if they hurt someone else. But we have to say that number 4444 don’t want to hurt lovers deliberately; they sometimes need to satisfy themselves first, because they have the deep need to be loved and accepted.

Emotionally number 4444 are the lovers that are very sensual with the intense sexual drive, and during life, they can fall into numerous love adventures, but it takes time and effort until they find their true soul-mate. Here also their need for change comes to light, so their long-term plans can be ruined in a second. Suspicion and insecurity play a dominant role, an element of sudden change leading them to a catastrophe in a love department.

When they are in a long-term relationship or marriage with children, number 4444 is romantic and gentle – he will act responsibly and take care of his family members. But even in this situation, this person will have the desire to lead an independent life.

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Interesting Facts about number 4444

What is interesting that can be contributed to the number 4444 is that it is either considered to be fortunate or on the other hand, extremely negative number.

For example, number 4444 in China is very connected with the subject of death; because number 4 is when pronounced sound the same as the word death. This is one part that is transcended to the fate of the person who is under the influence of the number 4444. And the fate of this person is that it has to go through many problematic situations.

But in Jewish symbolism number 4 has very fortunate characteristic and is; therefore, consider being very fortunate number that brings excellent vibrations in the life of the person who is under its influence. And when that number appears four times then happiness is a guarantee.

So Angel number or message 4444 speaks, besides other things on the way of looking at things in life. If you allow yourself to be embarrassed, ugly, to be lead by negativity and pain, it will make you feel uncomfortable. But if you look at the difficulties as on lessons to be learned and to make life better and prosperous, than that attitude will transcend to your real life.

What to do when you see number 4444?

This Angel message that is behind the number 4444 that you have the opportunity to see actually represents the system of Happiness. It is the system of universal energies that should move you, Angels are saying. This information is presented as a process of constant change and transformation that equally implies ups and downs.

You have been touched by the number 4444 – you are from now on driven by the energy that you cannot control, but it is nevertheless involved in your actions from the moment you were born.

The emergence of this number brings you to change, movement or expansion that is an inevitable part of the existential cycle. Although number 4444 is not most often associated with positive circumstances, it mostly relates to events that are fateful.

So this Angel message revolves all the time in your life, and you don’t know where it will stand and what it will bring to you, but you can be sure that Angels have just your best interest in mind.

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