Angel Number 344 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Some may think that numbers and numerology, in general, are just fun and games, entertainment for naive people, something that is attributed to everyday things, something that we take for granted – to make out lives more comfortable and manageable.

Some say its just numbers; it’s just compass that can help us not to get lost in space and time. Maybe that people have a point; we use numbers for everyday usage – to know what time it is, what day it is, to mark and measure some things, etc.

But the existence and constant mentioning of angel numerology in different society proofs that there is much more to numbers that can be seen right away. Many completely different and distant cultures know and recognize the power of numbers.

Perhaps some may even say that angel numerology is connected to the occultism and mystic prophecies and that don’t have any contact with reality – some say it is like chasing shadows.

But we must say, after many observations and analysis– this just isn’t true – one of the smartest and most essential mathematicians in the history of humankind, Pythagoras noted that numbers could provide us with the answers to every possible question that bothers us through the centuries.

World of numbers is so perfect; it represents an order in the chaotic world; it gives us stability and in some ways hope – that there is sense no matter how confused we are and lost we feel. Because after all maybe that is our purpose in life, to walk to path of confusion and questions, to examine ourselves and others, to walk in darkness and to search for the light.

Some angel numerologists say that understanding the angel numbers is sometimes so hard and confusing, like looking in the dark – first your eyes hurt, but eventually, they get used to the darkness and learn to function like that. After a while, we forgot what light looks like, but that doesn’t mean it is not there and that it doesn’t going to be seen – we need to use all of our senses to find it. The Same principle works with angel numerology.

Angel number 344 – what does it mean?

If we had to describe angel number 344  with one sentence it would be „I know,“ they are brilliant and intelligent people, well-read – they love books and reading in general. On this idea they built their carriers – they are writers, poets, journalists, researchers, investors, etc. They also like to investigate and find answers to burning questions.

Number 344 can also be described as a strange, beautiful and silly person – he likes to be in a small group of people who “get” him; his personality doesn’t fit everyone, some think of him as too strange and too weird. But, that is just what the number 344 is – he is different than the majority of people, he dresses, talks, behave, etc. differently; they are original, one of a kind and that fascinates people.

Angel numerologist sometimes say that number 344 are the most famous revolutionaries, reformers, inventors- they are a factor of change in society; they are dreamers who dream of a better world where equality, humanity, justice, and truth rule – they see this goal as their ultimate purpose.

Also, because number 344 likes the technique and all technical novelties, he can work correctly in all tasks related to advanced and new technologies, as inventors, in jobs related to electricity, air traffic, computers, engineering, etc. They are top politicians; they create new directions in art or design latest fashion trends – number 344 is a leader in that sense.

They are also people who need freedom and independence, deep intuitions and rich imaginations – he works brilliantly when he has these things; if not, he is unhappy and depressed to the bone.

Since their freedom is a priority number one, number 344 doesn’t love to be controlled and bond in any way – not in love, not in life, not in work.

Secret meaning and symbolism

This is one very intriguing number that has many secretive implications, and we are going to mention a few of them, which shape number 344 properties.

As we can see, this number is made from vibrations of the numbers 3 and two number 4. This combination is not considered to be the most fortunate, but that doesn’t take away some great opportunities from the angel number 344.

Number 3, brings high intellectual powers, a tendency to philosophy and inventions, need for a change, curiosity, but number 3 also brings good fortune and joy of life. This is especially important for the angel number 344 because he tends to be depressed, reclusive and alone.

The doubled influence of the number 4 brings persistence, durability, mental strength, honesty, and wisdom; but also negativity and danger. No matter how smart number 344 is, his life path is cross with problems and challenges, that can be very intense.

Number 344 and Love

When comes to love, number 344, or better say number „owner“ is challenging to bind, but if they find a person who has an understanding of their complicated and weird nature, they become gentle and sensible partners.

They are a type of people that love to experiment and faithfulness is debatable with them, and they do not like to be asked where they were and what they were doing last night.

Their curiosity and the desire to try everything can push them into a promiscuous behavior, which will they justify as something that needed to be done for their life experience.

After all that experimenting, number 344 will gladly be with just one person for the rest of the life; but here we have to make one distinction, this is true just for female representatives of this number.

For males, that story about one and only one love is just not reliable, they usually never marry or stay long in one serious relationship.

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Interesting Fact about number 344

What is very interesting about the number 344 is that it is unbreakably connected to the virtue of inspiration, but more specifically with art, artist and their muses. It is said that motivation is a mysterious phenomenon, and ancient Greeks believed that inspiration is seen in woman’s form – in the form of beautiful and talented muses, that were considered to be inspirations of the music, comedy, lyric and epic poetry, history, tragedy, astronomy, dance, and love poetry. It is said that there were 11 muses and that all of them were inspirations for some of the most significant creations that man has ever created.

But, some records, which were never confirmed, states that the number of muses is much higher – you guessed it, there are 344 muses because that number is considered to be a divine number.

What to do when you see number 344?

The inspiration is fantastic motivation in life that can make our lives more optimistic and meaningful. But all of us sometimes can feel depressed, and as if we lack inspiration, angels are aware of this so they can send us some messages to make us see that fact.

When you see number 344, know that angels are telling you that you suffer from chronic lack of inspiration and that you need a break from the current state of mind. You lack energy, you are exhausted, and your soul is tired.

When angels see that your soul is drained, they send you warnings in the form of the number 344 – you are without purpose, and that is an unhealthy condition for you.

Angels are explaining that your soul energy flows in you, and when you lose the connection to this flow, your power can become weakened, and you become an easy target for negativity.

This needs to stop; angels are saying through the message 344 that only when we are inspired, we can be calm and prosperous; we can be useful and beneficial to others. Inspiration gives us the motive to be the best we can be in our lives.

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