Angel Number 389 – Meaning and Symbolism

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If changes are made, in whatever direction imaginable, it can be just one small thing that you stop or start doing, and you can expect the long-awaited wishes to be fulfilled.

Any new decision you make today will have an immense impact on the future, starting at the very next moment.

There is no possible way that the Universe will let you “just hanging” there without the resolution or solution, without a guideline, without any small or bigger sign where it says “Keep going” or “Stop, this is not your path.”

The wisdom of the Universe or life itself is based on this idea – we are bound to change and leave everything old to make room for new. It is called the natural flow of life.

Although humans’ faith is that we have learned to be scared, we are programmed to oppose change.

But help is always here. If we are smart enough to let it in our lives – you can always ask the Universe to enlighten us on the path you are walking and free us from doubts and fears.

Angels are always with you, and you just have to ask them!

Now think positively so that only positive changes can enter your life. Trust the process and the Universe, and the change can start.

Angel Number 389 – Interesting information

When the number 389 is displayed in front of you, hidden or open, it indicates that your connection with the angels and the Universe is very strong.

This is the message that shows up in front of you, and it is the number that somehow becomes a part of your life, in a strange way, feeling that it means something is becoming stronger.

Angel number 389 is associate with the process of listening because then you can hear and understand what is meaningful to you and which path you necessitate to use.

If you listen to the Angelical voice, you will immediately reach your desired destination where you can explore abundance.

Angel number 389 brings a vibe of positive energy and courage, accomplishments, and joy.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 389 has the power of three vibrations, that all, in their own ways, different manner means communication, freedom, inspiration, adventure, creativity, growth, playfulness, spontaneity, kindness, openness, courage, intelligence, mental strength, and youth.

Combined together, they represent means of the achievement and the goal itself – 389 show the expansion of the spiritual energy and strength.

Angels use this message to encourage you to continue on a new path (you have left the old path in the past, you have moved on, being brave enough to change) as you get closer to success.

The symbolical significance of this message lies in this – 389 is the symbol of a distance that is progressively creating as all of your fears are left in the past, and you are becoming more confident in the new life journey.

As long as you work in this way, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Angel Number 389 in Love

Sensing Love, feeling this wonderful feeling is often when you are close to the Divine beings; message 389 just confirms that they are near you and that they are standing by your side in bad and good.

Love shows your optimistic and tolerant nature during hard times when your dreams are not yet manifesting.

Love is the force that keeps your dreams alive, shows the ability to express desires with clarity, be positive, and set an example to others.

Angel number 389 says that if you are able to show Love during the difficult and often painful if you manage to stay open, communicative, and creative, you will succeed and remain enlighten, spreading this wonderful energy to others around you.

Love is shown when the Universe shows you the answer and a sign; when you know that they have responded to your prayers and want to help you with intentions and purpose.

Facts about Angel Number 389

Each element in Angel number 389 has its own story and message, not just when these numerical vibrations are connected together.

Number 3 or its vibration shows changes in the environment, workplace, and relationships, with an accent on spiritual growth, knowing that the number 3 is the number that depicts blessings in every change you experience.

Numeral 8 comes as the energy needed for the manifestation of changes, along with the Divine guidance and support.

And, number 9 as ending vibration found in Divine message 389 shows the upcoming period when you “give up the old and call the new.” Welcome these changes as they bring you knew blessings.

The changes you experience are changes for the better. Trust that they will lead you where you want to go.

As a sum vibration, we can see the number 20 as one more Divine layer is revealed. It is the representation of the achievement and the goal itself – 20, among all other things, shows the expansion of the spiritual energy and strength.

It is the journey, and the destination all rolled into one.

Number 20 represents the symbiosis of spiritual energy and abundance.


The number 389 is energetically very strong as it contains three very powerful vibrations, with a strong focus on transformation, idealism, wisdom, and vision.

Angels use this message when they want to show you that miracles can start happening, and you can start getting opportunities you didn’t even think about.

Expansion in its greatest form is looking you at and calling you to joyfully accept it.

Advice for you is to, as seen in this numerical row 389, is that in this process, you are called to find a balance and harmony and maintain an upright posture. Do not let circumstances break you.

In what you believe and feel is your truth, being confident, not giving up until the results show up is what you know you must do.

Angel number 389 shows that everything goes as it should; you just have to keep faith in yourself and the things you do; and this realization is much easier knowing that nothing in this world happens by chance, that there is a reason for everything.

Angels say goodbye because they will not be needed in some time because they know you are strong, able to maintain a positive attitude and thoughts.

The enjoyable part of your life starts now, and you can expect the Universe to send you abundance.

Are you ready to accept it, or are you still scared of what might happen? Angels know that you are ready.


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