Angel Number 428 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The systematic and scientifically confirmed method which provides the analysis of the influence of numbers on humans and can be the easiest way of communication between angel and the human realm is numerology.

We are under the influence of the numbers since the day that we were born – we are all born in particular time, on specific date and year, etc., and all of these numbers describe us.  Every of these numbers has its vibrations, meaning, characteristics and influence.

All of these numbers combined can determine our actions and reaction to specific situations; it can determine what our options in life can be and what is our destiny.

Angel number 428 – what does it mean?

One numerologist said that person who is number 428 in angel numerology could be best described as the worst enemy of himself. No one has such a dose of masochism in himself as the number 428; they are undeniably intelligent, also, to be a person who makes logical conclusions, they also have a great intuition. Almost unmistakably they know everything about someone from just looking at him once.

The angel number 428 can be soft, sensitive, but they actually want people to see them as someone who is prone to provocation, firmness, and sarcasm. For some, it will cause a positive reaction, but for the majority negative.

After they behaved erratically; they intuitively know that they made a mistake and they are embarrassed by the pain that they inflict on others. Unfortunately, this cognition doesn’t stop them from causing this pain again.

In life, they love to try everything, they love to travel, and any adventure is an excellent idea for them.

Also, what needs to be mentioned, is that number 428 have a powerful will, and when they focus on achieving something be sure that they will do it. This is true in their private life, but also regarding their career.

Secret meaning and symbolism

Number 428 has vibrations from the numbers 4, 2 and 8 and it is a compelling combination, in the sense that 4*2 equals 8, which is a good correlation – looking at 428 like this, number 8 appears two times.

Number 4 gives strong will, intellect, but also negativity and criticism to others, and brings many conflicted situations in the life of the number 428. Number 2 here plays to role of the number amplifier, and he enhances number 4 influence.

So number 428 sometimes has, if he feels like it, the need to watch others suffer and they enjoy watching someone’s trouble.  They justify this as their need to share the justice among people, so if they feel like someone deserves punishment, they will be the executioner.

Number 8 brings a repetition of the cycles, good/evil, so subsequently number 428 has in his life – order, balance, functional power of perception, righteousness, and perfectionism.

Number 428 and Love

Number 428 are passionate in love relationships, although they have to try everything before they find their peace in love.  Their imagination can be wild, so there is no taboo about sex, and that is true for both genders. If they come across a person who will follow them in their imagination, they could love him/her more than themselves.

Also, they are very attracted to someones intellectual abilities; when they find their match number 428 can be a respectful and loyal partner, but they are also possessive and jealous in a relationship. If by any chance they feel betrayed, that will suffer immensely and with many vices like drugs and alcohol. Of course, number 428 will do everything to make that other person suffer also.

Interesting Fact about number 428

One fascinating fact can be related to the number 428. It is related to the astronomy – Planet Venus occulted the planet Jupiter precisely in the year 428., this is an event that occurs when one planet is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. T

his correlation can be applied to any situation in life when something is hidden by another object. This is very interesting because every angel number has something that is hidden and secretive.a

What to when you see number 428?

You have probably viewed this number on your clock, many times, so you wonder why is this number so significant.

Angels are telling you that the time is now – you as a human being need to work to maintain and retain new energy so that you could understand the dynamics of power that is currently on Earth.

Angels are telling you through the message number 428 that your role is critical in this world. Your energy has been deficient; you always feel tired and sad, and angels want to change that; they want from you to open up and become multi-dimensional and fully awakened creature.

The more you are open; the more energy you can receive from angel realm and you are simultaneously helping spread that positive energy. You can make this, human world a better place. The change starts with you.

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